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STACY MCCAIN ON “THE ULTIMATE ‘FLORIDA MAN:’” “[A] Filipino-American who pretended to be a Seminole, worked as a male stripper for a fake Chippendales company, used steroids, suffered from mental illness, hated his mother and terrorized the country by sending fake bombs through the mail. We’re living in Heinlein’s ‘Crazy Years’ . . .”

And from Twitchy, another example of peak 2018 reached: Cesar Sayoc is the third stripper-related political story of 2018.

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Social Justice Warriors Drive Lesbian Actress set to Play Lesbian Batwoman on the CW Off Twitter For Not Being Lesbian Enough and/or For Being an Inauthentically “Hot” Lesbian.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them, to coin an Insta-phrase.

NEW AGE EMERGENCY SERVICES: Wisc. Ambulance Service Replaces Opioids With … Essential Oils.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

SO IT’S COME TO THIS: A YouTuber was fined $1,100 for posting clips of his girlfriend’s dog giving a Nazi salute.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Losing perspective — and understanding — in the era of Trump.

We have left the simple and reassuring rhythms of the progress of legislation, of the White House “message of the day,” of the ritualized game of hide and seek between the press and officials elected and appointed, of Republican and Democratic squabbling over the 50-yard lines of majority rule, of debate and discussion in which civility and decorum, manners and deference, are prized above all.

We have left all this and moved instead into a march played at the fastest tempo, in 6/8 time, where a given week brings us the FBI raid of the offices of a presidential lawyer, an impending military strike on Syria (“Get ready Russia!”), the testimony of a Silicon Valley Titan before Congress, the retirement of a Speaker of the House who practically defines not only the establishment of his party but also the supply-side ideology that has dominated its thinking for a generation, hearings for secretary of State, and much else besides. This is a song filled with contradictions, in which porn stars and Playmates haunt the presidency of a man backed by a supermajority of self-identified evangelical Christians; in which a genius innovator and entrepreneur faces his most skeptical questioning from members of the pro-business party; in which a liberal New York crowd erupts in cheers at the mention of Paul Ryan’s retirement, without giving even the slightest thought to the politics that might replace him.

I am not saying that the weirdness, the distortion, began with President Trump. This story opens years earlier, with a financial crisis in which those responsible paid no price, with economic stagnation and the rise in deaths of despair in the American interior, with the decline in race relations during the second half of the Obama presidency, with mass migrations of peoples across borders and progressive governments unable or unwilling to stop them, and with sudden bureaucratic announcements that public school restrooms are to be made gender neutral, that the population covered by DACA is to be expanded beyond what the president said was legal just months before, that teachers and principals cannot enforce discipline in the public schools without coming under suspicion of racism.

These really are Heinlein’s Crazy Years.

XI JINPING, ANIMAL FARM, STEVE MARTIN, AND HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS: All Chinese are equal, but some are more equal than others.

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS — WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: Mexican Women ‘Marry’ Trees in Mass Wedding Ceremony.

AMELIA HAMILTON: What Marrying a Pirate Ghost Teaches Us About Modern Relationships.

In 2014, a North Irish woman named Amanda felt the ghost of Jack Teague, an 18th-century pirate appear and, as they spent more together, she developed “strong loving feelings.” Before long, they began a romance. I know, what a cliche, right? They dated for several years and then he proposed. “One day he said to me ‘We can actually be together you know’ but I had never heard of an intimate relationship between a spirit and a human before.” Same. She says sex is pretty much the same as it is with a physically present person, too. In fact, that’s why they tied the knot. “I told him I wasn’t really cool with having casual sex with a spirit and I wanted us to make a proper commitment to each other.” So, she sailed into international waters with a registrar, a shaman priest, and a medium so that they could be legally married. Now, the two are co-writing a book about spiritual relationships so that more people can share their bliss. Amanda says “He is my soulmate. I am so happy, it is the perfect kind of relationship for me. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know about spiritual relationships, but it could be right for them – I want to get the message out there.”

We are in a place in history where we are to act as though this is fine, rather than a cry for help and a clear sign that this woman requires some kind of intervention. Whatever a person says makes them happy, right? Mrs. Teague is a divorced mother of five. Have these kids ever seen a healthy relationship modeled by anyone? Like many, maybe they have not. One has to wonder if she was longing for a connection but found that being married to a spirit is far less of a risk that meeting a living, breathing man. The answer to that is “yes,” by the way. Obviously “yes.”

“Yes,” but — these are Heinlein’s Crazy Years.

CRIME PAYS: Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7 million after their New York works were destroyed.

These are Heinlein’s crazy years, we just live in them.™

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS — WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: Meet the 10-Year-Old Drag Prodigy Who Just Stole the Show at Gypsy Sport.

NOT SURE HOW TO ACCESSORIZE WITH YOUR PUSSY HAT? Seventeen Magazine Joins Dumpster Fire Culture with Vagina Nails.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS, WE JUST LIVE IN THEM:  Insane: New York mayor to sue oil companies for bad weather.

YOU COULD TURN THIS ONE UP WAY PAST 11: The Eleven Most Ridiculously PC Moments of 2017.

But this one was new-to-me:

A city councilman was concerned that hosing poop-covered sidewalks might be culturally insensitive.

A Seattle councilman expressed concern that hosing down some filthy sidewalks that smelled of excrement might be insensitive “because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.”

Before I saw this article, I would have told you that the idea that a poop-mess needs to be cleaned up — and that that clean-up generally involves water — was the least controversial opinion in human history. I would have been wrong.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS — WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: 27% of California Adolescents Identify as ‘Nongender Conforming.’

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S “CRAZY YEARS” — WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: “TransKids” Site Sells Prosthetic Penises For “Trans” Little Girls To Wear.

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS — WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: ‘Racist’ trees separating a black neighborhood from a golf course will come down.

THAT’S WHAT WORRIES ME: Biden 2020? It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds.

Al Hunt:

To see why they’re not crazy, start with this fact of political life: When an incumbent runs for re-election, the contest is a referendum on him. A challenger, to be successful, must offer an appealing alternative that better addresses whatever’s bothering people. Jimmy Carter, the outsider, beat President Gerald Ford in 1976 in the shadow of the Watergate scandals. Ronald Reagan defeated Carter four years later by showing resolve that resonated during the Iranian hostage crisis. Bill Clinton’s domestic focus had broad appeal in 1992, the first presidential contest after the end of the Cold War, against the veteran cold warrior President George H.W. Bush.

After three-and-a-half years of Trump, what will swing voters be looking for? A grown-up who is committed to getting things done by trying to bridge the bitter partisan divide. A person with experience in governing, savvy about the ways of Washington and wary of national-security booby traps. A reputation for incorruptibility to drain the ethical swamp of the Trump years.

More than most outsiders, new faces or ideological purists, the 74-year-old former senator and vice president could fit that bill.

A politician first elected in 1970 is not going to be the face of the future. But after the exhaustion, trauma and incompetence of the Trump years, voters will look for stability, solidity, maturity, global experience, civility and integrity. Biden checks all the boxes.

These are indeed Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Fla. Teacher Tells 11-Year-Olds to Call ‘Them’ the Gender-Neutral Pronoun ‘Mx.’

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

JOSEPH BOTTUM: What explains the sudden mania for toppling statues?

The glory of the Internet is that it allows like-minded people to find one another. And the horror of the Internet is that it allows like-minded people to find one another. Coin collectors, baseball-card enthusiasts, and used-book readers have all benefited from the opportunities offered by online connection. So have neo-Nazis, child-pornographers, and Communist agitators. Where they were once connected only by the sickly sweet smell of the ink from the mimeograph machine clumping away on the kitchen table, the forces of anger now have instantaneous links.

And that instantaneity allows a radicalizing more rapid than the world has ever seen. Back in a 1999 study called “The Law of Group Polarization,” legal scholar Cass R. Sunstein suggested that discussion among people with similar views causes a hardening of opinion. “In a striking empirical regularity,” he wrote, “deliberation tends to move groups, and the individuals who compose them, toward a more extreme point in the direction indicated by their own predeliberation judgments.” It hardly matters whether the groups are pro-gun, pro-abortion, or pro-anarchy. With sufficient group discussion on one side of an issue, everyone involved takes a step toward the extreme: The mildly supportive become strongly supportive, the strongly supportive become wildly supportive, and the wildly supportive become fanatical psychopaths.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

TYLER O’NEIL: Raindrops on roses and … burqas on statues?

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

SARAH HOYT: So, about the last week…

Your occasional reminder that these are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

SO IT’S COME TO THIS: Newborn baby may be the first to be registered ‘gender unknown’ because its mum insists only the tot can decide what sex it wants to be.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

21ST CENTURY PARENTING: Turning Your 8-Year-Old Son Into a Drag Queen.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

BECAUSE AT THIS POINT, WHY THE HELL NOT? Transgender Man Identifies as Alien, Plans to Remove Genitals, Adopt Kids.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

THESE ARE HEINLEIN’S CRAZY YEARS; WE JUST LIVE IN THEM: Society Could Collapse In A Decade, Predicts Math Historian.

“We should expect many years of political turmoil, peaking in the 2020s,” the cultural evolution researcher [Peter Turchin] writes.

“This is a science-based forecast, not a ‘prophecy. It’s based on solid social science.”

Turchin is a leader in cliodynamics, an interdisciplinary field of study that sees historical events such as the collapse of empires as following predictable mathematical models based on historical data.

The professor has tracked 40 factors in society that hit some kind of turning point in the 1970s. They include such aspects as wealth inequality, stagnating well-being, growing political fragmentation and governmental dysfunction.

The key to society’s armageddon will be “elite overproduction” in which the number of rich grow larger while the majority of society grapples with a stagnant standard of living and poor fiscal health, he believes. The upper echelons, too, will be ripped apart by bitter competition with a population of capable but angry “elite-wannabes” who will be shut out of power. That fissure will undermine the spirit of co-operation and cause society to fragment further, Turchin says.

Keep your powder dry — and keep lots of powder.

UPDATE (From Glenn): Specifically, this is Heinlein’s “The Year of the Jackpot,” with Turchin in the role of Potiphar Breen.

OH FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD: Now There Are Calls for Consent Before Kids Receive Hugs and Kisses from Grandma.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

UM… NO: Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

YES, EVEN IN WEST VIRGINIA: West Virginia University Offers Students Guide On “Using Gender Neutral Pronouns Such As ‘Ve,’ ‘Ver’ And ‘Vis’”


These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

THAT’S NOT FUNNY: Comedian Fined $42,000 by Human Rights Tribunal for Telling a Joke.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

MEGAN FOX: Mother Loses Her Mind When a ‘Racist’ White Teacher Touches Her Daughter’s Hair.

Today’s depressing addition to what’s wrong with America is an article written by a black mother who sent her daughter to school in a headband without tying her hair up because she ran out of time. (Story of my life, lady. I get it. It happens.) What is shocking and sad about her diatribe is what happened when her little girl asked her white teacher to put her hair up for her because she was hot. The teacher complied and tied it up the best she could. But when the mother saw her daughter had been touched by a white person, all hell broke loose.

These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

ROBERT HEINLEIN WAS RIGHT — THESE ARE THE CRAZY YEARS. Mom Jailed for Letting Her Kid Play Unsupervised Also Fired From Job.

LIFE IN A POST-FEMINIST ERA: Forget women and children first. Burly crew men led the race for the lifeboats.

UPDATE: Reader Steve Ford writes:


All societies are based on rules to protect pregnant women and young children. All else is surplusage, excrescence, adornment, luxury, or folly, which can — and must — be dumped in emergency to preserve this prime function. As racial survival is the only universal morality, no other basic is possible. Attempts to formulate a “perfect society” on any foundation other than “Women and children first!” is not only witless, it is automatically genocidal. Nevertheless, starry-eyed idealists (all of them male) have tried endlessly — and no doubt will keep on trying.
-Robert A. Heinlein

These ARE The Crazy Years.

Oh, yeah.

UPDATE: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby: “This was not so much predictable as predicted. Women have methodically attacked the concept of male duty and honor through every possible means for the past ninety years, and now they are whining that they don’t get special treatment simply because a ship happens to be sinking. Why, exactly, should any man ‘prioritise women, expectant mothers and children’? On what grounds can they be reasonably expected to do so, those outdated traditional grounds that the schools teach is hateful, sexist, and bigoted? Those big, burly crewmen shoving aside women as they prioritized their own escape should have been wearing t-shirts that said ‘this is what a feminist looks like’. Enjoy the crash.”

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

WELCOME TO THE “CRAZY YEARS:” Couple Has Sex While Skydiving, FAA Very Interested. In Heinlein’s future history, I think it was giving birth while skydiving, but close enough.

HEH: “I’m chalking this up as further evidence that we’re living in Bob Heinlein’s ‘Crazy Years’.”

And there’s a lot of other evidence to go with it.

UPDATE: Rob Crawford writes: “Look back at the 2008 election and tell me we didn’t elect a Nehemiah Scudder.” Well, he’s no Joe Douglas.