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A Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst was stripped of his security clearance by Obama-appointed officials after he complained of questionable government contracts to Stefan Halper, the FBI informant who spied on the Trump presidential campaign.

Adam Lovinger, a 12-year strategist in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, complained to his bosses about Halper contracts in the fall of 2016, his attorney, Sean M. Bigley, told The Washington Times.

On May 1, 2017, his superiors yanked his security clearance and relegated him to clerical chores.

Read the whole thing. There are some — familiar names.


An Iraqi national who entered the U.S. as a refugee was arrested this afternoon on charges he participated in ISIS killings in Iraq in 2014.

The arrest of Omar Abdulsattar Ameen comes after an arrest warrant was issued by an Iraqi court in May.

According to the Justice Department press release, Ameen is accused of involvement in ISIS killings in Anbar province, Iraq.

A side note that Sacramento is a declared “sanctuary city.”

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It is not that there is no home to go to, either. Western history is rich with sustenance for mind and soul. Its longevity, richness, and vibrance are proof enough of that. It is that the people who consider themselves our leaders now deliberately strip America’s young of their roots.

Peterson and many others note rightly that most of our universities, and the other cultural institutions they gatekeep such as media and public schools, are anti-education, anti-culture, and anti-American. They gain power by separating people, by not only refusing to cultivate the capacity for self-government, but also actively cultivating intellectual, economic, and spiritual dependency.

This is why, as Flanagan has noticed, a worthy curriculum, an apprenticeship in the deepest wisdom of our heritage, is typically no longer delivered through the West’s “leading” institutions. To gain any real competence, most people must self-educate through a growing “parallel culture of ideas.” Where have we heard this parallelism language before? Among the anti-Communists of Eastern Europe, for one.

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Think not? People in the 1970s blew off the Weather Underground as radicals who had nothing to do with the party.

But whom did Democrats nominate in 2008? And who was his political mentor? And who was his religious mentor? And who was the communist he put in charge of the CIA?

This was no accident or coincidence. Democrats have plotted this for 50 years, going back to Teddy the Drunk Kennedy’s first immigration reform, which he reformed again 31 years later, which 32 years later, they want to reform as open borders — which was their goal all along.

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SALENA ZITO: Trump’s not the reason the GOP sputtered in Ohio.

Both Ohio and Pennsylvania represent the new coalition of Trump voters — Rust Belt states that were expected to swing blue in 2016 but in fact went for the unorthodox billionaire who promised to “Make America Great Again.”

So why, two years later, is the GOP having so much trouble connecting with these people? Is it Trump? The party establishment?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Balderson’s weak showing was a referendum on the president. “Voters here sent a message to the Republicans to knock it off,” Kasich told CBS News last week. “Stop the chaos, the division, no more of this family separation that we see at the border or taking people’s health care away. I think [people] have . . . basically had enough and they’re sending a message to the Republicans, including the Republican in the White House . . . This district is so Republican, there should never even have been an election here. And it was so close and — in one of the counties that’s so solidly Republican — where a Republican would normally win by 70 percent, it broke basically 50-50.”

But Kasich, who hasn’t yet ruled out a run for president in 2020, has got the wrong end of the stick. The GOP’s problem isn’t its president. The problem is its message.

Trump is the sun around which the solar system of American politics operates. You can’t outshine him.

And his base is solid.

I’d missed this one over a weekend long on chores and entertaining, but it’s still germane and you’ll want to read the whole thing.


The president has nobody to blame but himself for this latest mess. Manigault had no business being in the administration in the first place (one suspect she was merely window dressing), and certainly evinced no sense of the seriousness with which she should have taken her job. But who needs honor when self-aggrandizement pays better? It’s taken Trump nearly two years to even begin to rid himself of his fondness for some of his old media chums, and to understand that in the Borgian shark tank of politics the only thing that matters to most “public servants” is money, power, and career advancement — by, as the Left constantly reminds us, “any means necessary.”

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ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Antifa Tussles With Police and Media at ‘Largely Peaceful’ Vigil in Charlottesville.

“Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here,” student activists chanted Saturday evening.

* * * * * * * *

Police officer in Charlottesville beaten by Antifa gang members.

* * * * * * * *

An antifa agitator attacked an NBC reporter and his camera crew: “F*ck you, snitch-ass news b*tch!,” the agitator spat as he tussled with a cameraman.

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In recognition of their dying state, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced it will now add a new award for Best Popular Movie. That’s right. In the desperate hope of saving an award show that has devolved into stultifying irrelevance interspersed with alienating leftist screeds, the Oscars have decided to stoop to celebrating movies people actually watch.

Since I doubt this rear guard action will do much to reverse the decline of the Academy Awards or the movies, I’d like to suggest some other new awards that will at least underscore the state of the industry.

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FARCE AS TRAGEDY: Jonah Goldberg on They Live! — John Carpenter’s 1988 B-Movie Masterpiece and the Students of Marxism.

Still, it seems rather obvious that Carpenter would have made this movie even if Marx had never been born. The targets of his film weren’t the industrialists of the last 200 years but the yuppies of the 1980s. He detested what he saw as the rank commercialism of the Reagan era. “I began watching TV again. I quickly realized that everything we see is designed to sell us something. . . . It’s all about wanting us to buy something. The only thing they want to do is take our money,” he told Starlog magazine.

So while we cannot rule out the osmosis theory, there is another, more obvious answer: This stuff isn’t that clever. After all, if Carpenter can stumble into making the perfect Marxist film without even trying, how complicated can it be? Carpenter made a fun, left-wing action movie about a construction worker with unnaturally good wrestling skills fighting alien invaders. The fact that a bunch of Marxist eggheads read so much ideological brilliance into the movie doesn’t prove that the movie is ideologically brilliant; it demonstrates that its critical fans aren’t.

Exit quote:

Reading the Frankfurt School Marxists today is a bit like waiting in line at the DMV, an exercise in tedium punctuated — if you’re lucky — by rare moments of absurdity or even hilarity (“Why is that guy wearing a bathrobe?”). When Robert Downey Jr. explains in Back to School that football is nothing more than a “crypto-Fascist metaphor for nuclear war,” he is arguably being more reasonable than cultural Marxists.

Read the whole thing, which is terrific, even if you’ve never seen Carpenter’s movie.


Times readers called the couple heroes. No, the heroes are not these poor fools who stumbled into an ISIS-controlled area; the heroes are the soldiers from the U.S. and elsewhere – most of them a decade or so younger, and centuries savvier, than Austin and Geoghegan – who, while the two 29-year-olds were on a year-long cycling holiday, were risking their lives to beat back ISIS. What, then, is the moral of this couple’s story? In the last analysis, it’s a story about two young people who, like many other privileged members of their generation of Americans, went to a supposedly top-notch university only to come away poorly educated but heavily propagandized – imbued with a fashionable postmodern contempt for Western civilization and a readiness to idealize and sentimentalize “the other” (especially when the latter is decidedly uncivilized). This, ultimately, was their tragedy: taking for granted American freedom, prosperity, and security, they dismissed these extraordinary blessings as boring, banal, and (in Austin’s word) “beige,” and set off, with the starry-eyed and suicidal naivete of children who never entirely grew up, on a child’s fairy-tale adventure into the most perilous parts of the planet. Far from being inspirational, theirs is a profoundly cautionary – and distinctly timely – tale that every American, parents especially, should take to heart.

Ayn Rand didn’t intend for The Return of the Primitive to be a how-to guide for life. Read the whole thing.

JACK DUNPHY: HERE’S WHY THE NASHVILLE POLICE SHOOTING WASN’T A ‘GOVERNMENT-SANCTIONED MURDER.’ “Daniel Hambrick made several choices on July 26, all of them bad. Put the blame for his death where it belongs.”

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NEWS YOU CAN USE: Behind Hollywood’s A-List Bidding War for a McDonald’s Monopoly Article.

Which would all be a happy Hollywood ending for any ink-stained wretch trying to pump out long-form narrative nonfiction these days. Except this wasn’t just good luck or some kind of fluke that “McScam” had so thoroughly connected with Hollywood: Klawans and Maysh had been developing the article with the specific aim of turning it into a film since 2016.

* * * * * * * *

In an era when grown-up mid-budget studio movies like the eventual McScam film are becoming an endangered species in Hollywood, it would be hard to overstate how thoroughly and successfully Maysh and Klawans captivated the entertainment-industrial complex with their planted story. Not that the town’s populace of agents, development executives, and stars looking for flashy projects seems to care.

“It was an intense experience,” says Klawans. Adds Maysh: “It was quite overwhelming. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.”

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Media outlets play their role in shushing any conversation about the repressive culture that exists in some Muslim communities. The BBC and others always wheel on university-educated niqab-wearers who gaily explain that they love their face-blocking veils and in fact view them as feminist garments since they prevent men from ogling the women underneath. So it’s all fine, then. These garments are great. Even empowering. Anyone who believes this is the whole story is kidding themselves, and they know they are. They know that the majority of women who wear these garments didn’t go to Oxford and will never appear on the BBC and instead live in communities, or at least households, in which women are considered second-class citizens and so intensely the property of their husbands that only he may see their face and hair. If another community was treating women like this, there would be uproar. But when it is the Muslim community our feministic elites turn away. ‘The burqa’s great. It is part of their culture. Shut up.’

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YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Only Nixon Could Go to China, and Only Trump Could Go to Space.

Read the whole thing – but please consume all liquids first. The staff and management of PJ Media is not responsible to what happens to your keyboard, monitor, or iPad.

BRUCE BAWER: Death by Entitlement.

On August 7, the New York Times ran a story by Rukmini Callamachi about Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, a young American couple, both graduates of Georgetown University, who decided to quit their humdrum office jobs and go on an epic bike ride and camping trip that would take them all over the world. “I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in front of a glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige,” Austin wrote. “I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned.”

So in July of last year, they flew from Washington, D.C., to Cape Town, and from there bicycled through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. From there, they flew to Cairo, and after seeing the pyramids flew on to Casablanca, from which they cycled through Morocco, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece, to Turkey. From there, another flight took them to Kazakhstan. They biked through Kyrgyzstan and entered Tajikistan. It was in that country that their journey came to an abrupt end this past July 29, when five ISIS members deliberately plowed their car into the two adventurers, killing them along with two temporary cycling companions, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. “Two days later,” wrote Callimachi, “the Islamic State released a video showing five men it identified as the attackers, sitting before the ISIS flag. They face the camera and make a vow: to kill ‘disbelievers.’”

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ROGER SIMON: Tennessee Senate Race May Be Most Crucial of 2018.

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SPENGLER: Pope Francis Is Woefully Wrong about the Death Penalty.

The ancient rabbinic view is close to that of St. John Paul II in the 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae. He argued that the death penalty should be “very rare and practically non-existent.” But there is a great gulf fixed between “very rare and practically non-existent,” and the complete abolition of the death penalty, as Pope Francis now teaches. The abolition of the death penalty in principle would in my view weaken the foundation of all states, and most emphatically that of the best of states. It would do irreparable harm to the legitimacy of modern states, an elusive issue that is set in clear relief by the issue of the death penalty.

Consider an extreme example. The State of Israel has executed just one criminal since its founding in 1948, namely Adolf Eichmann, whose crimes surpass the human capacity to absorb horror and whose life was an affront to God as well as man. Israel now confines in prison Arab terrorists who willfully murdered young children and old people, but has never executed any of them; whether it should have done so may be debated, but the fact is that Eichmann’s crimes are of an entirely different order than that of a mere bus-bomber or child rapist.

For Israel, Eichmann had to be executed as a matter of raison d’etat. The nation-state of the Jewish people cannot fulfill its purpose if it is unable to rid the world of a monster who organized the systematic murder of millions of Jews.

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What is the Green Party’s game? The question emerges from Ohio’s 12th congressional district, where last night’s special election for an open House seat produced one of Matt Drudge’s classic headlines, “Green Party Space Alien Thwarts Dems.” It links to a Daily Mail dispatch that says the Green Party “spoiler candidate” whose votes “could tilt the outcome says his ancestors were from another planet.”

Save for the physics, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: Emails Reveal High School Teachers Plotting To Hide Their Political Bias From Parents.

Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, a group of public school history teachers in the posh Boston suburb of Newton pledged to reject the “call for objectivity” in the classroom, bully conservative students for their beliefs, and serve as “liberal propagandist[s]” for the cause of social justice.

This informal pact was made in an exchange of emails among history teachers at Newton North High School, part of a very rich but academically mediocre public school district with an annual budget of $200 million, a median home price of almost half a million, and a median household income of more than $120,000. Read the entire email exchange here.

I obtained the emails under a Massachusetts public records law after one of those teachers arranged, earlier this year, for an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organization to show Palestinian propaganda films at Newton North. This stunt earned the Newton Public Schools district a rebuke from the New England branch of the Anti-Defamation League and from Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council. But, as the teachers’ emails reveal, Jew-hatred is not the only specter haunting the history department at Newton North.

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SAUL ALINSKY SMILES: Jim Lyons out-PCs the Democrats. 

It was 10:45. By now, the few remaining sane Democrats in the Legislature realized that Lyons had done them a solid, sparing them from being recorded on a roll call vote on whether to recognize the genders of pangender, polygender and cisgender, not to mention intersex, intersex man, intersex woman and intersex person …

Personally, I’m glad S. 2562 is back in the closet, because it’s obvious what the two-spirit community’s next demand would have been — listing all 73 genders on the actual licenses.

As Lyons left the chambers, a very confused reporter asked him why he’d done such a thing to Gender X.

Lyons says he glared back at the scribe.

“Are you saying you want to leave some genders behind?”

Jim Lyons — he did it for the children.

Heh. Read the whole thing.

(Via Power Line.)

ROGER SIMON: InfoWars and the Rise of the Tech Fascists.

Read the whole thing.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Leftist Tribalism Killed Liberalism. “Trump didn’t break the old order, the Left did.”

Daniel Greenfield:

The left resents these defections by the white working class, but it was the left that truly defected. The old lefty romance with the working class has left behind only a handful of artifacts, like mementos from an old relationship, a fondness for expensive prole wear, folk music, stories about old coal miners (not the current despised polluters), and occasional forays into trying to live on a few dollars a day. But even two generations ago, the left was trading its working-class costumes for ethnic togs and jewelry.

These days the left romanticizes race the way that it once did class. But class can be shifted, race can’t. It was one thing to demonize capitalists and another to demonize entire races. Class war could be rationalized as an effort to make society fairer by sharing the wealth, but race can’t be shared. No Communist revolution can redistribute skin color or any other fixed attribute of human biology. Tolerance and equality were liberal answers to racism, but they could never be lefty answers.

Instead of redistributing wealth, the left began redistributing racial power. It inveighed against the boogeyman of racial tribalism even as it was busy creating it.

That’s probably inevitable when your political bread & butter consists of identity politics and group grievances.

And do read the whole thing.

SARAH JEONG ACCUSED OF LEAVING DEVASTATION BEHIND IN PURSUIT OF A STORY: Reporting from repressive regimes is tricky business. I’ve had to manage many stories over the years filed from Saudi Arabia, Russia and of course, my experience with China and the way it has been surrendered to is almost legendary. Reporters often forget that they are not the only ones at risk: in these countries identifying sources may expose them to not just public harassment but government pressure or even arrest and in some cases torture or worse.

Now infamous Sarah Jeong of The New York Times Editorial Board is being accused of exactly such recklessness by a young woman in China, who claims that Jeong, working for Vice exposed her to danger:

Vice would endanger me for a few clicks because in Brooklyn certain things are no big deal. This is not journalism and does not deserve to hide behind the protection legitimate use of that title warrants, this is a savage abuse of privilege knowing full well that in China I had no possible recourse against a billion dollar company who thought titillating their readers with my personal details was worth putting me in jeopardy.

Read the Whole Thing. ™

ROGER SIMON: Will Someone Please Review Dinesh D’Souza’s New Movie?

Fortunately, Roger has. Read the whole thing to make sense of the disparity between Ø critics’ approval versus an 88% audience score that D’Souza’s Death of a Nation has at Rotten Tomatoes.

YID WITH LID: New “The Diary Of Anne Frank” Production Is Not About ICE And Illegals.

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL WALSH: “The President is every bit as much the arbiter of the Constitution as is the Congress or the Supreme Court; if Trump’s ready to tackle the problem of the runaway federal judiciary, this would be a great test case. Because, sooner or later, it’s a battle that needs to be fought and won if the constitutional balance of power is to be protected. To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, ‘John Bates has made his decision — now let him enforce it.”

Read the whole thing.


[Stelter] did not address, though, what Mollie Hemingway addressed on Fox’s corresponding show, “Media Buzz.” Hemingway said the relationship between Trump and the press is “dysfunctional,” which is a good word because it correctly suggests all parties are wrong.

The media is not to blame for, has not invited, and should not be subject to, this “war” talk or threats of rape or murder. Seriously, that’s not just a disclaimer to throw out there. It’s outrageous and everyone should be outraged. It’s terrible. Stelter is absolutely right about that. They have not earned this. You cannot caveat that.

It doesn’t mean you can’t also address other issues, like how the press covers Trump. Hemingway is correct about that part, though similarly one-sided in her perspective.

Read the whole thing.

WELL, YES. Sarah Jeong Is A Warning Sign Of Something Wrong With The Left.

That really sums up what bothers me about this whole story. It’s the assumption that a public comment like “White men are bullshit” would get a shrug if not for conservatives seizing on it. It’s an admission from the Post that there is almost nothing you can say about white men that anyone on the left would deem problematic (to borrow a popular SJW term of art).

The reason why Jeong’s tweets didn’t really matter to anyone on the left is that they’ve nearly all accepted the idea that racism doesn’t mean what most people think it means. Andrew Sullivan points out how the left has redefined it. . . .

Jeong was just exploring the space of this privileged position, secure that she could say just about anything without fear of blowback. Indeed, she had many defenders who refused to even acknowledge the possibility of another point of view about what she’d said. When you start from the premise that one group of people can’t be offended, you naturally wind up at the conclusion that anyone who says otherwise is being dishonest.

I hope that Donald Trump reads her tweets aloud at rallies.

Plus: “That’s what really bothers me about this. It’s that one form of blatant bigotry gets a pass on the grounds that it won’t really hurt anyone. If the left thinks that’s true, I think they’re not paying attention.” Yep.

SAN FRANCISCO BANS EVERYTHING: “If you can think of something, San Francisco has already banned it. Or will be banning it soon.”

Why ban straws? Because straws, according to the San Francisco ordinance, “may threaten public health” and are bad for the environment? Piles of human waste in the street are great for public health and the environment. But a Chicago medical association disagreed and cancelled its planned conference.

When Chicago thinks your city is dirty and dangerous hellhole, you really have a problem.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

(Via Maggie’s Farm.)


I’m gaining weight and running out of popcorn watching the left freak out about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. But beyond just the theatrics of the left’s primal screams and desperation tactics it is delightful to see the left begin to reckon with something more fundamental going on, which in one sentence I’ll assert is the growing vindication of the constitutional originalism of Justice Clarence Thomas.

It should be noted, as a placeholder, that constitutional originalism comes in several forms which differ considerably, but I won’t go into these myriad distinctions because it would take a long time. Interested readers might check out some of the helpful work on this by Lawrence Solum of Georgetown Law School. Some conservative jurists—one thinks of Rehnquist and Scalia in particular—were highly inconsistent in their originalist jurisprudence, but Thomas has been consistent from Day One on the Court. If the principles and reasoning of Thomas’s opinions are to be compared with a particular jurist of our past, it would have to be John Marshall.

Liberals have always dismissed Thomas as simply Scalia’s wingman, though no one who actually read with any care their separate opinions, concurrences, and dissents would think so. But the great thing about being a liberal is that you can just go with a cliche and skip the careful thinking part.

But now that the whole scene is in flux with the arrival of Justice Gorsuch—who, like Justice Thomas, believes that the natural law tradition in legal history stretching back to Roman times still has today what social scientists call “normative” value—the left is taking stock of things, and realizing that they are in a heap of trouble.

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL BARONE: Liberals against freedom of conscience.

Read the whole thing.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: The New York Times Has the Right to Hire Racists. “As it turns out, Jeong also hates cops and men. She even hates Paul Krugman! See? She’s gonna fit in at the Times just fine.”

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.™

FLASHBACK: Sarah Jeong Stoked Twitter Mob Against Andrew Sullivan For Alleged Racism.

All this circles back to what Sullivan actually said to get Jeong to blast him as irredeemably racist and worth less than the bandwidth he’s published on. Nathan J. Robinson explained it well in Current Affairs last April. In addressing the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, Sullivan took a detour into racial issues, suggesting that the relative success of Asian-Americans proves that the U.S. does not have overwhelming structural racism.

“Asian-Americans, like Jews, are indeed a problem for the ‘social-justice’ brigade. I mean, how on earth have both ethnic groups done so well in such a profoundly racist society?” Sullivan asked in his New York magazine column. “Asian-Americans, for example, have been subject to some of the most brutal oppression, racial hatred, and open discrimination over the years. … Yet, today, Asian-Americans are among the most prosperous, well-educated, and successful ethnic groups in America. What gives?”

Read the whole thing.


Read the whole thing.

ANDREW SULLIVAN: Is the newest member of the New York Times editorial board, Sarah Jeong, a racist?

From one perspective — that commonly held by people outside the confines of the political left — she obviously is. A series of tweets from 2013 to 2015 reveal a vicious hatred of an entire group of people based only on their skin color. If that sounds harsh, let’s review a few, shall we? “White men are bullshit,” is one. A succinct vent, at least. But notice she’s not in any way attacking specific white men for some particular failing, just all white men for, well, existing. Or this series of ruminations: “have you ever tried to figure out all the things that white people are allowed to do that aren’t cultural appropriation. there’s literally nothing. like skiing, maybe, and also golf. white people aren’t even allowed to have polo. did you know that. like don’t you just feel bad? why can’t we give white people a break. lacrosse isn’t for white people either. it must be so boring to be white.” Or this: “basically i’m just imagining waking up white every morning with a terrible existential dread that i have no culture.” I can’t say I’m offended by this — it’s even mildly amusing, if a little bonkers. (Has she read, say, any Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson?) But it does reveal a worldview in which white people — all of them — are cultural parasites and contemptibly dull.

A little more disturbing is what you might call “eliminationist” rhetoric — language that wishes an entire race could be wiped off the face of the earth: “#cancelwhitepeople.” Or: “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along.”

I’ll take that as a Yes then.

And do read the whole thing.


Now the White House beat has become an entry-level reporting job, in the course of which the callowest of youths, or the most airheaded among the former beauty queens, can sass the objects of their coverage, mock them, call them liars, and generally act out in public. (Yes, Jim Acosta, we’re talking about you.) Here’s a very small but telling and typical example of everything that’s wrong with journalism today, by Catherine Lucey and Zeke Miller of the Associated Press (emphasis mine):

Read the whole thing.

CHOOSE THE FORM OF YOUR DESTRUCTOR: The Amazing Story of How Trolling by Obama Gave Us Trump.

Read the whole thing, including this:

I don’t see how being held up to public ridicule by Obama can possibly be discounted as something that convinced Trump to run for president. In fact, it is very much in sync with what we know about Trump.

Now, did he expect to win when he launched his campaign? I don’t think so. There was an interview by an early member of Team Trump that gave the distinct impression that he wanted a credible showing as a springboard to more reality television.

Who else didn’t think he’d win against Hillary, and was using his longshot election bid as a springboard to gain additional notoriety? Oh yeah, this once-unknown politician:

Soon-to-be-candidate Obama, then an Illinois senator, was thinking about turning down an invitation to speak at a big health care conference sponsored by the progressive group Families USA [in January 2007], when two aides, Robert Gibbs and Jon Favreau, hit on an idea that would make him appear more prepared and committed than he actually was at the moment.

Why not just announce his intention to pass universal health care by the end of his first term?…

“We needed something to say,” recalled one of the advisers involved in the discussion. “I can’t tell you how little thought was given to that thought other than it sounded good. So they just kind of hatched it on their own. It just happened. It wasn’t like a deep strategic conversation.”…

The candidate jumped at it. He probably wasn’t going to get elected anyway, the team concluded. Why not go big?

Why not indeed? The result was a hollowing out of the Democrats’ backbench due to Obamacare’s deep unpopularity, giving the Democrats very few options for 2016, except for a remarkably flawed retread.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Origins Of Our Second Civil War.

How, when, and why has the United States now arrived at the brink of a veritable civil war?

Almost every cultural and social institution — universities, the public schools, the NFL, the Oscars, the Tonys, the Grammys, late-night television, public restaurants, coffee shops, movies, TV, stand-up comedy — has been not just politicized but also weaponized.

Donald Trump’s election was not so much a catalyst for the divide as a manifestation and amplification of the existing schism.

We are now nearing a point comparable to 1860, and perhaps past 1968. Left–Right factionalism is increasingly fueled by geography — always history’s force multiplier of civil strife. Red and blue states ensure that locale magnifies differences that were mostly manageable during the administrations of Ford, Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, and Clinton.

What has caused the United States to split apart so rapidly?

Read the whole thing. But I think more than anything it’s the contempt that the political class feels for much of the citizenry, which is now being returned in kind.

Plus, what can be done?

A steady 3 to 4 percent growth in annual GDP would trim a lot of cultural rhetoric. Four percent unemployment will make more Americans valuable and give them advantages with employers. Measured, meritocratic, diverse, and legal immigration would help to restore the melting pot.

Reforming the university would help too, mostly by abolishing tenure, requiring an exit competence exam for the BA degree (a sort of reverse, back-end SAT or ACT exam), and ending government-subsidized student loans that promote campus fiscal irresponsibility and a curriculum that ensures future unemployment for too many students.

We need to develop a new racial sense that we are so intermarried and assimilated that cardboard racial cutouts are irrelevant.

Religious and spiritual reawakening is crucial. The masters of the universe of Silicon Valley did not, as promised, bring us new-age tranquility, but rather only greater speed and intensity to do what we always do. Trolling, doxing, and phishing were just new versions of what Jesus warned about in the Sermon on the Mount. Spiritual transcendence is the timeless water of life; technology is simply the delivery pump. We confused the two. That water can be delivered ever more rapidly does not mean it ever changes its essence. High tech has become the great delusion.

Finally, we need to develop a new racial sense that we are so intermarried and assimilated that cardboard racial cutouts are irrelevant. Our new racialism must be seen as a reactionary and dangerous return to 19th-century norm of judging our appearance on the outside as more valuable than who we are on the inside.

Whether we all take a deep breath, and understand our present dangerous trajectory, will determine whether 2019 becomes 1861.

As a great man once said, when your heart is filled with patriotism, there is no room for bigotry.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Does James Gunn Deserve Another Chance? Does Anybody?

This is the part where the devil on my shoulder reminds me: “This is the world they’ve made. They won’t learn until they start suffering the consequences, same as the rest of us. Tough luck.”

And then the angel on my other shoulder says: “But if we can’t forgive them when they make mistakes, why will they have any reason to forgive us when we do?”

And then both shoulders do this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Read the whole thing.

THE TORPEDOES THE DEMOCRATS PUT IN THE WATER FOR TRUMP KEEP CIRCLING BACK ON THEM: “The revelation that Mel Watt, a powerful financial regulator, has been accused of sexual harassment by an employee left Capitol Hill Democrats scrambling for a response, a stark contrast to their reaction to other cases of alleged misdeeds… Even those Democrats who have been vocal supporters of the #MeToo movement and pounced on misbehavior by Trump administration officials ignored requests for comment on the claims against Watt, the last remaining Obama-appointed regulator in this administration.”

The background is here, and it’s well worth reading the whole thing: “A Federal Housing Finance Agency staffer accused the FHFA director of repeatedly making inappropriate sexual advances when she tried to discuss career and salary concerns. The conversations included a 2016 meeting during which Watt steered the discussion to his feelings for the woman, according to documents and partial transcripts of tapes obtained by POLITICO. In a separate encounter, Watt asked about a tattoo on her ankle, saying, ‘If I kissed that one would it lead to more?’”

If the allegations are true, why is lefty politics such a cesspit of misogyny and harassment?

KATHLEEN McKINLEY OF THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Twitter Banned Me For ‘Hate Speech’ When I Opposed Trans Troops, Honor Killings. 

Remember how much fun Twitter was in 2009? For few years there you could chat back and forth with your favorite senator or member of Congress. Politicians and reporters started to tweet things they believed, and you could ask them about it. Reporters started revealing personal political beliefs, and you could ask them about it.

You could direct-message news anchors. I remember the first time Jake Tapper direct-messaged me about something I had tweeted regarding one of his tweets. Twitter seemed like the most fascinating place on the Internet, a place where regular Americans could engage in real time with those who affect policy or report news. Trolling was minimal. You could speak your mind.

That was then. This is now.

Read the whole thing. Though to be fair, our forefathers saw this coming and tried to warn us.

Click to watch.

ROGER SIMON: Trump Should Meet with Khamenei, not Rouhani.

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL LEDEEN: Why the CNN Reporter White House Ban Doesn’t Bother Me.

When I worked in the Reagan administration—first at the State Department, later at the White House—I talked to plenty of journalists. I never spoke “off the record” and I still don’t believe in it (if you don’t want to discuss a subject, just shut up. If you do, put your name on it). There were some unpleasant moments, one with William Safire of the New York Times, who once asked me about a diplomatic matter of some sensitivity. He asked a question that suggested he had been misinformed, so I said he needed some background. He wouldn’t listen, and insisted I just answer his question. I said if I did that, he would be misled, so I declined, and thereafter refused to talk to him. I didn’t think he was entitled to set the agenda, nor did I think he had some sort of “right” to use my time as he saw fit. So I locked him out. Note that I wasn’t at all hostile to Safire’s politics. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I feel the same about the exclusion of a CNN reporter from a White House event.

Read the whole thing.

INTERESTING FT PIECE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: The Chinese are wary of Donald Trump’s creative destruction: The president is the first US leader in decades to challenge China on multiple fronts.

Donald Trump is leading a double life. In the west, most foreign policy experts see him as reckless, unpredictable and self-defeating. But though many in Asia dislike him as much as the Europeans do, they see him as a more substantial figure. I have just spent a week in Beijing talking to officials and intellectuals, many of whom are awed by his skill as a strategist and tactician. . . .

Few Chinese think that Mr Trump’s primary concern is to rebalance the bilateral trade deficit. If it were, they say, he would have aligned with the EU, Japan and Canada against China rather than scooping up America’s allies in his tariff dragnet. They think the US president’s goal is nothing less than remaking the global order.

They think Mr Trump feels he is presiding over the relative decline of his great nation. It is not that the current order does not benefit the US. The problem is that it benefits others more in relative terms. To make things worse the US is investing billions of dollars and a fair amount of blood in supporting the very alliances and international institutions that are constraining America and facilitating China’s rise.

In Chinese eyes, Mr Trump’s response is a form of “creative destruction”. He is systematically destroying the existing institutions — from the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement to Nato and the Iran nuclear deal — as a first step towards renegotiating the world order on terms more favourable to Washington.

Once the order is destroyed, the Chinese elite believes, Mr Trump will move to stage two: renegotiating America’s relationship with other powers. Because the US is still the most powerful country in the world, it will be able to negotiate with other countries from a position of strength if it deals with them one at a time rather than through multilateral institutions that empower the weak at the expense of the strong.

My interlocutors say that Mr Trump is the US first president for more than 40 years to bash China on three fronts simultaneously: trade, military and ideology. They describe him as a master tactician, focusing on one issue at a time, and extracting as many concessions as he can. They speak of the skilful way Mr Trump has treated President Xi Jinping. “Look at how he handled North Korea,” one says. “He got Xi Jinping to agree to UN sanctions [half a dozen] times, creating an economic stranglehold on the country. China almost turned North Korea into a sworn enemy of the country.” But they also see him as a strategist, willing to declare a truce in each area when there are no more concessions to be had, and then start again with a new front.

For the Chinese, even Mr Trump’s sycophantic press conference with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, in Helsinki had a strategic purpose. They see it as Henry Kissinger in reverse. In 1972, the US nudged China off the Soviet axis in order to put pressure on its real rival, the Soviet Union. Today Mr Trump is reaching out to Russia in order to isolate China.

Hmm. Is Trump really that smart? Read the whole thing.

COULD SOMEONE PLEASE ASK ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ HER THOUGHTS ON THIS? “This week, I am sitting down to write a letter to the Chief Diversity Officer at my university, UNC-Wilmington…to ask him to sponsor a first-ever ‘Che Pride Week,’ which would be dedicated to the life and legacy of communist revolutionary Che Guevara.”

Read the whole thing.


Six women are accusing Moonves of misconduct, not all under their own names — but the most harrowing account comes from someone who is, actress Illeana Douglas. If what she says is true, Moonves would deserve to be fired for this incident alone. And there’s reason to believe what she says is true: She’s told the story to multiple friends and colleagues in the 21 years since it allegedly happened, among them Martin Scorsese. What do you do when the most powerful man in television decides he wants to dry-hump you?

* * * * * * * *

CBS News is named by Farrow as being an especially bad actor (a “frat house”), with “60 Minutes” executive producer Jeff Fager singled out as a noxious enabler. It wasn’t just that Fager himself harassed people, Farrow’s sources claim, it was that he protected other men down the chain of command who did so as well. (“Fager seemed to encourage that climate. It wasn’t even that he turned a blind eye toward it.”)

Read the whole thing. Why are Democrat-dominated industries such cesspits of sexual abuse and exploitation?

BRUCE BAWER: “I hate to say it, but I think I’m giving up on Britain. Go ahead, Home Secretary Sajid Javid, add my name to that ever-growing list of Islam critics who are banned from entering your country. I won’t be offended. In fact, I’ll be offended if you don’t ban me.”

Read the whole thing.

THE ART OF THE DEAL: Trump Negotiates, the Press Lies, Andrew Klavan writes.

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AND NOW IT’S KATHLEEN McKINLEY’S TURN IN THE PENALTY BOX TWITTER RESERVES FOR MEDIA CONSERVATIVES. “Yes, her tweets are visible, but she’s unable to tweet. Last time she tried to tweet, they added 3 hours to her suspension.”

Last week, Twitter dispatched Jim Treacher there. And speaking of Treacher, at the PJM mothership today, he writes, “Remain Calm, All Is Well (Unless You Want to Watch ‘Animal House’):”

When you see generation after generation of humorless scolds wagging their fingers at you like this, it might make you want to give up. You might say: “What the hell we s’posed to do, ya moron?” But you can fight back. There’s only one thing to do when some busybody like this tries to tell you what to do and how to think:

Point at them and laugh.

I guess that’s two things. Forget it, I’m rolling.

He is, and Senator Blutarsky has approved his message, so read the whole thing.

ANDREW KLAVAN: Trump Negotiates, the Press Lies.

Donald Trump is a negotiator, as he has told us from the start. Not everything he says means what it means. Not every final decision he makes is final. And just because he says he loves you, that doesn’t mean he does. He’s in motion toward a goal, and the truth is in the motion. By now, most of us get this.

Except the press. They just hate him too much to take him as he is — to take him as he has always said he is. They don’t accept he’s in a moving negotiation. If he says it’s over and it’s not over, they call him a liar. If he says he loves Putin, they declare he loves Putin. By now, most of us understand that Trump doesn’t operate that way. Not the press.

To be fair, they don’t want to understand — but do read the whole thing.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: The Sad State Of Higher Education.

The state of the American university remains precarious for several reasons. College costs and student debt have reached a level beyond which they cannot keep rising indefinitely. Colleges keep expanding their use of badly paid adjunct professors hired after only a perfunctory look at their credentials. These adjuncts increased from about 13 percent of the faculty in 1988 to about 51 percent in 2011; in 2011 another 29 percent were instructors not eligible for tenure, and only 21 percent were tenured professors.

Meanwhile, a growing number of courses are available on the Internet, many for free, raising the question of why students should pay as much as $4,000 for a classroom course when they can take a better course for much less or for nothing. At the same time, many American voters, state legislators, and governors who have a low opinion of professors and their ideas are becoming still more reluctant to subsidize higher education through taxes. Between 1987 and 2012, state and local spending on higher education per full-time student fell by 30.6 percent in constant dollars, while tuition at state and local institutions rose by 100.5 percent.

Read the whole thing.

BYRON YORK: Why didn’t FBI tell court about Christopher Steele bias? “There has been bitter debate about the release of a heavily-redacted version of the FBI’s application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to wiretap onetime Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page. The debate centers on whether the FBI gave the FISA court judges enough information to assess the anti-Trump motives of the people behind the Steele dossier. . . . The release last weekend of blacked-out copies of the original application and three renewals confirmed Nunes’ description; the documents did not mention the DNC or Clinton campaign’s role in funding Steele. . . . It is generally accepted that evidence of a source’s bias, including the source’s own acknowledgment of it, should be disclosed in warrant applications that are predicated on that source. The FBI simply did not do that in Steele’s case.” Read the whole thing.

H. W. CROCKER III: America’s Next Civil War Will Be Worse Than Our Last.

North and South venerated the Founders. They shared the same language, the same religion, and, in large part, the same general stock. Most of all, they shared what Jeff Sessions was recently rebuked for calling an “Anglo-American heritage” of liberty under law, stretching from the mists of medieval England — even before Magna Carta — to our own Bill of Rights.

Today, however, our divisions are so deep and fundamental that Americans cannot even agree on what marriage is or what a man or a woman is (which is pretty darn fundamental).

The lunatic self-righteousness of the Left (and yes, I’m afraid one must point fingers here), where disagreement is bigotry to be prohibited by law or even condemned and prosecuted as treason, is a consuming, destructive fire that will not be easily quenched, and cannot be reached by cool waters of rational argument.

Read the whole thing.


Read the whole thing.


Read the whole thing.

GREGG JARRETT: Comey and Strzok — Two key players in the scheme to clear Clinton and frame Trump.

Based on Comey’s finding, Clinton should have faced a multiple-count criminal indictment, since the FBI discovered that she had stored 110 classified emails on her unauthorized, private computer server. Other people had been prosecuted for similar conduct that jeopardized national security in violation of the law. Yet, Comey – despite characterizing Clinton’s actions with the clear language denoting violation of the law – saw to it that no charges were ever brought against Clinton.

Under questioning, Comey admitted to the Inspector General Michael Horowitz that he authored the May 2 statement and penned every word of it himself. But then he offered the implausible claim that “he did not recall that his original draft used the term ‘gross negligence,’ and did not recall discussions about that issue.”

Comey’s amnesia is preposterous. He would have us believe that, as FBI director, he memorialized in print his decision that the leading candidate for president of the United States had committed crimes, yet later could not recollect anything about the most important decision of his career.

That’s just the start, so read the whole thing.

BRUCE BAWER: Yet Another Aspiring Apparatchik Exploits Norway’s 9/11.

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL WALSH: Toronto Discovers the Joys of ‘Diversity.’

Read the whole thing.

HMM: Tariff Backlash Could Cost Republicans the Senate.

Heading into the mid-term elections the Real Clear Politics Battle for the Senate map suggests it it is extremely unlikely for Democrats to take control of the Senate.

The Republicans have 46 safe or not up seats, and two more likely. To take control of the Senate, Democrats would have to win all nine likely or leans, plus six of seven tossups.

The math is not as daunting as it looks. Democrats are leading in Florida, Tennessee, and Nevada. I expect those leads to hold. That Republicans were only up by 1 percentage point in Indiana looks problematic for Republicans to say the least. For the sake of argument, put that in the Democrat column.

That just gets things to 49 where things stand right now.

This is some in-depth analysis from a Hillary-hating Trump voter, so if you have the time I recommend you read the whole thing.

From where I sit, the Senate playing field is so tilted towards the GOP that it’s practically a wall — but walls do get breached.

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: People Will Stop Committing Race Hoaxes When They Stop Getting Results. “In 2018 America, victimhood is currency.”

Read the whole thing.

DUBIOUS REASSURANCE FROM THE TREACH: The Roaming Outrage Mob Took Down Roseanne Barr and James Gunn, But You’re Probably Safe.

Related (From Ed): Jim buries the lede in his new column: “That’s why I’m actually a bit relieved that my own Twitter account, @jtLOL, was just suspended.”

Read the whole thing.™

UPDATE (From Glenn): The Treach is back. Stone-cold sober, as a matter of fact. Well, possibly. He can Treach, he can Treach, ’cause he’s better than you, it’s the way that he tweets, the tweets that he do.

BYRON YORK: FISA warrant application supports Nunes memo.

The weekend release of a highly-redacted version of the FBI’s application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to wiretap onetime Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page has renewed the argument over the Nunes memo — the brief report produced by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes detailing problems in the application. From the time of the memo’s release in February, Democrats and some in the press have denounced it as a collection of lies and mischaracterizations. On Saturday night, the denouncing started again. “The only thing the newly released FISA documents show is that Republicans have been lying for months,” the lefty think tank Center for American Progress said in a typical response.

Now, however, we have both the memo and the FISA application, if in a blacked-out state. We can compare the two. And doing so shows the Nunes memo was overwhelmingly accurate. Perhaps some Democrats do not believe it should have been written, or they dispute what it included and left out, or they do not agree with its conclusions, but it was in fact accurate.

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL LEDEEN: Why Are the Democrats and the Spooks Suddenly so Ferociously Anti-Putin?

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL WALSH: Donald Trump, Jabberwocky, and the Deep State’s Gordian Knot.

Read the whole thing.


Cambridge resident Alyson Laliberte was playing outside with her daughter on the afternoon of July 14 when a neighbor she’d never met before approached her and asked her if she’d “move so her kids could nap.” And after Laliberte refused the woman sat on the curb and condescendingly (and with a smug look on her face) badgered her, asking her to prove she really lived there, and telling her to leave the property.

The kicker? When the woman asked Laliberte, whose daughter is mixed-race, “Are you one of the affordable units, or are you one of the Harvard units?” She didn’t even ask, “Do you live in…” one of the affordable units; she asks it as if Laliberte IS one of the units. The question is disgusting either way, but the way it’s asked implies that residents of “those” units are less-than.

Read Laliberte’s Facebook post below, and watch the video:

* * * * * * * * *

She will go outside Laliberte’s window and scream so Laliberte can’t sleep. That’s mature, but not a surprising mindset from someone who obviously thinks because a person’s skin isn’t white they must live in an “affordable” unit.

In what’s one of the funniest twists of irony I’ve seen this year, it turns out that Lund is the Executive Director of – wait for it – the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative!

Read the whole thing.

SPENGLER: American Narcissism and China.

Read the whole thing.

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: The Coming War Over The Constitution:

To Brett Kavanaugh’s foes, the Constitution stands in the way of grand designs they have for the federal government and your lives.

They want to control things in your lives – your healthcare, your lightbulbs, your land, your neighborhood, your dishwasher, your electric bill, your employer. That’s why a wartime coalition of leftist interest groups have mobilized to battle over the future of the Constitution.

Kavanaugh’s foes want the Constitution to mean whatever suits their transformative agenda. Kavanaugh believes the Constitution means what it said when it was written. That it was written in 1787 doesn’t trouble him at all. . . .

The Cons believe the President is in charge of the executive branch, not unelected bureaucrats.

The Progs also believe in federal control over state elections. They don’t care that the Constitution of 1787 recognized that decentralized control over elections helps preserve individual liberty. When no single entity is in control of elections, no despot or malevolent faction can tamper with the system. The Progs hate election integrity rules like citizenship verification of voters or voter ID. They want federal bureaucrats to have the power to invalidate those state laws.

Read the whole thing.

ANDREW KLAVAN: Trump — Mistaken; Democrats — Nuts. 

Read the whole thing.

AS A LEGENDARY COMMUNITY ORGANIZER ADVISES, GET IN THEIR FACES AND PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Steven Crowder Confronts Journalist Over Her Unethical Reporting on Him and It Doesn’t Go Well for Her.

Read the whole thing.

NOT THAT ONE; THE OTHER ONE: Today is George Bush’s Birthday.

Some will protest and say, that’s not true, the president’s birthday was July 6. But we’re not talking about the same person, apparently. Nor his father. Because this George Bush turns only 15 today.

The George Bush I have in mind is not the one whose full name is George Walker Bush, nor the one whose full name is George Herbert Walker Bush, but the one whose full name is George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein (no relation to Saddam). And this George Bush was born in Baghdad on July 11, 2003.

We were welcomed as liberators — and do read the whole thing.


Obama said yesterday, “For once solidly middle-class families in advanced economies like the United States, these trends have meant greater economic insecurity, especially for those who don’t have specialized skills, people who were in manufacturing, people working in factories, people working on farms.” Had he focused on this more during his presidency, would Hillary Clinton have lost?

Obama lamented, “In the West, you’ve got far-right parties that oftentimes are based not just on platforms of protectionism and closed borders, but also on barely hidden racial nationalism.” Would those parties have flourished if the Barack Obamas and Angela Merkels of the world had taken citizens’ demands for border security and carefully scrutinized immigration more seriously? How much faith was lost in U.S. immigration controls when the 9/11 hijackers, the Boston Marathon bombers, and the San Bernardino terrorists entered the country legally? Is anyone surprised that many Germans bristled when Merkel decided, unilaterally, to allow in more than 1 million migrants — many of them fleeing the wars in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan?

Read the whole thing.

GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Chief Content Officer Isaac Lee Out at Univision.

History will remember that Lee’s tenure at Univision began as Vice President of its news division, and that his first major splash as such was to greenlight the despicable effort to blackmail U.S. Senator Marco Rubio into appearing on the network (for the purpose of being browbeat on immigration by Jorge Ramos) in exchange for killing a story that suggested he profited from his brother-in-law’s narcotics enterprise. In the 1980s. As a teenager. (Politico’s Marc Caputo, then with the Miami Herald, covered the story, and his summary can be found here.)

On Lee’s watch, Univision’s news operation would increasingly turn to an activism-based model of reporting where immigration reigned supreme, and took it upon itself to enforce the notion that a belief in immigration policy was somehow a central tenet of the Hispanic ethnopolitical identity. I submit Jorge Ramos’ contemptuous opinion column cheering Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s defeat in the 2016 presidential primary as an example of the sort of openly partisan behavior that Lee indulged at Univision, which culminated in a massive loss of credibility after the 2016 presidential election.

Read the whole thing.


It helps, too, if your point of arrival in the US isn’t California, where a ragtag pro-Hillary resistance movement remains active. Instead, I flew direct to Dallas before commencing a forensic multistate listening tour through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

As it happens, all of those states voted for Trump. But their larger cities tended to side with Clinton, so a certain balance was available. If people from either side of the alleged Trump divide wished to speak out, I was there to hear them.

Except that nobody wanted to talk about Trump, Clinton or politics in general. This wasn’t due to apathy or lack of engagement. It was because there are more interesting topics of conversation, such as, well, just about everything. Work. Family. Sport. Music. Weather. Cars. Food. The semi-trailer carrying a few tons of bourbon that crashed and caught fire on the interstate. You know, topics people care about outside of election years.

Read the whole thing, although it isn’t entirely surprising to find that people who aren’t obsessed with politics aren’t obsessed with politics.

SETTING A BLOODY CENTURY IN MOTION: One hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks’ slaughter of the Romanovs prefigured seven decades of Communist tyranny.

Read the whole thing.

ROGER SIMON: Putin Summit May Prove to Be Trump’s Finest Hour.

Read the whole thing.

RICHARD FERNANDEZ: Worldwide Elites Still Don’t Understand Why They Keep Losing. “Yet so far the liberal world order has made no serious intellectual effort to understand the Wave, leaving the task to late-night comedians. They have preferred to depict it as the product of subhuman, bigoted minds whose feeble arguments can be contemptuously dismissed by symbolically floating rubber blimps over London; or by falling back on explanations such as Nazism, despite the fact we are in the wrong century, without a recent world war, in the middle of an economic boom and the beneficiaries of too many decades of politically correct instruction for that thesis to be easily accepted.”

Read the whole thing.

ROGER SIMON SPOTS THE TELL: Peter Strzok’s Smirk Said He Was Lying.

Read the whole thing.


And, as Aldous shows, Schlesinger’s case is especially problematic because his prominence and political engagement often diminished his credibility, rendering even the most serious writing suspect. In 1957 a critic used the term “hagiography” to describe Schlesinger’s first book on FDR. Similar assessments, such as “court historian,” would dog Schlesinger for the rest of his life. Christopher Hitchens, for example, described Schlesinger’s book on the Kennedy presidency, A Thousand Days (1965), as “the founding breviary of the cult of JFK.”

Schlesinger wouldn’t, or couldn’t, disprove such characterizations. A Thousand Days offers breathless puerilities that a stern editor would have removed from a high school valedictory speech. Kennedy, we are told, “gave the world for an imperishable moment the vision of a leader who greatly understood the terror and the hope, the diversity and the possibility, of life on this planet and who made people look beyond nation and race to the future of humanity.” Having made the Kennedy family’s political success his abiding concern after Dallas, Schlesinger would later contend that those who thought about Mary Jo Kopechne’s drowning in just the right way would ultimately realize that it was one more reason to vote for Ted Kennedy in a presidential election:

Ever since Chappaquiddick, he has been spending his life trying to redeem himself for those hours of panic. He has become ever more serious, more senatorial, more devoted to the public good. I think this ceaseless effort at self-redemption may be for Teddy Kennedy what polio was for FDR.*

One can be a scholar. One can, out of careerism or conviction, be a publicist. But ultimately one must choose between those professions. The large but finite reservoir of prestige Schlesinger filled as a historian was drained dangerously low by his determination to interpret every political event he commented on as a vindication of liberalism and its leaders. Nor could Schlesinger and his defenders really be surprised, given the frequency and zeal of his advocacy, that the people who came to read his historical writings as part of this life-long political project strongly suspected that the entire oeuvre had the heft and reliability of a collection of press releases.

Read the whole thing. To be fair, Schlesinger’s version of Whig history — that mankind’s tumultuous past was ultimately redeemed by the 20th century arrival of the “Progressives,” the New Deal, FDR, JFK, and the creation of a benign liberal postwar Europe, is much more pleasant than the Black Armband History that the PC left would replace it with by the late 1980s and 1990s.

* Charles Pierce, call your office.

QUESTION ASKED: Did FBI get bamboozled by multiple versions of Trump dossier?

John Solomon:

We know from public testimony that dossier author and former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele shared his findings with the FBI in summer and fall 2016 before he was terminated as a confidential source for inappropriate media contacts.

And we learned that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) provided a copy to the FBI after the November 2016 election — out of a sense of duty, his office says.

Now, memos the FBI is turning over to Congress show the bureau possessed at least three versions of the dossier and its mostly unverified allegations of collusion.

Each arrived from a different messenger: McCain, Mother Jones reporter David Corn, Fusion GPS founder (and Steele boss) Glenn Simpson.

That revelation is in an email that disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok wrote to FBI executives around the time BuzzFeed published a version of the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

“Our internal system is blocking the site,” Strzok wrote of the document posted on BuzzFeed. “I have the PDF via iPhone but it’s 25.6MB. Comparing now. The set is only identical to what McCain had. (it has differences from what was given to us by Corn and Simpson.)”

The significance of Strzok’s email is obvious to investigators who reviewed it in recent days. The FBI is supposed to be immune to manipulation by circular information flows, especially with sensitive investigations such as evaluating whether a foreign power tampered with an American election.

Yet, in this case, the generally same information kept walking through the FBI’s door for months — recycled each time by a new character with ties to Hillary Clinton or hatred for Trump — until someone decided they had to act.

Read the whole thing.

Although perhaps the more pertinent question is: Did the FBI want to get bamboozled by multiple versions of Trump dossier?

SPENGLER: Germany lines up with China in trade war.

Houston, we’ve got a problem. Forget about Harley-Davidson. Some of the world’s most powerful industrial firms have just given China a gigantic vote of confidence.

BMW will expand its joint venture with Brilliance Auto to produce 519,000 vehicles a year. It also set up a joint venture with produce an electric version of the Mini together with Great Wall Auto. And it agreed to buy $4.7 billion worth of batteries from Chinese producer CATL, which just announced a new plant in southern Germany. Volkswagen earlier this year announced that it would invest $18 billion in China by 2022 and construct six plants to build electric vehicles. Oh, and BMW will move some of its SUV production out of its South Carolina plant in response to auto tariffs.

Daimler will start to test self-driving cars in Beijing. China’s new cities are designed to accommodate self-driving cars, unlike older American cities. Chemical giant BASF will spend $10 billion on a second giant facility in China. And Siemens will develop gas turbines together with China’s State Power Investment Co.

None of this is good news for the United States.

Read the whole thing.


Read the whole thing.


One in antiquity was known as the base populism. It involved the unfettered urban “mob,” or what the Athenians disapprovingly dubbed the ochlos and the Romans disparagingly called the turba. Such popular movements were spearheaded by the so-called demagogoi (“leaders of the people”) or in Roman times the more radical popular tribunes.

These were largely urban movements. Protesters focused on the redistribution of property, radical democratization, taxes on the wealthy, the cancellation of debts, vast increases in public entitlements, and civic employment. The French Revolution and European upheavals of 1848 reflect some of the same themes. Today, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Bernie Sanders phenomenon all stand in the same current. Often, urban intellectuals, aristocrats, and elites—from the patrician Roman Republican street agitator Publius Clodius Pulcher and the Jacobin Maximilien Robespierre, to present-day billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer—have sought to assist the urban protesters. Perhaps these gentleman- agitators thought they could offer money, prestige, or greater wisdom, thereby channeling and elevating shared populist agendas.

The antithesis to such radical populism was likely thought by ancient conservative historians to be the “good” populism of the past—and what the contemporary media might call the “bad” populism of the present: the push-back of small property owners and the middle classes against the power of oppressive government, steep taxation, and internationalism, coupled with unhappiness over imperialism and foreign wars and a preference for liberty rather than mandated equality. Think of the second century B.C. Gracchi brothers rather than Juvenal’s “bread-and-circuses” imperial Roman underclass, the American rather than the French Revolution, or the Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street.

And note this:

So Trump was a populist nemesis visited upon the hubris of the coastal culture. When he took on “fake news,” when he tweeted over the “crooked” media, when he railed about “globalists,” when he caricatured Washington politicians—and ranted non-stop, shrilly, and crudely—a third of the country felt that at last they had a world-beater who wished to win ugly rather than, as in the case of John McCain or Mitt Romney, lose nobly. As a neighbor put it to me of Trump’s opponents, “They all have it coming.”

Read the whole thing.

IDENTITY POLITICS CLAIMS ANOTHER NEWSROOM:  Conservative columnist has her article deleted at Business Insider after her defense of casting Scarlett Johnansson as a trans man.

But there’s an inescapable irony here: the initial column was deemed objectionable and removed, according to testimony gathered by the Daily Beast, because employees were offended by it and because it didn’t meet BI’s “editorial standards.” BI’s editors, though, in the view of the offended staff, don’t meet their own standards—they’re not diverse enough or from enough marginalized communities to make decisions about potentially sensitive content. The menace of identity politics appears to have claimed another newsroom.

Beyond the hate crime of casting Johansson as a trans man, there’s also her long-running role as Natasha Romanova, aka Black Widow in the Marvel Avengers movies. As Sonny Bunch of the Washington Free Beacon joked when the former story first broke,  “It has come to my attention that Scarlett Johansson has been playing a Russian-born spy for years despite not having been born in Russia. Will update as more info comes to light.”

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Update: At Hot Air, John Sexton notes that as part of their new “editorial standards,” The social justice warriors at the newly Uber-woke and utterly non-self-aware Business Insider also banned the use of the phrase “social justice warriors.”


But if many of today’s Russians have little contact with ethnic minorities . . . it’s partially because previous Soviet leaders put a lot of effort into arranging that! The involuntary resettlement of ethnic minorities in the early decades of the Soviet Union is a collection of horror stories, as the new Communist masters in Moscow forced entire populations from their homes with no warning and shoved them halfway across a continent, often wiping away all traces of the preceding culture.

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YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Robin Wright Had No Idea About Kevin Spacey, Honest.

Savannah Guthrie asks a good question here: “Was there any kind of red flag or anything that would’ve made you think this is possible?” I know, right? How could a woman work that closely with a man for so many years and claim to have no idea he was a serial sexual predator?

* * * * * * * *

I don’t believe for one second that these two women had no idea what was going on right under their noses. Even if it didn’t happen to them, even if they didn’t witness it personally, they had to know what was going on. It’s called an “open secret” for a reason. But they kept their mouths shut because they wanted to keep working. And now they’re claiming they had no idea, because they want to keep working.

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ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: It’s Stephen King’s Turn to Get Eaten by the Left.

Stephen King, one of the more obnoxiously lefty celebs whose writing skills had deserted him years ago, tried to suggest a ceasefire for the Fourth.

“Progressives, go find a Trump supporting friend–the one you haven’t spoken to since November of 2016–and give him or her a hug. Trumpies, find a “liberal snowflake” friend and do the same. Just for today, let’s all be Americans.”

It’s a nice enough sentiment. It wouldn’t have been all that extraordinary a generation ago. But this time around it unleashed a howling mob of lefties lecturing King about his “privilege” and putting out the usual twaddle about how Trump’s very existence is endangering their lives. Or the lives of all the oppressed people they know.

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GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Intersectional Bookstore Comes to a Dead End.

One piece of merchandise carried a label that read “Trigger warning: gendered and patriarchal language.” The offending verbiage? Instructions for using a feminine-hygiene product.

I attempted to make a small purchase but didn’t have any cash. A sign at the counter declared: “Due to patriarchy we require a $5 minimum on all debit/credit card purchases.” I left empty-handed. A few weeks later, the store announced it was closing: “Patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism cannot be reformed and ever serve the people. Abolition is the goal.” The final statement doesn’t mention women.

Last Monday, University of Toronto psychologist Jordan Peterson came to Portland as part of his tour to promote “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” Some 50 protesters stood outside the theater accusing him of “transphobia” and misogyny. Their signs—one of them read “infinite genders”—reminded me of the bookstore. One protester told me she was shocked that so many women came to hear Mr. Peterson speak: “It’s just disgusting!” Sure enough, inside were many women, including women of color.

Mr. Peterson has 12 rules, compared with In Other Words’ seven. Perhaps the bookstore would have survived if it had followed Mr. Peterson’s Rule No. 6: “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”

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Elsewhere in the intersection of bookstores and the angry left, “Bookstore owner calls police after customer confronted Steve Bannon:”

A Richmond, Va., bookstore owner said he called the police on Saturday after former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon was confronted in his store.

Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that a woman called Bannon a “piece of trash.”

The woman then left the store after Cooke said he called 911.

“Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business. I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. And I said, ‘I’m going to call the police if you don’t,’ and I went to call the police and she left,” Cooke said. “And that’s the end of the story.”

Bannon grew up in Richmond, the newspaper noted.

The Richmond Police Department confirmed the call was made but the call was canceled before officers responded.

“We are a bookshop. Bookshops are all about ideas and tolerating different opinions and not about verbally assaulting somebody, which is what was happening,” Cooke said.

Bannon joins a growing list of political figures associated with President Trump who have been confronted in public in recent weeks.

Naturally in response to a bookstore owner trying to create a safe space for all of his customers, Philippe Reines, the Hillary Clinton staffer who stood in for Trump during Hillary’s debate prep, tweeted out the owner’s name, the store’s physical and email address and its phone number, in order to sic the leftwing outrage mob on the store.

HMMMM: The Next American Revolution: #WalkAway.

Democrats who believe that they have a permanent hold on the African-American vote should take a look at how these voters view their position on immigration. A recent Harvard-Harris survey found that African-Americans are the racial group most opposed to unlimited immigration. Whereas 79 percent of whites want to prioritize legal immigrants based on what they can contribute to our society, fully 85 percent of African-Americans hold that view. A party that advocates open borders and the abolition of ICE is going to get fewer and fewer of their votes.

The Democrats are in denial on this as well. They obviously believe that constantly accusing President Trump and his supporters of racism will somehow keep African-Americans on the liberal plantation. These people evidently failed to notice that, after Kanye West signaled his affinity for the President, a Reuters survey found that Trump’s support among African-American men doubled. This isn’t a huge number. But it won’t take a very large number of electoral defections to assure the death of the Democratic Party. But the Democrats and their media enablers remain in denial. As the Post writer quoted above confidently assures us:

There’s little actual evidence to suggest that #WalkAway represents a mass conversion… the#WalkAway hashtag is going Conservative Internet viral on the same hope driving recent pro-Trump support of Kanye West: that the country is on the verge of a mass conversion to conservative thought, a Great Awakening of sorts.

What this young lady, and the political party for which she shills, won’t see is what the Pew survey all but shouts at them. A “Great Awakening” isn’t required. All that is needed is about 5 percent more African-Americans to vote Republican and another 5 to 10 percent to simply stay home. And once they kick the Democrat habit, they won’t backslide. As Candace Owens puts it, paraphrasing Harriet Tubman, “I’ve seen black liberals go conservative, but never seen a black conservative go liberal.” So, let’s hope the Democrats and the “news” media keep dismissing #WalkAway. That means, to quote Reagan, “We win, they lose.”

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The Brooklyn rally is almost indistinguishable from the Manhattan one. We chant more about resisting. Local politicians champion minority communities in the Bronx and Queens. I miss Al Sharpton’s speech by a few minutes—but I hear he said the sorts of things Al Sharpton says.

Rise up. Resist.

I find a park bench after gulping from a park water fountain. Soon a woman sits down next to me. Her name is Maria, and she tells me she’s been an activist for a long time. Her graying hair her tells me that could mean decades.

“But I’m not a revolutionary by any means,” Maria tells me. “I made my own sign, see?”

It reads: “Walk in another’s shoes.”

Maria explains that she comes from a family of Trump voters, but isn’t one herself. She just wants to love people. She’s talkative and kind—in my sunstroked haze, I feel like I’m making a friend.

“Can I tell you a secret?” she asks, beckoning me with a whisper.

“Yeah of course.”

She gestures at the loudspeakers on the lawn and sighs.

“None of this is new. This is just the same old stuff they told us to chant in the sixties—and nothing changed then either.”

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NEW YORK TIMES’ EDITORIAL BOARD: LET’S HAVE A GANG WAR! “Remember the good old days when the Left pretended to worry about ‘eliminationist rhetoric’? Now, they don’t even pretend to worry about a Bernie Sanders volunteer trying to murder Republican Congressmen…Perhaps the politest thing we can say about the New York Times editorialists is that they talk like people who have lost the argument.”

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EVERYTHING SEEMINGLY IS SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: Things Are Getting Better, So Why Are We All So Gloomy? Why are we so willing to believe in doomsday scenarios that virtually never materialize?

The bookshops are groaning under ziggurats of pessimism. The airwaves are crammed with doom. In my own adult lifetime, I have listened to the implacable predictions of growing poverty, coming famines, expanding deserts, imminent plagues, impending water wars, inevitable oil exhaustion, mineral shortages, falling sperm counts, thinning ozone, acidifying rain, nuclear winters, mad-cow epidemics, Y2K computer bugs, killer bees, sex-change fish, global warming, ocean acidification and even asteroid impacts that would presently bring this happy interlude to a terrible end. I cannot recall a time when one or other of these scares was not solemnly espoused by sober, distinguished and serious elites and hysterically echoed by the media. I cannot recall a time when I was not being urged by somebody that the world could only survive if it abandoned the foolish goal of economic growth. The fashionable reason for pessimism changed, but the pessimism was constant. In the 1960s the population explosion and global famine were top of the charts, in the 1970s the exhaustion of resources, in the 1980s acid rain, in the 1990s pandemics, in the 2000s global warming. One by one these scares came and (all but the last) went.

Since snowfalls are now just a thing of the past, read the whole thing.

(Classical reference in headline.)

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: Who Killed the Center-Left? “The politicians supportive of illegal immigration,” Matthew Continetti writes in the Washington Free Beacon:

If there is a common denominator to these electoral shakeups, it is the politics of migration. The overthrown establishments all benefited from the economics of illegal immigration and used migrants as chits in a humanitarian sweepstakes in which the leader who signals the most virtue wins. Migration became a symbol for the “flat world” of globalization where not just people but also cultures, goods, and investments flowed freely, borders had little meaning, and sovereignty was pooled upwards to transnational bureaucracy as identity was reduced to racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual characteristics. The fantastic wealth produced by the global marketplace enriched the center-left to such a degree that its adherents became walled off from the material, social, and cultural concerns of the working people they professed to represent. And so middle-class workers who believe a country’s leadership ought to be accountable to a country’s citizens went elsewhere—devastating the ranks of the center left and creating a vacuum for the neo-socialists of the twenty-first century.

Read the whole thing. Continetti’s paragraph quoted above also dovetails with an observation Jonah Goldberg made in his new book, Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy: 

Intellectuals surely have a financial motive in arguing for a system in which intellectuals would run things, but they also have a psychological one. That desire is often the more important one. Marx wanted to be the high priest of a new world order, but he didn’t necessarily want to be rich. We are wired to want to have higher status than others. We are also wired to resent those who we believe have undeservedly higher status than we do. Intellectuals and artistic elites have heaped scorn on other elites— the wealthy, the military, the bourgeois, the Church— for centuries.

[Joseph] Schumpeter’s analysis was deeply influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of ressentiment, laid out in his On the Genealogy of Morals. Ressentiment, in Nietzsche’s highly literary telling, is the process by which priests use their skills to redefine the culture’s idea of what is virtuous in order to undermine the power of knights, i.e., the ruling nobility. The knights are non-intellectual men of action who hold more power than the priests, and the priests hate them for it. Thus, according to Nietzsche, Christianity elevated the meek and denigrated the powerful (just as Marx lionized labor and demonized entrepreneurs). It’s much more complicated than that—Nietzsche always is—but Schumpeter took this framework and applied it to capitalism over time.

There is one very common—if not quite universal—universal—thing that unites these different kinds of “priests”: They tend to come from the ranks of the bourgeois and the very wealthy themselves. There’s something about growing up prosperous that causes people not only to take prosperity for granted but to resent the prosperous. “It wasn’t the children of auto workers who pulled up the paving stones on the Left Bank in 1968,” writes Deirdre McCloskey. “The most radical environmentalists and anti-globalists nowadays are socialist children of capitalist parents.”

See also: Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria.

DAILY CALLER: Marxists And Extreme Radicals Seek To Take Over The Democratic Party.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez said the 28-year-old socialist “represents the future of our party” on Tuesday.

What Perez didn’t mention is that the group behind “the future” of the Democratic Party is teeming with radicals openly dedicated to dismantling and overturning the economic and social foundations of the United States.

“As a DSA chapter co-chair I just wanna set the record straight for a minute: communism is good,” Portland DSA co-chair Olivia Katbi Smith wrote on June 30. Other DSA chairs quickly followed her lead.

The DSA’s Charlottesville chair quoted Smith’s tweet and wrote, “as a DSA chapter co-chair, I would like to cosign this pro-communist statement.” DSA chairs in Seattle and Hudson County, New Jersey added their support as well.

The tweets were first pointed out by Far-Left Watch, a website that tracks left-wing extremism.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the DSA for a statement on the chairs’ endorsement of communism, as well as for clarification of the DSA’s position on communism, but a DSA spokesperson declined the request.

A deeper look into the beliefs of the DSA’s members reveals that a communist faction isn’t an outlier in the group.

Members of the DSA espouse a kind of radicalism that has not been represented in mainstream American politics for generations.

A review of various subgroups, or caucuses, within the DSA and statements by its members show an organization more closely aligned with extreme Marxist views rather than Nordic social democracies.

The constitution of the DSA proclaims its members are “socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit, alienated labor, gross inequalities of wealth and power.”

Ocasio-Cortez is a dues-paying member of the DSA’s New York City arm, which demanded an end to national borders and private profit during a June 29 march — just three days after her victory.

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ROGER SIMON: Why Maxine Waters Is Going Crazy.

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SARAH HOYT: Conceived in Liberty.

It’s Sarah Hoyt, so read the whole thing.

FOR THE FOURTH: HE’S A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. “Cagney: hoofer, political changer. An original all the way. Happy Fourth to you all!

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DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: What if We Treated Public Schools as Monopolies? If monopolies are bad, then public schooling is possibly the worst kind of monopoly.

Many of my friends who defend public education are also the political type who are very worried about monopolies. They often point to the damage that companies with large market shares—think Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Google—can do. These friends point out how these companies’ large market presence allows them to squeeze out competitors, exploit employees, and hold customers captive.

Those points, of course, are debatable, but what really troubles me is that while these friends decry monopolies in commerce, they defend a huge monopoly: public schools. All the same criticisms should apply—but never seem to.

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ROGER SIMON: Make Politics Local for the Fourth of July.

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AS A FORMER MEMBER OF NASA’S PLANETARY PROTECTION SUBCOMMITTEE, I AGREE: Report recommends NASA revise its planetary protection policies.

The report, prepared by a committee of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine at the request of NASA and published July 2, found that existing policies developed for the Apollo lunar landings and the Viking missions to Mars decades ago don’t fit more advanced missions under development, including Mars sample return and exploration of “ocean worlds” in the outer solar system.

Those policies are intended in part to comply with Article 9 of the Outer Space Treaty, which requires countries to avoid “harmful contamination and also adverse changes in the environment of the Earth resulting from the introduction of extraterrestrial matter.” NASA developed policies to avoid contamination of potentially habitable worlds by its spacecraft, and to avoid contaminating the Earth’s environment with any materials those spacecraft return.

The committee concluded that while the central tenets of planetary protection policy, including its basis in the Outer Space Treaty and use of international cooperation, remain viable today, “the current planetary protection policy development process is inadequate to respond to progressively more complex solar system exploration missions, especially in an environment of significant programmatic constraints.”

Read the whole thing. We don’t want potentially-dangerous organisms traveling in either direction.