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#GODTOO? Morgan Freeman accused of inappropriate behavior by eight women.

On the Weinstein-Polanski scale of Hollywood depravity, what the article at The Hill describes Freeman of doing is pretty small beans (mostly being a jerk on film sets), but as Richard Fernandez has said, the torpedoes the left fired to sink Trump keep circling back on them.

FLASHBACK: Watch accused sexual harasser Morgan Freeman narrate a campaign video for Hillary Clinton.

As David French recently wrote, “The steady drumbeat of sexual scandal is eroding the Left’s moral authority.

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As Richard Fernandez says, the torpedoes the Democrats put in the water to sink Trump keep circling back on them.


As Richard Fernandez says, the torpedoes the Democrats put in the water to sink Trump keep circling back on them.

WELCOME TO THE BACKLASH TO THE BACKLASH: Academy members now regret banning Weinstein so hastily.

When Hollywood’s most prestigious organization, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) — the group of nearly 7,000 actors, directors and other industry types who dole out the Oscars — expelled Harvey Weinstein on Oct. 14, audiences applauded. But by acting so swiftly, a mere nine days after the New York Times first reported allegations of sexual assault against the movie producer, the outfit now finds itself facing a dilemma.

Put simply: What to do with the rest of them?

Harvey opened the floodgates,” said one male Academy member. “Now the Academy’s drowning in a tide of s—t. They don’t know what hit them.”

As Twitchy notes, “They’re not worried about the fact that Hollywood is full of sexual offenders, they’re worried about what will happen to the Academy.” Why is Democrat-dominated Hollywood such a cesspit of abuse and misogyny?

But note that this is of a trend, of the left having second thoughts on what Claire Berlinski dubbed the “Warlock hunt” they’ve ginned up:

Publicly, We Say #MeToo. Privately, We Have Misgivings.

Senator Al Franken’s Resignation Is Deeply Unfair.

Don’t let the alt-right hijack #MeToo for their agenda: Feminism is now being weaponized for right-wing agendas. We must not allow that to happen.

Pervnado began in 2016 with the since-deceased Roger Ailes being toppled from Fox, followed eventually by Bill O’Reilly, and NBC leaking the Trump pussy-grabbing tape to the Washington Post. At the time, the left and the news media (but I repeat myself) were happy to sit back and pass the popcorn, because they assumed this was simply a rightwing issue, and it served them in 2016 as battlefield prep for Hillary.

But the firings of the Fox News icons created a template: In his twitter thread in October on Harvey Weinstein’s career demise, Brian Cates wrote, “What took out Ailes/O’Reilly was so many women coming forward at once. The usual playbook of legal threats/buying them off didn’t work. Watching Ailes & then O’Reilly being suddenly toppled, it COULD be some women in Hollywood realized there was hope.”

Couple that with the left’s “we’re all victims” mentality, and as Richard Fernandez says, the Democrats’ torpedoes aimed at Trump and Fox News have circled back, bigly. As Jonah Goldberg once wrote:

Liberals are geniuses at unleashing social panics because A) it never occurs to them that their motives are anything but pure and B) because they are almost exclusively focused on short term tactics. And yet they are invariably shocked when these moral frenzies come back to bite them. McCarthyism was a direct consequence of both the Red Scare and the Brown Scare. And when the tactics they mastered were turned on them, they acted as if they came from nowhere.

As Kurt Schlichter tried to warn them, the left don’t seem to be enjoying living under the new rules they created. Particularly when the tactics they’ve mastered end up devouring too many of their own, and those who are left are likely too powerful to airbrush out of history.

QED: Bill Clinton, still doing Democratic fundraisers.

AS RICHARD FERNANDEZ SAYS, THE TORPEDOES THE DEMOCRATS PUT IN THE WATER HAVE CIRCLED BACK ON THEM: “Oh My God, This Is So F—ed Up:” Vanity Fair goes “Inside Silicon Valley’s Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

SPIKED: #MeToo is a menace to democratic politics.

Related: Ruth Marcus: Are we now at risk of overreacting to sexual harassment? It’s never an overreaction until it starts to hurt Democrats. As Richard Fernandez said, they put these torpedoes in the water to take out Trump, but now they’ve circled back around.

AS RICHARD FERNANDEZ SAID, THE TORPEDOES THE DEMOCRATS PUT IN THE WATER HAVE CIRCLED BACK ON THEM: Report: Trump stuck by Moore partly because Pervnado made it easier to. All those Democrats accused of worse did kind of undercut the righteous indignation.

AS RICHARD FERNANDEZ SAYS, THE MEME-TORPEDOES HAVE CIRCLED BACK AROUND: Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls.

Eight women have told The Washington Post that longtime television host Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

The women were employees or aspired to work for Rose at the “Charlie Rose” show from the late 1990s to as recently as 2011. They ranged in age from 21 to 37 at the time of the alleged encounters. Rose, 75, whose show airs on PBS, also co-hosts “CBS This Morning” and is a contributing correspondent for “60 Minutes.”

There are striking commonalities in the accounts of the women, each of whom described their interactions with Rose in multiple interviews with The Post. For all of the women, reporters interviewed friends, colleagues or family members who said the women had confided in them about aspects of the incidents. Three of the eight spoke on the record.

Related: Progressive Groups Call on Franken to Resign amid Groping Allegations.

Now we can see why lefty media folks think America is a “rape culture:” The part of America they inhabit is.

UPDATE: Note that these guys usually seem to have female accomplices/enablers: “She would just shrug and just say, ‘That’s just Charlie being Charlie.’ ”