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WHEN ALL YOU GOT IS YOUR LADYPARTS:  You still shouldn’t use them to think with. DWS: I desperately hope women’s issues come up in the debate

THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN HAS MEMORY-HOLED ITS “LADYPARTS” ITEM. But I saved a screenshot for posterity, because I figured they’d try to cover their tracks once the mockery started. That’s their M.O.


But, as usual, they’re beyond parody. This is from the official Obama Tumblr blog:

Is liberalism rooted in sexual insecurity, and the female equivalent of castration anxiety? Because it kind of looks that way. . . .

#WARONWOMENFAIL: “Reclaim Women’s Equality” rally at the Wisconsin Capitol draws only 100 people. It’s as if this whole war-on-women thing is a dumb talking point without grassroots traction or something.

UPDATE: Reader Karen Webb writes: “That’s probably because most women don’t define themselves as a vagina.” No, these days it’s only progressive feminists who see women as no more than their ladyparts.

BUSINESS INSIDER: The Obama Campaign Just Told Some Massive Lies In The Fight Over Contraception Mandate.

The big lie behind all this is that somehow allowing some employers not to pay for this kind of coverage amounts to a “contraception ban.”

Republicans are coming to steal your ladyparts!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I think we should require every employer to buy every employee a gun. Otherwise, you’re being denied the right to bear arms.

VIDEO: NY Democratic Rep. Booed By Constituents Over Contraception Mandate. The press was dumb enough — or complicit enough — to go with the White House’s ZOMG! Republicans Are Stealing Your Ladyparts!!! spin, but the public seems to be brighter.

UPDATE: Reader Sean Owner writes: “I think media is unintentionally doing Obama harm by playing yes man to him, as they’re keeping him blissfully unaware of any problems in the area of public opinion.” Yes, that’s a theme James Taranto has hit repeatedly.

QUESTION: So how come we didn’t get all this The Politicians Are Stealing Your Ladyparts!!! hysteria back when the Obama Administration blocked Plan B against the recommendation of the scientists? Oh, right, because it’s only an issue when Republicans are involved. Hacks.


Did White House Advisers Raise Red Flags On Solyndra As Early As March 2010?

Another sex scandal in the public schools. If priest-and-preacher scandals say something about organized religion, do these scandals say something about public education?

The importance of Vitamin D.

Is the U.S. government scaring Web businesses out of the country?

Republicans are stealing your ladyparts!!!

All Your Children Are Belong To Us.

Obama is trailing Ron Paul in Iowa. “The president defeats only Newt Gingrich, 51 percent to 37 percent.” So, you know, the strength of the Democratic field is probably overstated. . . .

From Mike Rappaport, thoughts on libertarians and conservatives.

Tom Maguire Fact-Checks Charles Blow, and finds Blow wanting.

Thoughts on Higher Education and the Replication of Hierarchy.

Despite earlier representations, Transportation Department still pushing ban on electronic devices in cars.

Gas Prices Highest Ever For This Time of Year.

Heartland Memo Looking Faker By The Minute.

SARAH HOYT: Dispatches From Different Wars. “Over the last few days it’s been impossible for me to log on to the Face Book without being assaulted by postings on the ‘Republicans War On Women’ from my female Face Book Friends most of whom are educated and many of whom work in a profession that, at least in broad theory, requires them to have the capacity for original or individual thought. . . . But no one is discussing banning contraceptives or even abortion. The contraceptive issue was introduced in a Republican debate by George ‘Supine’ Stephanopoulos as a means of painting Republicans as being against contraceptives. . . . What kind of enormous, unyielding, painful daddy issues have you got to have to think that Uncle Sam has to force a CHURCH to pay for your contraception?”

Democrats are worried, so they’re playing the Republicans Will Steal Your Ladyparts!!!! card. And the knees are jerking as hoped. Women, you’re being played. Again.

MESSAGE: Evil Republicans Will Steal Your Ladyparts!!!! Seems to be a recurring theme.

LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN’S LADYPARTS, IT’S ALREADY BEEN EXPOSED, BUT OKAY: Andrew Sullivan’s Endorsement Of Ron Paul Exposes His Hypocrisy. Like Kim Kardashian, though, Sullivan is mostly an attention-whore. And this got him attention.