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CAUSING HIS ENEMIES TO BECLOWN THEMSELVES IS TRUMP’S SUPERPOWER: Was it Trump’s magic wand that turned the Washington Post into a laughingstock?

HE KEEPS LURING THEM OUT INTO AN EXPOSED POSITION AND THEN CUTTING THEM OFF: Al-Baghdadi takedown catches Dems flat-footed, blunts criticism of Trump’s Syria pullback. Which is weird, because he’s supposed to be a demented toddler, and they’re supposed to be sophisticated and savvy.

Related: Saturday Night Live beclowns itself with skit claiming Trump coddles ISIS … on night Trump blew al-Baghdadi to hell.


THIS IS CNN: Jeff Zucker And Brian Stelter Beclown Themselves At CNN Event.

Zucker said of his network’s competitor that it is not a news organization, it is state-run TV. He also that it is conspiracy TV that is doing a disservice to the country. He scolded Stelter for daring to suggest that even some of what Fox News presents is actual news. Mind you, this is the same guy who booked two dozen speakers for this event and couldn’t manage to find one Trump supporter who isn’t in the administration. So, I guess while not state TV, CNN is just Democratic Party TV.

Asked what he thought was the biggest thing CNN does wrong, Zucker had no answer. When Stelter provided one, namely that they use the term “Breaking News,” too often, he begrudgingly agreed, but basically sloughed it off as something everyone does. That is how blameless he envisions the product he creates. The panel finished with Zucker explaining how important it is to the world that CNN be strong.

One question that Stelter — CNN’s media critic, mind you — did not ask the guy who signs his paycheck is what if anything he knew about the accusations of sexual assault among NBC employees while Zucker was a top executive there. That seemed kind of an odd thing for Stelter to leave out, given that he had a reliable source on the story right next to him. But, whatever, right?

By the end of the half hour, I can honestly say I had experienced the smarmiest, most self-congratulatory, dishonest, and squirm-inducing discussion I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing in person. It was like watching Bill Clinton and Stormy Daniels discuss their unyielding dedication to chastity.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

Related: You Think CNN is Bad? CNN-International Might be Worse!

Those Americans who’ve been overseas over the past couple of years know full well that about which I’m talking. Those who’ve not need to realize the CNN-I is carried in many if not most hotels around the world and is considered by a lot of people to be the “window into” the US. (Not by me!) You cannot believe what a HORRIBLY distorted picture is presented of America and of American policies by CNN-I! What CNN is doing in America in their all-out attack on President Trump and in the process to destroy America is mirrored in their international programming, which has changed drastically in the past 3 years from eclectic international coverage (like BBC or Al Jazeera) to 24/7 shrill anti-Trump pure outrageous propaganda. Even CNN founder Ted Turner has complained in the past about the radical incompetent hateful propaganda monster that CNN has become.

The late Roger Ailes had CNN-I’s number 15 years ago:

THIS IS WHAT THEY DO WHEN THEY THINK WE’RE NOT LOOKING: David Marcus of The Federalist is a conservative journo who is quite adept with the English language. That makes him the perfect byline for a report on how mainstream media types act in their natural habitat of Gotham City.

Here’s a sample: “By the end of the half hour, I can honestly say I had experienced the smarmiest, most self-congratulatory, dishonest, and squirm-inducing discussion I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing in person. It was like watching Bill Clinton and Stormy Daniels discuss their unyielding dedication to chastity.”

Marcus’ prose is a delight, but the folks he’s writing about … not so much. Read the whole thing, but you might want to keep a large bottle of Pepto-Bismol handy.

ANDREW MCCARTHY: If the House Won’t Vote, Impeachment Inquiry Is Just a Democratic Stunt.

Only the House can impeach the president. If there is to be an inquiry about invoking this most solemn and consequential of the House’s powers, the House must vote to conduct it. It is not for the Speaker and her adjutants to decree that there is an inquiry. If the inquiry is to be legitimate, the House as a whole must decide to conduct it.

Members of the House are the representatives of the sovereign — the People. In November 2020, the People are scheduled to vote on whether Donald Trump should keep his job. If Democrats, who control the House, truly believe the president has committed impeachable offenses and is so unfit for his duties that we can’t wait just 13 months for the sovereign to render that verdict, then they should vote to conduct an impeachment inquiry. If they are afraid to vote on it, then they shouldn’t be doing it. And, as their committee chairmen are fond of saying, we should draw a negative inference against them.

Read the whole thing.

Related: ‘The fact that House Democrats invite you to their circus does not require you to beclown yourself.’

TWITTER’S BLUE CHECKMARK OUTRAGE BRIGADE SELF-BECLOWNS ONCE MORE: Dem Congressman Claims It’s Easier to Buy an AR-15 Than Sudafed, Hilarity Ensues.

CAN BETO BECLOWN HIMSELF ANYMORE?  Beto O’Rourke Beclowns Himself a la Swalwell.

PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: After Paul Krugman Compares Republicans to Nazis, He Beclowns Himself Complaining About Socialist Labels.

CRUZ CONTROL: Texas senator Ted beats Jimmy Kimmel in a charity basketball game after challenging the host when he  repeatedly mocked him and said he looks like a blobfish.

Aren’t there laws limiting the number of media a senator can own while in office?

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): As usual, the last word comes from IowaHawk.


● Shot: Chuck Todd: “Every one of my colleagues grounds their arguments in facts.”

● Chaser: “@AliVelshi is reading straight from the bible right now on @msnbc regarding immigration. Must watch.”

DO BITES MAN:  Pelosi beclowns herself in weekly presser.

OBAMA VETERANS CONTINUE TO BECLOWN THEMSELVES OVER IRAN: Former CIA Director Brennan hits Trump strategy on Iran

“With wholesale condemnation of Iran and nuclear deal over past year, Trump Admin squandered opportunity to bolster reformists in Tehran and prospects for peaceful political reform in Iran,” Brennan tweeted. “Bluster is neither a strategy nor a mechanism for exercise of U.S. power and influence.” Because eight years of appeasement, including the lifting of sanctions, illegally sending hundreds of millions of cash straight to the Iranian government, and allegedly easing up on Hezbollah worked so well. I’ll take the Trump Administration’s moral clarity on Iran over that any day.


● Shot:

April Ryan says she was not invited to the W.H. Christmas party for the first time in 20 years covering the White House. “I don’t think I was overlooked,” she said. “I think they don’t like me. For whatever reason, they have disdain for me.”

—MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin on Twitter, yesterday.

● Chaser:

“Okay I want to watch you bake it and put it on the table. But forgive [if] I won’t eat it. Remember you guys don’t like the press.”

—April Ryan on Twitter, as quoted by Tom Blumer of NewsBusters on Sunday, in article titled, “April Ryan, Leftists Beclown Themselves Over Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving Pecan Pie.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

THE PLASTIC TURKEY BAND ARE OFF ON ANOTHER WORLD TOUR: April Ryan, Leftists Beclown Themselves Over Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving Pecan Pie.

April Ryan, an inexplicably esteemed member of the White House press corps, having tried and failed to promote a “fake news” controversy over White House’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ Thanksgiving pecan pie, has not apologized or acknowledged her error, has rejected Sanders’ face-saving attempt to smooth things over, and is apparently worried that Sanders will publicly poison her and her fellow journalists. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ryan’s history, as documented at NewsBusters, is full of embarrassing statements, unhinged rants, and stunning ignorance of very basic facts.

Not least of which, the CNN “political analyst” tweeting in July that a Trump official first coined the word “stagflation.”

Credentialed-but-not-educated – and the worst political class in American history, as Glenn likes to say, who have no idea how easily they’re being trolled by the administration over their past fake news and anti-GOP hyperbole.

(Classical reference in headline.)

A FEW BRAVE PROFS (VERY FEW): Fifteen professors at Harvard, Yale and Princeton have written an open letter urging students to resist campus orthodoxy. “Think for yourself,” they urge. James Freeman at the WSJ calls this good news, and I guess it is these days. But why does this even need to be said? And what about the rest of the professoriate? There are at least 3,000 faculty members (and as many as 8,000, depending on who’s counting whom as faculty) at these three universities, which means the 15 signatories represent, at most, one-half of one percent of the faculty. Maybe the other 99.5 percent could not be reached for comment in their safe spaces.

Meanwhile, Yale’s president, Peter Salovey (definitely not a signatory), has found yet another way to beclown himself and his school. It was bad enough when Yale covered up a Puritan’s musket in a stone carving on the wall of its library (at the behest of a committee of censors responsible for shielding students’ eyes from art that was “not appropriate”). Yale was widely mocked for this vandalism, and even Salovey managed to be embarrassed. ““Such alteration represents an erasure of history, which is entirely inappropriate at a university,” he proclaimed.

His brilliant solution: Take down the whole piece of art! It will be moved (with the musket brazenly uncovered) to “an as-yet-undecided location where it will be available for study and viewing,” the Yale Daily News solemnly reports, without a hint that anyone at the newspaper realizes what a farce this is. Maybe they’ll get the joke when they see it on a future episode of “The Simpsons,” whose writers are in deep debt to Salovey and his sensitive students.





SHOCKER: Looks like the NYTs and NBC News beclowned themselves on Twitter this morning.

THIS IS A PERFECT LEFTY DEMOCRAT PARODY: Portland mayor urges federal government to revoke permit for ‘alt-right’ demonstration, on the theory that ‘hate speech is not protected.’ It’s got everything: Portland! Blaming right-wingers for a “climate of hate” when it was a Bernie Bro who was the actual stabber! Asking the feds to act on a purely local matter! And, of course, the bogus claim that “hate speech” isn’t protected by the First Amendment.

Sadly, though, it’s not a parody at all. More of a self-beclowning.

IT’S COME TO THIS: “Want to know what it looks like to be über-woke? Look no further than Entertainment Weekly and New York Times contributor Rebecca Theodore, who dropped a hell of a bomb this morning regarding the upcoming film adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express.’” A person whose Twitter handle is “Film Fatale” and employed by Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Roger, and the New York Times actually tweeted this:

Back in 2001, during the very early days of Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds advised pioneering bloggers, “Any time you start to doubt yourself, and wonder if you’re fit for the big leagues of American thought and opinion, you can just read The Times and be thankful that the standards of the big leagues aren’t so high.”

And the Gray Lady certainly hasn’t upped her standards since.

It’s true, as Matthew Continetti wrote in 2014 that “it is to high school, I think, that the New York Times is most aptly compared,” except that when I was in high school, I’m pretty sure most of us already knew where the Orient Express train ran (hint: not to China!) and the characters in Agatha Christie’s novel and its various film adaptations. And as Michael Medved tweets, “The Orient Express is based on a novel & previous film about a famous train. Sorry, trains don’t have ethnicity — either Asian or otherwise.”

Exit Question to Theodore from Iowahawk:

Hey, this is a person employed by the New York Times after all. In other words, the verdict is still out on this query.

Unrelated to today’s beclowning by a Timesperson, but in regards to this latest attempt to remake Murder on the Orient Express, I’ll be curious to read the reviews of Kennth Branagh’s version. Though I doubt I can accept anyone other than David Suchet as Hercule Poirot, and he’s already made Orient Express, an excellent if unremittingly grim 2010 segment of his long-running series for Britain’s ITV.

UPDATE (5:56 PM Eastern): It’s a mystery worthy of Hercule Poirot himself as to why Theodore has made her Twitter account private…

WHEN LAW PROFESSORS SELF-BECLOWN: Another oblivious critique of Neil Gorsuch and Originalism.

In my previous post Out of touch law professor criticizes Judge Gorsuch and “originalism,” I characterized the argument by Richard O. Lempert, the Eric Stein Distinguished University Professor of Law and Sociology, emeritus, University of Michigan, as “ignorant” because it was “apparently unaware of–and uninformed by–the past 25 years or more of originalist theory, methodology and practice.” Now in the National Law Journal (free registration required) comes a new and similarly flawed critique of Judge Gorsuch by David Rudenstine, a professor of law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University (and its former Dean), which is entitled Gorsuch’s Adherence to Originalism Should Keep Him From SCOTUS. I am sad to say that this piece, like Professor Lempert’s, presents a highly distorted description of originalism, which once again attacks a straw man.

Shocking, I know. But you really don’t want to attract the attention of Randy Barnett with a half-baked criticism of originalism.

DEWEY DEFEATS THE BOSTON GLOBE! Howie Carr: Globe prints fake news in Super Bowl blunder: “Today’s early edition Boston Globe made a historic blunder with its Super Bowl coverage, running the headline: A BITTER END. Above it is ‘Super Bowl LI.’ LI meaning ‘51’ in Roman numerals, but now it has another meaning, wouldn’t you say? You can’t have a LIE without LI.”

Read the whole thing, and don’t miss the photo of the Globe beclowning itself atop Carr’s article.

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: NYT and WaPo reporters confess incompetence on Twitter.

Really, it isn’t so much honesty as it is self-beclownment by Maggie Haberman and Glenn Kessler.

PARTLY BECAUSE YOU SPENT EIGHT YEARS KICKING SAND IN OUR FACES, THAT’S WHY: Why we won’t “help” you?  We won’t help you because of Obamacare passed on a procedural trick; we won’t help because of Fast and Furious; we won’t help you because of Benghazi; we won’t help you because of the IRS harassing conservatives; we won’t help you because of Hillary’s unsecured server; we won’t help you because of a gazillion (give or take) executive orders; we won’t help you because of your side’s blatant dislike of anyone who loves America.

But most of all we won’t help you because the great enterprise you wish us to help you with is making idiots of yourselves by shrieking at the top of your lungs at things Trump is doing which you admired when Obama did them; or shrieking at the top of your lungs because you didn’t get the candidate you wanted in; or shrieking at the top of your lungs because that great progressive future you were so sure was around the corner took an inexplicable detour.

In other words, what you want help with is beclowning yourselves.  And we think you’re doing a fine job of it all on your own.  Besides, we need both hands for this big a popcorn bowl.

BECAUSE NOT EVERY TRANSITION OF POWER CAN BE AS PEACEFUL AND PRO-FEMINIST AS THE IRANIAN REVOLUTION: “There’s an old joke about what happens when you cross a postmodernist academic and the Godfather: You get an offer you can’t understand,” Steve Hayward quips at Power Line:

To which might be added today, who needs Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, about to close after 146 years, when you’ve got liberals beclowning themselves nonstop for free. (I suspect there’s a connection between these two things.)

This comes to mind with today’s story about what is the most hilarious planned liberal protest against Trump on inauguration day. I’ll just let Inside Higher Ed tell you without embellishment:

Anthropologists and other scholars plan read-in of Michel Foucault to mark inauguration of Donald Trump

Because hey, not every transition of power can be as peaceful and pro-feminist as the 1979 Iranian revolution – which Foucault supported. Or as the lefties at Truth-out pondered in September, “Why Did Foucault Disregard Iranian Feminists in His Support for Khomeini?”

Afary and Anderson observe that, while many progressives and leftists — both in Iran and elsewhere — favored the Revolution against the Shah but could not countenance the notion of an Islamic Republic replacing such despotism, Foucault was less critical toward Khomeini and the possibility of clerical rule. The authors argue that Foucault’s attitude in this sense — rather than signify some aberration or lapse in judgment — indeed follows from his post-structuralist political theorizing, which rejects the Enlightenment and despairs at the historical possibility of emancipation. As such, Foucault and the Iranian Revolution serves as an important warning for Western radicals and intellectuals vis-à-vis revolutionary movements, anti-imperialism and political authoritarianism in the rest of the world. Moreover, it raises questions about the liberatory potential of post-structuralism, detailing how that tendency’s preeminent spokesperson so clearly betrayed Iran’s workers, women, LGBTQ citizens, dissidents and religious and ethnic minorities by romanticizing what French leftist Maxime Rodinson refers to as “a type of archaic fascism.”

Which neatly sums up what we could we expect on Friday from those on the left not organizing read-ins of postmodern philosophy, come to think of it.



Hat tip: Benny Johnson on Facebook.



Perhaps Obamacare needed additional prescription drugs coverage as well: “‘There are certainly days when I’m popping Xanax like crazy,’ Kohn confided to the entire nation” during CNN’s election coverage on Tuesday.

If a presidential election really is that trauma-inducing, perhaps it’s time to rethink both your socialist worldview, and making leftwing politics your substitute religion. Or as Charles Cooke asked earlier this year, “Has Donald Trump’s remarkable rise done anything to change your mind as to the ideal strength of the State?”

PAUL KRUGMAN, 12:42 AM ELECTION NIGHT: “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”

Markets, the next afternoon:


And now, at close today: Dow closes at record high as investors ride Trump wave.

This is Nobel-quality self-beclowning.


“Remember, Jay memorably said: ‘Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, and Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly.’”

This would be comical if not for the noxious cynicism of it all. Clinton may not remember (if she was ever aware in the first place), but the original version of “My President is Black” is a brazen middle finger to nonblack America. Just a few lines after the verse Hillary quoted, the song taunts:

Hello Miss America, hey pretty lady
Red, white, and blue flag, wave for me baby
Never thought I’d say this s—, baby I’m good
You can keep your p—, I don’t want no more Bush
No more war, no more Iraq
No more white lies, the President is black

So the poster granny for liberal white privilege, groveling for black votes, kissed the rings of celebrity Obama BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce by parroting an inflammatory anthem laced with profanities and radical racialized gloating.

Could there have been a more perfect beclownment to cap Clinton’s phony-baloney “Stronger Together” campaign?

After denigrating millions of Trump supporters as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” earlier this year, Clinton then unctuously confessed on election eve: “I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became.”

Read the whole thing.

Flashback: Rapper Kendrick Lamar to Perform at White House for Semi-Retired President on July Fourth.

Obama also met with Lamar, apparently one of his favorite “artists,” before his final State of the Union address. As Victor Davis Hanson noted at the time, the cover to Lamar’s 2015 album To Pimp a Butterfly features a dead judge and his murderers posing in front of the White House.


Curiously, the media seemed remarkably unperturbed by both of the above-mentioned affiliations, despite having called for new national tone of increased civility and a reduction of violent metaphors in early 2011.

IN SLATE: The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished.

The Democrats will now control next to nothing above the municipal level. Donald Trump will be president. We are going to be unpacking this night for the rest of our lives, and lives beyond that. We can’t comprehend even 1 percent of what’s just happened. But one aspect of it, minor in the overall sweep, that I’m pretty sure we can comprehend well enough right now: The Democratic Party establishment has beclowned itself and is finished. . . .

The party establishment made a grievous mistake rallying around Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t just a lack of recent political seasoning. She was a bad candidate, with no message beyond heckling the opposite sideline. She was a total misfit for both the politics of 2016 and the energy of the Democratic Party as currently constituted. She could not escape her baggage, and she must own that failure herself.

Theoretically smart people in the Democratic Party should have known that. And yet they worked giddily to clear the field for her. Every power-hungry young Democrat fresh out of law school, every rising lawmaker, every old friend of the Clintons wanted a piece of the action. This was their ride up the power chain. The whole edifice was hollow, built atop the same unearned sense of inevitability that surrounded Clinton in 2008, and it collapsed, just as it collapsed in 2008, only a little later in the calendar. The voters of the party got taken for a ride by the people who controlled it, the ones who promised they had everything figured out and sneeringly dismissed anyone who suggested otherwise. They promised that Hillary Clinton had a lock on the Electoral College. These people didn’t know what they were talking about, and too many of us in the media thought they did.

Well, to be fair, most people in the media are only theoretically smart.


Yesterday I linked Ross Douthat’s column on what he describes as Samantha Bee-ism – the problem of a universal and exclusionary liberal tone among late night comics like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, and Bee herself.  Douthat was absolutely over the target in his piece, which led to a serious of escalating self-beclownings among the defenders of the idea that this brand of politicized humor is a good thing – Bee reportedly criticized the column in a conference call, and I’m sure Douthat will be the subject of an Oliver rant soon enough, where he literally destroys people by yelling into a black glass eye for 30 minutes to the seal-like cheers of an audience of people who think exactly as he does.

But it’s impossible for any fair-minded evaluator to deny Douthat’s main point: replacing culture with politics, even late night culture, makes for bad versions of both. Late night comedy has gotten so off the rails of putting comedy first that when one of their fellow liberally minded hosts, Jimmy Fallon, has a softball interview (the only kinds he does) with Donald Trump, it’s viewed as a traitorous act, “normalizing” bigotry by just playing nice with it. And their irritation makes sense: It bothers these late-nighters very much not just that Trump has a shot, but that the brand of humor they and their predecessors used to skewer past nominees just isn’t landing this time around.

As Glenn has noted, “Every four years the GOP nominee is literally Hitler, only to be resurrected as one of the ‘good Republicans’ later in contrast to the new guy who’s literally Hitler.” How many times can the left cry wolf?

Related: Everyone Hush: Conan O’Brien’s Pet Fool [Andy Richter] is Going to Weigh In on Media Bias.

CLOWN KAEPERNICK NOW WEARING SOCKS DEPICTING POLICE AS PIGS: “This ass**** is just begging to be cut, which he probably soon will be, so then he can cry racism,” JWF writes, linking to a CBS Sports article that notes, “It appears that over the past few weeks, Kaepernick has been wearing socks that show a pig in a cop’s hat. The quarterback has been wearing them since at least Aug. 10.”

The L.A. Times confirms that’s indeed what they are, but helpfully adds, “Kaepernick says the pigs on his socks were only meant to represent ‘rogue cops.’”

As Scott McKay of the American Spectator writes, Kaepernick is beclowning himself “according to the cultural Marxist playbook:”

Black Lives Matter masks failure. The Left has proven that practice works. So when one of the cultural Left’s protégés, a San Francisco radio DJ and MTV host named Nessa Diab, an ethnic Egyptian whose ideological curriculum vitae includes Islam, Fidel Castro fandom, and Black Lives Matter agitation, found her way into the life of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as his girlfriend since last year, the stage was set for the conversion of a prominent athlete into perhaps America’s most high-profile meltdown.

Read the whole thing. In the wake of 1985’s Live Aid, it was fascinating to watch one superstar rock star after another cash in his chips for whatever the cause du jour was — usually PETA, Amnesty International, the rain forest, and/or an attack on this week’s Emmanuel Goldstein — Reagan, Thatcher, Gingrich, Bush, etc. Once a performer morphed into what we would now call a fullblown SJW, it was a sign his career as a creative artist was over. He had built up his fan base, didn’t need to worry about offending new potential fans, as he could play the hockey arena circuit forever, and could stop focusing on any pretensions towards art and channel his energy into fundraising and cocktail parties with Bianca and Yoko and John Kerry.*

Kaepernick seems to have accelerated the process exponentially, once he was benched last year and replaced by former Jacksonville Jaguar QB Blaine Gabbert. This preseason, as McKay writes, “the business decision for San Francisco is obviously to find a way to cut Kaepernick loose for football reasons; he’s a declining player with a negative attitude whose on-field performance doesn’t match his compensation, and having a brooding ex-star in the locker room is poison to team chemistry.”

What happens next for Kaepernick? Well, according to sports blog Bleacher Report, “If you thought fans on Twitter were upset about Colin Kaepernick, you should talk to some people around the NFL…. Across NFL front offices, there are team officials who are not offended, and even embrace, the controversial position of Colin Kaepernick. They are out there. Statistically, they have to be. But they are keeping a low profile. They seem to be far outnumbered by the members of NFL front offices who despise him. Truly, truly hate him. ‘I don’t want him anywhere near my team,’ one front office executive said. ‘He’s a traitor.’”

If Kaepernick was a linebacker in the Ray Lewis mold, or a DB ala “They call me assassin” Jack Tatum, he might be able to get away more with the SJW performance art. But the QB is supposed to be the clean-cut face of the team, the guy who sells the most jerseys, is plastered on the most magazine covers. Historically, the most controversial thing front offices wanted to see from their quarterback was that he was reported out late in a bar having fun and entertaining the fans, ala Kenny Stabler, Terry Bradshaw, or Dandy Don Meredith. To build your franchise around a guy who alienates half your potential ticket and merchandise buyers doesn’t seem to be very smart from a PR or marketing stance. But as Scott McKay writes at the Spectator, “perhaps the politically correct NFL league office will exhort some team to give him another chance next year lest the league look like reactionaries. None of which would make him a good quarterback, after all. That throwing motion still stinks, and he never did fix it.”

But as with Hollywood perpetually handing roles to box office poison like Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin, perhaps politics trumps performance in the NFL these days as well.


San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert, left, and Colin Kaepernick (7) stretch during NFL football training camp, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Ben Margot.) Click to enlarge image.

* See also: the fellow who once sang backups on a song that noted, “if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow,” before selling out a half century later to a zillionaire dowager typically photographed wearing a Mao suit.

DAN MITCHELL: Paul Krugman Beclowns Himself…Again.

HIGHER EDUCATION BECLOWNING UPDATE: For $35K DePaul provides a refuge for Chalkophobics.

STEVEN HAYWARD: Emory Doubles Down On Beclowning Itself.

I could go on, but the disgrace that is Dean Nair is pretty evident at this point. Besides, if you have a moment, check out the comment thread at the Inside Higher Ed link. They are uniformly negative. Our work here is done. The only question is: When is Emory president James Wagner going to put an end to this embarrassment?

According to Emory’s 2014 IRS Form 990, Nair’s base salary that year was $302,405, with additional compensation listed at $43,008. I think I can see an easy way for Emory to cut its budget.

Well, the alumni are stirring, so stay tuned. And, meanwhile, when you can get such a big reaction for so little effort, well, imitation follows: Now chalked ‘Trump’ slogans appear at Syracuse University just days after students at Emory said they were ‘scared’ and ‘in pain’ after similar messages popped up on campus.

PUT THE BATBONG DOWN, DUDE: Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to crap on Batman, beclowns himself instead.

Related: The Week in Pictures: Superman vs. Batman Edition.

SELF-AWARENESS FAIL: Native American leader at the forefront of trying to ban the “racist” Redskins name wore blackface for Halloween.

Blackface — it’s the New Progressivism. (And has been for about four decades now, at least.)


If you guys don’t know to be panicked and screamey, a missile-sensor balloon with a long trailing antenna got free, and Shep “Sensationalist” Smith is trying to make it sound like aerial Armageddon.

He insisted “It doesn’t work!” despite having never heard of this missile-detection system before. All we know is that the anchor failed. But Shep is in screaming and hysteria mode.

This is a real quote. He noted that the long cable trailing the balloon had hit a transmission tower, and knocked out local power. Then he said, and remember, I’m not joking about this, “It’s all fun and games to talk about power outages, but what happens when it crosses a baby carriage?!”

Or words to that effect. “Baby carriage” was in the mix, there.

Always eager for a Car Chase or a Superdome Slaughter Cannibal-a-rama, Shep Smith is beclowning himself about the #DEATHBALLOON that has come to kill us all.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wasn’t doing much better keeping his own bladder in check:

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had the channel’s Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr analyze how the blimp could be brought down, whether the United States’ military would have to shoot it — and if or when — that time would come.

“We’ll stay on top of this very disturbing story. And we’ve never seen anything like this in the United States before,” Blitzer said. “Hopefully they’ll be able to bring that blimp down peacefully in an unpopulated area — some field somewhere. We’ll see what they can do.”

“We’ve never seen anything like this in the United States before!” Wait’ll somebody informs Wolf about the Hindenburg.

Update: “#DEATHBALLOON is extremely low energy. @smod2016 knows how to get things done.”

HUGO WARS: Larry Correia: Fisking the Guardian’s Latest Sad Puppy Article of the Week. “And when I say Article of the Week, I’m not really exaggerating. Apparently the Guardian is all worked up about Sad Puppies. A cursory Google search shows this is what the Guardian has run recently, and let me save you some time, it appears all of them run with the same racist/sexist/homophobic angry white cismale backlash narrative that’s been easily debunked since Entertainment Weekly beclowned themselves on day one. . . . Three years ago I set out to demonstrate that there was a left wing bias in publishing. Immediately the Guardian did their best to prove me right. Not once in three years have they spoken to anybody on my side.”

But here’s his best line: “The Guardian hasn’t been this upset since Hugo Chavez died.”

A MUTED HALLELUJAH FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE: The Gray Lady doesn’t get all of her facts correct, Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA writes, but “By running a 5,000-plus word piece about the murder and enslavement of Christians by ISIS, the New York Times Magazine has given bien pensants in the United States permission to think seriously about the human rights catastrophe of our time. It might even encourage them to do something.”

Alternate headline: New York Times discovers with amazement powerful force more eager to destroy Christianity than themselves.

IF SO, THEY MIGHT WANT TO TRY, YOU KNOW, DISPLAYING IT: Do Judges Have Inherent Dignity? “Over the course of a lazy three day weekend, Judge Mahon beclowned himself and disgraced his office. He did so by subverting the United States Constitution, which he is sworn to uphold and protect, in a vain attempt to protect that now vanished dignity.” If you want dignity, be dignified. If you want respect, be respectable.

I PREFER THE TERM “SELF-BECLOWNING,” BUT “AUTO-HUMILIATION” WORKS TOO: Tom Maguire: Let Me Highlight Charles Blow’s Auto-Humiliation. “We can find some answers to Mr. Blow’s questions in Mrs. Obama’s description of the same incident to David Letterman in 2012.”

NEIL DE GRASSE TYSON’S SELF-BECLOWNING CONTINUES: Neil deGrasse Tyson admits he botched Bush quote.

Tyson claims to be a man of science who follows the evidence where it leads. The evidence here clearly shows Tyson screwed up. Whether knowingly or not, he regularly repeated a false account in order to cast aspersions on another public figure. The only proper thing to do is recant and apologize. That is what a person of integrity does.

More from Mollie Hemingway: Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Just Trust Me On Those Things I Said, OK? “Word to the wise: When rational people strongly suspect you’ve made something up to make yourself look better and to make one of the most recorded people in human history look bad and there’s no evidence of your claim, the onus is actually on you to clear your name.”

Plus: “You can kind of judge how much to trust various media by whether they defend quote fabrication and think fact claims should be verifiable to non-Gnostics or try to go after people who are worried about the quote fabrication. We’ve seen more of the latter than is in any way journalistically defensible, particularly at this stage of the story.”

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Higher Education’s Self-Beclowning. With guest appearances by IowaHawk, and Yale Law’s Stephen L. Carter.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Higher Education’s Self-Beclowning.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Higher Education’s Self-Beclowning.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN: Higher Education’s Self-Beclowning. With a cameo appearance by IowaHawk.

JONAH GOLDBERG: Obamacare Schadenfreudarama: It feels pretty good to watch the whole thing fail.

This very magazine has been downright funereal about the brazen and unconstitutional seizure of one-sixth of the economy, and rightly so.

But come on, people.

If you can’t take some joy, some modicum of relief and mirth, in the unprecedentedly spectacular beclowning of the president, his administration, its enablers, and, to no small degree, liberalism itself, then you need to ask yourself why you’re following politics in the first place. Because, frankly, this has been one of the most enjoyable political moments of my lifetime. I wake up in the morning and rush to find my just-delivered newspaper with a joyful expectation of worsening news so intense, I feel like Morgan Freeman should be narrating my trek to the front lawn. Indeed, not since Dan Rather handcuffed himself to a fraudulent typewriter, hurled it into the abyss, and saw his career plummet like Ted Kennedy was behind the wheel have I enjoyed a story more.

There is a certain pleasure in seeing fools and liars get their comeuppance, especially when that comeuppance is self-administered. Me, I just keep repeating: IT’S THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!

DOG BITES MAN: Tommy Christopher Beclowns Self In Twitter Fight.

SELF-BECLOWNING: Southern Poverty Law Center Finds Fewer Militias, Hypes Militia Threat Anyway.

Since their earlier screed calling “pickup artists” a “hate group,” it’s been even harder to take them seriously than it was before. (Lumping men who don’t call the next day in with Klansmen?) This latest doesn’t help, though.


FOR RICKY GERVAIS, a Twitter self-beclowning incident.

TWO CNNs IN ONE: Network that created the Wright-Free Zone and baked cakes for Obama suddenly concerned with media/political coordination.

(Background on CNN’s apparent — very apparent — coordination with Team Obama, here.)

THE WARREN BECLOWNMENT: Candidate who used High Cheekbones and Pow Wow Chow Indian stereotypes upset at people who used Indian stereotypes.

That sounds like a Robert Ludlum title, doesn’t it? The Warren Beclownment. But it’s a story too crazy for fiction.

MORE SELF-BECLOWNING FROM THE HARVARD LAW FACULTY: “America Is Racist Because Americans Do NOT Join in Racist Attacks.”

MORRIS DEES BECLOWNS HIMSELF: The Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Writing About Pickup Artists as Hate Groups. “Take note, America: Having consensual sex (Roosh is not a rapist, but a seducer) with someone you don’t actually like and then never calling her/him again will land you in a reputation-ruining SPLC report.”

Ah, but it’s not your reputation the report will be ruining. . . .

Plus, from the comments: “SPLC goes from fighting George Wallace to fighting Tucker Max. Can you get any more pathetic?”

And: “Also, I’ll wait and see if SPLC goes after Playboy for the ‘Top 10 Conservative Women We’d Like to Hate Fuck’ feature they ran on their website a couple of years ago.” It’s not hate when it comes from Democratic contributors.

ED MORRISSEY: Video: CNN beclowns itself painting Breitbart editor-in-chief as racist. Have you no decency, CNN? No decency at all?

Literacy, I’ve pretty much already given up on . . . .

Plus this: “Frankly, it’s clear that no one at CNN does critical thinking, on race theory or anything else. The point of Andrew’s final project isn’t so much to make Obama’s early radical ties clear; it’s to point out how the media tried to keep them quiet. This uninformed attack from O’Brien and most of the CNN panel is a great demonstration of the very point that Andrew wanted to make with these videos.” Even in death, he continues to expose them.

UPDATE: If the Bell Tape is “Nothing” Why is the Media Pushing Back So Hard?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Paul Bressie writes:

Just another classic Breitbart misdirection.

Just as the Shirley Sherrod video wasn’t an indictment of her (as he included the later “I learned” part), it was an indictment of the audience agreeing with her before the reveal.

This Obama video isn’t about Obama’s radical past. It’s about the media and how they’ve abdicated their jobs and become water carriers and secret service agents for Obama.

It is all the more amazing because the media doesn’t even notice it.

They’re hired for loyalty, not intellect.

LECH WALESA figures things out.

PEJMAN YOUSEFZADEH: John Mearsheimer Further Beclowns Self. Film at Eleven.

PINCH BITES MAN: “NYT attacks for-profit colleges, beclowns itself again.”

ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says congressional lawmakers all are discussing taking some action in response to the Koran burnings of a Tennessee pastor that led to killings at the U.N. facility in Afghanistan and sparked protests across the Middle East, Politico reports. . . . Sen. Lindsey Graham said Congress might need to explore the need to limit some forms of freedom of speech, in light of Tennessee pastor Terry Jones’ Quran burning, and how such actions result in enabling U.S. enemies.”

They told me if I voted Republican we’d see an establishment of religion, complete with penalties for heretics and blasphemers. And they were right!

UPDATE: Ann Althouse: “Zero attention is paid to freedom of speech or religious freedom. Neither Schieffer nor Reid gives a damn (or dares to say he gives a damn). Pathetic.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Steven Corcoran notes a double standard: “If only Terry Jones had submerged a Koran in a jar of urine, the entire world (or at least the Left) would have proclaimed this a great work of art. As for those who protested: bigots all.”

I don’t think it’s the urine that’s different here. And reader Cindy McNew writes:

U.S. flag burning: OK
Koran burning: Restricted.

I really despise the choice of language in saying it “enables” America’s enemies. … which, by the way, does he even realize he just called angry Muslims America’s enemies?

But it doesn’t enable them–it just gives them an excuse (what should be a laughably transparent one, instead of being taken seriously as a grievance) for what they want to do anyway.

Yes. This is a moment of clarity, on several grounds. And Lindsey Graham is unfit to hold office, too. Why don’t you and Harry resign, Lindsey? It’s the least you can do.

And reader Rob Crawford emails: “I wonder if it’s occurred to any of them that holding such hearings will cause a rash of Koran burnings. All the effort — by Democrats! — to protect the right to burn the US flag seems to have slipped from their minds. Almost as if it weren’t an issue of principle…”

MORE: Reader J.M. Hanes writes: “You know, if Harry Reid weren’t defending the Koran and attacking hookers, I’d have completely forgotten he’s the Majority Leader. You’d almost think that Mitch McConnell was already running the show, wouldn’t you?”

STILL MORE: Did they beclown themselves over nothing? Karzai’s brother: Beheadings had nothing to do with Koran burning. We’re led by cowards and fools. But at least by opening their mouths, they removed all doubt.

And reader Houston Foppiano emails: “Please correct the shoddy reporting in that Newsmax article. Terry Jones is not from Tennessee, he’s from Gainesville, Florida. For all the ‘hillybilly’ crap we’ve gotten from them over the years, make those damn Gators own this crackpot.” Heh.

MORE STILL: A reader emails:

You link to an erroneus Don Surber post about the beheadings in Afghanistan, titled “Karzai’s brother: Beheadings had nothing to do with Koran burning” (update to your 6:42 pm Sunday post).

Surber conflates the Mazar-i-Sharif beheadings with the riots in Kandahar. If you look carefully at the CNN story to which Surber links, Karzai’s brother was talking about a separate set of riots in Kandahar, where there were no beheadings (so far as I am aware).

Thus Surber’s point about the Koran-burning being merely a scapegoat for Petraeus et al. is somewhat undermined.

It’s hard to keep track of all the barbaric behavior emanating from that part of the world.

PAR FOR THE COURSE: Jimmy Carter leaves Cuba without jailed US contractor.

Former President Jimmy Carter left Cuba on Wednesday without gaining the release of a U.S. government contractor jailed the past 16 months, a deflating end to what was otherwise a groundbreaking visit.

Carter spent hours talking about improving ties with brothers Raul and Fidel Castro, describing the latter as an “old friend.”

Jeez. And we probably have decades of similar stuff to look forward to once Barack Obama is an ex-president.

Much more on Carter’s beclownment here.

PEJMAN YOUSEFZADEH: The Beclowning of Dan Froomkin. Perhaps he could change his name to Litella.

SARAH PALIN snares Andrew Cohen. As I’ve said before, her great gift — or is it a curse? — is her ability to bring out the ignorance, the dishonesty, and the sheer meanness of the credentialed-but-not-educated gentry class in full Technicolor glory.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

I was amused to hear on one of the NPR talking head shows this morning the indignant comment that the right’s political rhetoric was “beyond the pale”, when terms like “blood libel” were used. Not amused enough to pay any attention to who was beclowning himself, but amused enough to mention to a few folks that NPR was obviously anti Semitic, because it was not sensitive to the Jewish ghetto meaning of ”the Pale”.

Maybe he meant the Irish one, or the Catholic one. But that just makes it more racist, in a different way, I’m sure. Or would, if Sarah Palin said it.

KEITH ELLISON BECLOWNS HIMSELF: Video: Ellison crashes Election Integrity press conference, stomps off when questioned.

UPDATE: The video above has, suspiciously enough, been pulled from YouTube. But a reader sends this link.

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Pelosi, Hoyer, LaHood Beclown North American Auto Show.

THANKS, TSA! Ramped up US airport security deepens holiday travel misery.

UPDATE: “Complete and total beclownment.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jerry Pournelle: “I have always said that if an intelligent person wants to bring down an airplane and doesn’t mind being killed doing it, there are many ways to accomplish it, and many of my readers know of multiple ways to accomplish it with little chance of detection. This incident is a good illustration of that. We aren’t really going to make all airline passengers strip to their underwear, and even if we did, that wouldn’t do it. What we can do is be more discriminating on who gets to fly on US aircraft to US airports, particularly on international flights. Of course that would mean paying more attention to foreign nationals. . . . This one was particularly easy to spot given his association with Yemen in general and Yemen extremists in particular. Once again US authorities had enough information; and once again political correctness prevented any action. Unlike the Fort Hood murders, this politically correct failure didn’t cost any lives. Next time we’re unlikely to be so blessed.”

RICHARD DALEY BECLOWNS HIMSELF: Chicago Mayor Daley Blames Fort Hood On America’s Love Of Guns! They’ll talk about anything but what’s actually going on . . . .

WHEN IS A PLOT “INSIGNIFICANT?” When it was foiled by the Bush Administration, perhaps? Plus, Again, the MSM Beclowns Itself. Floppy shoes all around.


A man wearing a T-shirt depicting a cartoon character holding a gun was stopped from boarding a flight by the security at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Brad Jayakody, from Bayswater, central London, said he was “stumped” at the objection to his Transformers T-shirt.

Mr Jayakody said he had to change before boarding as security officers objected to the gun, held by the cartoon character.

At least in Britain, apparently. Jeez.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Sounds like a hoax to me. Let’s not dilute real security beclowning with hoax stories. You know, falling for the narrative and all…” Good point, though it’s not as if stories like this haven’t been true in the past, providing at least a superficial air of plausibility.

PAUL CAMPOS BECLOWNS HIMSELF YET AGAIN, and Brian Leiter pinches the red rubber nose. And it squeaks! “Paul Campos is obviously upset that every member of the legal academy knows him as the poster boy for contempt for the First Amendment rights of state university professors, and so he does what any reputable academic would do under the circumstances: lies through his teeth.” That’s been my experience with Campos as well. Plus, the last time he savaged me he managed to misspell my name, which seems consistent with his usual floppy-shoed degree of thoroughness. . . .

BECLOWNING, once again. As usual, it’s self-inflicted.

But for a real blogfight, go here.

UPDATE: More restrained blogfighting here.

“BECLOWNED” — shockingly, not a neologism.

MORE BECLOWNING, from David Ignatius.

I HAVE A RESPONSE TO PAUL CAMPOS IN TODAY’S ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS: The opening sentence: “Paul Campos has beclowned himself.”

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein comments.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Beclowned” is the word of the year, so far. Which has Tim Blair gloating.

MORE: I see that at least one commenter at the RMN is calling for Campos to be fired. That rather misses the point of my column. Yes, he wrote a silly, uninformed, hysterical, and rather thuggish column. But the solution to bad speech is more speech, not suppression. That Campos hasn’t learned that reflects poorly on him, but I don’t think firing is the solution.

STILL MORE: Linda Seebach from the Rocky Mountain News emails:

You’re used to this, no doubt, but I thought you might be interested to learn that a few minutes ago the number of comments on your piece exceeded the total of all comments posted to the preceding 76 Speakout entries since we started accepting comments Jan. 23. I think I said in one of the first messages I sent you that I thought your blog had a bigger reach than the Rocky, and more engaged readers; well, there you have it.

Maybe that means I should open up comments. Or, maybe not. . . .

MORE STILL: Reader Julian Biggs emails: “Ok, maybe he shouldn’t be fired, but perhaps the keys to his very small car should be taken away.” That’s fair. Actually, when he’s not obsessing about me, or the war, Campos can be okay. I’ve enjoyed his columns in the past, which is why I’ve been taken aback by his increasing hysteria and hostility in recent months.

And nobody seems to want me to open comments. Typical is this email from Daniel Jenkins: “If you are seriously considering opening comments, please don’t. Comment threads almost always turn into grade school back and forths. I really like your current practice of posting reader emails you find insightful. ”

No, I’m not serious. Comments are nice, but past a certain traffic level they tend to devolve rapidly. And I’m way past that traffic level.

FINALLY: Campos has responded over at Glenn Greenwald’s. Being kind of busy, and bearing in mind the mud/pig/wrestling rule, I think I’ll just point to Dan Riehl’s treatment, and note that Campos doesn’t seem to understand the difference between an executive order and a statute, or the point of my Libya example. Neither surprises me. And I liked this comment. Heh.


PAUL CAMPOS thinks I’m beyond the pale for suggesting (in this post, which he does not link) that the Bush Administration might have been better off trying to use covert action to kill Iranian nuclear scientists and radical mullahs, instead of having to look at the massive air strikes now reportedly being planned, which would surely kill more people. He hurts his credibility up front by saying that Iran is not at war with us — when, in fact, it has been since 1979, with the deaths of many Americans, soldiers and otherwise, on its hands. (Later: Some emailers say that this means that Ollie North should have gone to jail for Iran/Contra. Well, that would have been fine with me, actually. But I said Iran has been at war with us; we, however, have not been at war with Iran. This is about what to do as that seems to be changing).

But surely talking about assassination isn’t beyond the pale. Or, if it is, I’m beyond the pale with Dianne Feinstein and Joe Biden:

Senators asked FBI Director Louis Freeh Thursday to consider the legality of assassinating Osama bin Laden and other suspected terrorist leaders.

Referring to terrorist leaders, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., asked Freeh, “What is present law with respect to their takedown?” Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., said, “I would very much like a legal memorandum from the FBI, stating whether or not the prohibition against assassination of heads of state applies to organized crime units, and/or terrorist units.” . . . Feinstein said arrest of terrorists is the best option but said that other “robust” strategies should be considered.

Of course, that was in 1998, when it was okay for Democrats to sound tough.

Nor were Biden and Feinstein the only ones:

Even before 11 September 2001, two members of Congress questioned the continuance of such a ban with regard to Saddam Hussein and international terrorists. In 1998, Senator Charles S. Robb stated that if Hussein continued to defy the United Nations, the United States should consider changing the executive order forbidding the assassination of foreign leaders

Then there’s George Stephanopoulos, who wrote: “A misreading of the law or misplaced moral squeamishness should not stop the president from talking about assassination. He should order up the options and see if it’s possible. If we can kill Saddam, we should.”

Campos’ claim that such actions would be illegal is misleading — assassination is illegal, as both articles above note, only by executive order, which can, of course, be rescinded by the President. (As the second item observes, Bob Barr introduced legislation in 2001 to rescind that ban by statute). Kiling by covert military action — as when things are blown up, and scientists or mullahs just “happen” to get killed — is apparently outside the ban anyway. As noted in my original post, there are plenty of arguments from reasonable people why this kind of thing might be a bad idea on practical grounds. Campos, however, thinks it ought to be illegal even to talk about the subject (if you do, you might be an “accessory to murder”). Somebody tell Dianne Feinstein, et al. Er, and send Campos a copy of the First Amendment. And no, this isn’t the first time Campos has called me names for agreeing with Democrats on the war.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

Campos does a pretty good job of beclowning himself by displaying his ignorance of how international law and international security actually work. Attached is an article I’m sure you’ve seen and I’m sure he needs to read. The author was one of my professors. Perhaps Campos should stick to the compelling and weighty analysis of America’s fatness.

I hadn’t realized the article, from the Washington Quarterly, was online, but here it is. And here’s an excerpt:

In the international community, states have always reserved the right to use force to maintain world order and safeguard their own defense. When containment fails, diplomacy is ineffective, and a full-scale war is too costly, killing a regime leader is an option a state should seriously consider. In a world in which states will amass WMD, unlawfully invade their neighbors, and threaten other’s national and international security, national security experts and policymakers may need to reexamine their choices, including killing regime leaders, as a means of ensuring security.

It’s by Catherine Lotrionte, who teaches Intelligence Law and International Law at Georgetown’s Foreign Service School. Who knew that so many of us were beyond the pale? And yes, there’s a lot of beclowning going on these days.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s getting crowded out here beyond the pale, as reader James Ray sends a link to this 1994 interview with that well-known international war criminal Dave Barry:

Reason: One of the planks in your presidential campaign is the Department of Two Guys Named Victor.

Barry:: This is one of those times I wasn’t kidding. At the time, we were mad at Moammar Gadhafi, which resulted in us bombing all over Libya and killing a bunch of people, but not him. Then Ronald Reagan gets up and says we’re not trying to kill him, we’re just dropping bombs. You can kill all the Libyans you want, but legally you can’t try to kill the leader.

The other one was Manuel Noriega. Here we have a problem with just one person, and we send all these troops down to deal with it. All these people get killed and hurt, but not Noriega.

So instead of messing around with armies, get a couple of guys named Victor. The president meets with them and has breakfast, or he goes to dinner with them at the restaurant of their choice, and suggests that he’s having a problem. Then the next thing you know, you read in the paper that Saddam Hussein has suffered an unfortunate shaving accident resulting in the loss of his head. We don’t involve a lot of 22-year-old kids in this dispute between George Bush and Saddam Hussein.

See, this was once a kind of anti-war position. Then it was popular with Democratic officeholders. Now, apparently, it’s shifted to “beyond the pale” category. It’s not only important to have the right opinions — it’s important to have them at the right time.

MORE: More here:

One would expect a law professor like Campos to have authority to back up such language. But in fact, his characterizations of the relevant legal principles are over-simplified, if not flat-out wrong. . . . In short, Campos’ attack on Reynolds and Hewitt betrays his ignorance of the subject matter at hand and his failure to do even the most elementary research before denouncing others as “accessor[ies] to murder.” As happens so often on the left, “murderer” and “fascist” are the common coin of a polemic that bears no relation to reality. And, needless to say, Campos offers no constructive thoughts as to how we should deal with the threat Iran poses to our troops in Iraq, or the threat a nuclear Iran will pose to us and our allies.

Needless to say, indeed.

Dan Riehl adds that Campos is trying a different kind of assassination. If he hadn’t let his intellectual guns go off half-cocked, he might have done better at that. . . .