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ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: Twitter CEO Caves To Liberal Backlash, Says He Was Wrong To Eat Chick-Fil-A.

Which seems odd, considering the good work they’ve done during crises. “Chick fil A employees in Orlando showed up for work on Sunday, departing from the normal hours the fast food chain keeps in order to prepare food for first responders and people donating blood to victims of the shooting at gay nightclub Pulse,” USA Today reported. In December, the chain’s restaurant in the Atlanta airport opened Sunday due to the “massive power outage at the airport, [when] restaurant employees came to the rescue for thousands of stranded — and hungry — travelers,” a local TV affiliate reported.

One of the leftists attacking Jack Dorsey was Democratic operative with a byline Soledad O’Brien. “Don’t look now, but Soledad O’Brien has a Chick-fil-A problem of her own,” Twitchy notes.

STEPHEN CARTER MADE A SIMILAR POINT RECENTLY: The Democrats’ God Gap: “I caught up today on the results of a fascinating Pew Research Center survey of faith in America. There’s a big ‘God gap’ between Republicans and Democrats — 70 percent of Republicans believe in the God of the Bible compared with 45 percent of Democrats — but there’s an even larger God gap within the Democratic party. Only 32 percent of white Democrats believe in the God of the Bible, compared with 61 percent of nonwhite Democrats — an almost 30-point gap. . . . Spend much time in secular progressive circles and you’ll quickly encounter the kind of sneering, anti-Christian elitism evident in pieces such as the recent New Yorker screed against Chick-fil-A. But this culture is fundamentally at odds with the lived experience of the Democratic party’s black and Latino base.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, IGNORANT RACISM EDITION: Student blasts ‘pale faces’ in pro-life movement.

Reminder: “In short, if you find Christian traditionalism creepy, it’s black people you’re talking about.”

STEPHEN L. CARTER: The Ugly Coded Critique of Chick-Fil-A’s Christianity: The fast-food chain’s “infiltration” of New York City ignores the truth about religion in America. It also reveals an ugly narrow-mindedness.

What the author really seems angry about is that the company’s CEO opposes same-sex marriage. But the framing of the piece made Christianity the villain, and the headline — “Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City” — was sufficiently troubling that Nate Silver quickly tweeted “This is why Trump won.” Fair point. Religious bigotry is always dangerous. But there’s a deeper problem here, a difficulty endemic to today’s secular left: an all-too-frequent weird refusal to acknowledge the demographics of Christianity. When you mock Christians, you’re not mocking who you think you are.

A 2015 Pew Research Center study of race and ethnicity among U.S. religions provides some basic facts. In the first place, if you’re mocking Christians, you’re mostly mocking women, because women are more likely than men to be Christians. The greatest disproportion is found among black Christians, of whom only 41 percent are male. So you’re mocking black women in particular.

Overall, people of color are more likely than whites to be Christians — and pretty devout Christians at that. Some 83 percent of all black Americans are absolutely certain that God exists. No other group comes close to this figure. Black Christians are far more likely than white Christians (84 percent to 64 percent) to describe religion as very important in their lives. Of all ethnic groups, black Christians are the most likely to attend services, pray frequently and read the Bible regularly. They are also — here’s the kicker — most likely to believe that their faith is the place to look for answers to questions about right and wrong. And they are, by large margins, the most likely to believe that the Bible is the literally inerrant word of God. In short, if you find Christian traditionalism creepy, it’s black people you’re talking about.

To be fair, we expect unconscious racism from The New Yorker.


  1. Now Starbucks is saying this was all contrary to their policy and, presumably, anyone who wants to sit in their shops and not order anything and use the bathrooms has the right to do so as long as they like.
  2. Starbucks, in other words, has just announced its stores are not stores primarily, but are now privately-funded shelters and bathroom facilities for the homeless. You don’t have to spend a slim dime in the store to sit as long as you please and use the bathrooms.
  3. That’ll be great for Starbucks’ business. Their yuppie douchebag clientele love the homeless in the abstract, but we’ll see how much they appreciate their coffee shops being jammed with them, close-up-like, occupying most tables and chairs.
  4. I don’t even want to defend Starbucks; I want them to have the full taste of Social Justice Warrior progressivism. If this is the company’s ideology, then they should live that ideology to the full.

Read the whole thing.

Live by Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, die by it as well.  I don’t think Starbucks realizes what they’ve let themselves in for after years of leftwing virtue signaling. As Noah Rothman writes at Commentary in a post titled “Eating Their Own,” Starbucks’ management brought much of the ongoing fury on themselves via their own virtue signaling and speaking in SJW pieties:

Rosalind Brewer, Starbucks COO and a young African-American woman, called the incident a “teachable moment for all of us” and recommended “unconscious-bias” training for every Starbucks staffer. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson joined ABC’s “Good Morning America” to personally apologize to the men involved in this incident when protesters interrupted his appearance. “A whole lot of racism, a whole lot of crap, Starbucks coffee is anti-black,” they chanted. You can’t blame these demonstrators for noticing that the terms of engagement had broadened significantly.

* * * * * * * *

It is easy to see why this kind of activism is more satisfying than, say, going on about Chick-Fil-A’s Christian values. Despite a six-year-long liberal campaign dedicated to educating the public on the deliciousness of its products, the benefits and time off afforded its employees, and franchising opportunities in underserved urban markets, this chain just keeps on expanding. Imagine that. Routinely rebuffed assaults on a fortified position are exhausting. They are nowhere near as rewarding as a direct attack on a receptive target that yields a quick and gratifying victory. That explains why social justice activists are increasingly focused on exacting concessions from like minds: young adult novelists, liberal filmmakers, Hollywood executives, painters, restauranteurs, university professors and administrators, socially conscious corporations, and the left-of-center politicians who have folded these activists into their core constituencies.

These intramural feuds are transforming the progressive movement from within, but it’s not clear that the social-justice movement has secured anything other than the illusion of efficacy.

By appeasing the mob, Starbucks’ management have walked into a box canyon. Get woke, go broke? It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.


● Shot: Why aren’t more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposing party?

—Jonathan Chait of the Chick-fil-A-hating New Yorker, today.

● Chaser: ‘WTF’? Protesters at Philly Starbucks show how NOT to win hearts and minds.

Twitchy, today.

Local Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, left, stands inside a Starbucks, Sunday April 15, 2018, demanding the firing of the manager who called police resulting the arrest of two black men on Thursday. The arrests were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. (AP photo and caption.)

Shades of Occupy Wall Street terrorizing minimum wage bank tellers in 2011 because they hated Citibank for some reason. As Stephen Miller tweets today, in his “Extreme Attenborough voice, ‘Very rarely is the subconscious transformation of a live specimen into Trump voter ever caught on film in the wild, so this is such a rare special treat to behold.’”

Oh, and since we’ve already had the shot and chaser, we might as well have the hangover:

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said Monday he will require store managers to undergo training to address “unconscious bias” after the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia location sparked online outrage and protests.

That seems so odd — it was just three years ago that Johnson’s predecessor assured us that Starbucks’ employees would be missionaries tasked with immanentizing the eschaton by enlightening their customers on all issues race-related.

Twitchy notes that on Twitter, “Photo of Philly Starbucks protester with megaphone kicks off caption contest.”  Share yours in the comments below.

THE LEFT’S HATRED ONLY WITHERS THEMSELVES:  “Hate Chicken” and “Cow Shadenfreude”: The New Yorker Takes Aim At Chick-fil-A.

IT’S COME TO THIS: New Yorker Columnist: Chick-Fil-A Is Evil And Must Be Banned From Our Holy City.

OIKOPHOBIA ON THE RISE AFTER TRUMP WIN: New Yorker: Chick-Fil-A Is ‘Creepy,’ ‘Pervasive’ for Being Christian.

Iowahawk advises that Manhattan’s only hope is to “build a wall to keep out those icky foreigners.”

(Classical reference in headline.)

UPDATE: Rod Dreher rhetorically asks, “Would the New Yorker have published a piece critical of a fast-food chain owned by pious Muslims, characterizing their appearance in New York City as an ‘infiltration,’ and saying that because of its ownership, the restaurants do ‘not quite belong here’? Of course it wouldn’t. So why do they single out Evangelicals for this spiteful treatment? I think we know the answer, but I wish editors at the magazine would ask themselves this question.”

They’re too busy still trying to figure out what happened in November of 2016. But the New Yorker’s self-parody today is also a reminder of how accurate Ted Cruz’s “New York values” quip during the campaign was.


DON SURBER: Hollywood, Trumped. “So Hollywood bravely took on President Trump this year, spurning and mocking the choice of the people of more states than anyone had won since Reagan was president. And this year, lefties mocked the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. . . . Naturally, if middle-class Americans like something — Chick-fil-A, Velveeta, Donald Trump — lefties gotta hate it.”

IT’S A BADLY RUN AIRPORT IN A BADLY RUN CITY, BUT THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED: Atlanta Airport Blackout Sends Message to Terrorists: America Is Unprepared: A single-point failure makes the world’s busiest airport go dark for hours and traps thousands of passengers. It’s what phase one of an attack could look like.. “There has never been a single-point failure of this magnitude in any major airport in the U.S. All the essential systems seem to have lacked backup—or, in the language of the bureaucrats, redundancy.”

Meanwhile, who did come through in a crisis? Chik-Fil-A.

SERVICE WITH A SMILE (AND A SIDE OF JET SKIS): Elderly Houston Couple Rescued After Ordering Lunch And A BOAT From Chick-Fil-A.

I had been assured that Chick-Fil-A seasoned their food with hate.

IF YOU STRIKE ME DOWN . . . Chick-Fil-A Generates Most Revenue Per Restaurant In US.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Today’s Posh Victorian Fainting Couches Are Reserved For College Students.

Related: University Students: Chik-Fil-A Makes Us Feel Unsafe.


MESSAGE TO THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: You’re six inches from declaring Chick-fil-A a hate crime. We’ll let you know when we care what you think.

Even funnier is that the SPLC seems to have blocked him for that tweet.

FLASHBACK:  “It’s really amazing how liberals are finding a way to blame Christians for the actions of the Orlando terrorist, who was, 1) gay, 2) Muslim, 3) Democrat, and 4) racist. But then that’s what they did that time when a crazed liberal gay activist tried to shoot up the Family Research Council. Remember that? He literally said he wanted to kill everyone and then ‘smear Chick-Fil-A in the victim’s faces’… So when gay liberal Muslims kill gays, it’s our fault, and also when a gay liberal tries to kill Christians, it’s our fault. I guess they’re consistent?”

As Jonah Goldberg wrote yesterday, there’s a reason why “Orlando Shooting Reaction Has the Feel of Eternal Recurrence.”

NEW PURITANISM UPDATE: Mayor who waged war on salt, sodas succeeded by mayor who tells citizens where they shouldn’t eat. “Champion of the common man de Blasio isn’t hesitating from telling the citizens where not to eat, but not for health reasons. Rather, de Blasio told New York magazine that he would not be patronizing the first Chick-fil-A franchises to open within city limits, and he urged citizens to follow his lead.”

In 2008, when the L.A. city council proposed banning smoking outdoors, raconteur, bon vivant and then-PJ Media contributor Rich Miniter wrote, “In the 1950s, the most puritanical place in America was somewhere in Kansas. Today it is Los Angeles.”

But in the years since, close-minded prudishness has certainly spread to plenty other blue state alcoves. Or as Iowahawk tweets, “It’s getting hard to tell who the fundamentalist Puritan preachers are anymore.”

EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY: Charles Koch has an oped in the Washington Post, “This is the One Issue Where Bernie Sanders is Right.

As he campaigns for the Democratic nomination for president, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) often sounds like he’s running as much against me as he is the other candidates. I have never met the senator, but I know from listening to him that we disagree on plenty when it comes to public policy. . . .

Democrats and Republicans have too often favored policies and regulations that pick winners and losers. This helps perpetuate a cycle of control, dependency, cronyism and poverty in the United States. These are complicated issues, but it’s not enough to say that government alone is to blame. Large portions of the business community have actively pushed for these policies. . . . 

Whenever we allow government to pick winners and losers, we impede progress and move further away from a society of mutual benefit. This pits individuals and groups against each other and corrupts the business community, which inevitably becomes less focused on creating value for customers. That’s why Koch Industries opposes all forms of corporate welfare — even those that benefit us. (The government’s ethanol mandate is a good example. We oppose that mandate, even though we are the fifth-largest ethanol producer in the United States.)

It may surprise the senator to learn that our framework in deciding whether to support or oppose a policy is not determined by its effect on our bottom line (or by which party sponsors the legislation), but by whether it will make people’s lives better or worse. . . .

Our criminal justice system, which is in dire need of reform, is another issue where the senator shares some of my concerns. Families and entire communities are being ripped apart by laws that unjustly destroy the lives of low-level and nonviolent offenders.

Today, if you’re poor and get caught possessing and selling pot, you could end up in jail. Your conviction will hold you back from many opportunities in life. However, if you are well-connected and have ample financial resources, the rules change dramatically. Where is the justice in that? . . .

At this point you may be asking yourself, “Is Charles Koch feeling the Bern?”


I applaud the senator for giving a voice to many Americans struggling to get ahead in a system too often stacked in favor of the haves, but I disagree with his desire to expand the federal government’s control over people’s lives. This is what built so many barriers to opportunity in the first place. . . .

I don’t expect to agree with every position a candidate holds, but all Americans deserve a president who, on balance, can demonstrate a commitment to a set of ideas and values that will lead to peace, civility and well-being rather than conflict, contempt and division. When such a candidate emerges, he or she will have my enthusiastic support.

I’ve always thought it was strange for Democrats to spend so much energy demonizing the Kochs who are, after all, libertarians who agree with the left on many social issues. Most of their non-profit spending goes to educational efforts aimed at enhancing individual liberty (which explains why they are the functional equivalent of Lucifer to liberals/progressives/totalitarians).

I guess the left needs to have its base hate someone specific who is really rich–their anti-Soros, if you will. Most of the other mega-wealthy Americans either try to stay out of the political spotlight, or they become supplicants to the political left (e.g., Bill Gates or Warren Buffett) in their attempt to ward off its ire. Just ask Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, Whole Foods, Exxon, and many other businesses that have been the subject of negative publicity and boycotts (largely unsuccessful) after they dared to defy the political left. 

POLITICIZING TAYLOR SWIFT: Erick Erickson describes Red State readers outraged over Erickson taking his ten year old daughter to see Taylor Swift. “According to the emails and tweets, it was inappropriate for me to take my child to see her favorite singer because her favorite singer is supporting a Democrat:”

I just don’t get that attitude. Why must everything be politicized? In fact, Taylor Swift did not politicize her concert. There was no Hillary for President banner anywhere. It never came up. The only people I see politicizing anything are the people who declared I should not have gone.

That must be a miserable existence. I don’t know that any television show or movie or music, except for long dead Classical composers, would be acceptable if I limited myself based on the political affiliations of performers.

Then there are the people who get upset over where you shop. I’ve been criticized before for eating at Arby’s because of positions they’ve taken. Others are enraged by Chick-Fil-A.

Personally, I think life is too short to get upset by the fact that a singer might support a politician you don’t like especially when it’s not like the singer is in your face about it. And I don’t have enough time or energy to figure out the political leanings of the various grocery stores, restaurants, and other facilities I use.

Exactly — leave the politicized life to the left, who both invented the concept and all-too-frequently wallow deeply in it; as Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard once warned, “It’s hard work, politicizing your whole life.”

CHANGE: Chick-fil-A Arrives in New York, Gays, Animal-Rights Nuts Hardest Hit.

BECAUSE DIVERSITY!:  Johns Hopkins University student government votes to ban Chick-Fil-A from its campus.  Because, you know, tasty chicken and the whole belief in God thing is a #microaggression against the LGBTQ community.

IT’S MORE FUN TO WIELD MOB JUSTICE THAN TO EXPERIENCE IT: After Berating Innocent Chick-Fil-A Worker, Many Say He’s Now Getting Exactly What He Deserves. “Former Vante CFO and treasurer, Adam Mark Smith, went from being relatively unknown to an unemployed, virally-hated man with a video he thought was taking a stand against discrimination of gays. In a YouTube video, Smith berated Chick-fil-A employee Rachel Elizabeth at the drive-thru window when she gave him, a protester, a free cup of water. . . . According to Boston News, Smith went from earning $200,000 a year, with cushy stock options valued at $1 million, to losing everything. His family even had to move into an RV.”

ADVICE ON how to protect against doxxing.

WELL, THEY’VE ALREADY GONE AFTER THE PICKUP ARTISTS, SO WHAT’S LEFT? Leftist, terrorism-inspiring Southern Poverty Law Center labels Common Core critics ‘far-right extremists.’

The SPLC is, of course, most famous because a man named Floyd Lee Corkins used an SPLC “Hate Map” to find the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, DC. He entered the headquarters lobby in August 2012 in an attempt to “to kill as many people as possible” and “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces” because he disagreed with the conservative organization about gay marriage. Corkins managed to shoot a security guard. The guard disarmed him. (RELATED: Family Research Council shooter pleads guilty)

In March, the Federal Bureau of Investigations removed links to the Southern Poverty Law Center from the civil rights division’s web page, breaking ties with the group that inspired the would-be mass shooter.

The SPLC is what it pretends to oppose, a hate group that bilks its donors by peddling conspiracy theories.

CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER: Gay New Yorkers Say ‘OK’ to Chick-fil-A.

OF COURSE THEY DID: Chick-fil-A May Not Be Welcome in Chicago, but It Just Fed Thousands of Stranded People in Alabama.


Related: Phil Robertson Returning to Duck Dynasty Episodes on January 15th.

UPDATE: Cracker Barrel vs. Duck Dynasty. “That decision appears to be backfiring for now. Chick-fil-A may get a whole lot more business from enlightened rednecks who are angry at Cracker Barrel.”

MARK HEMINGWAY: The Media’s Double Standard: Some hate crimes are less hateful than others.

The Family Research Council shooting is one of the few inarguable examples of politically motivated violence in recent years, yet looking back a year later, the incident has garnered comparatively little attention. Corkins openly admits he selected the Family Research Council because the Christian organization is one of the leading opponents of gay marriage in the country. He had Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack because the CEO of the fast-food chain was under fire for publicly supporting a biblical definition of marriage. Corkins said he planned to “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in [the] faces” of his victims as a political statement. And in case that didn’t make his motivations transparent, right before Corkins shot Leo Johnson, he told him, “I don’t like your politics.”

There are some illuminating contrasts between the media’s handling of the political dimensions of the Family Research Council shooting and the shooting of Representative Giffords. In the latter case, the media rushed to assume political motivations and were quick to blame, of all people, Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate had put out a map with crosshairs over Giffords’s congressional district as part of a list of Democratic-held seats “targeted” for defeat. But Giffords’s shooter, Jared Loughner, appears to have serious mental problems. And there is no evidence whatsoever Loughner saw this map or that allegedly violent political rhetoric—even “campaign” is a term borrowed from war—was in any way a cause of the Giffords shooting. That didn’t stop serious news organizations from lending institutional credibility to the irresponsible allegations. The Washington Post ran a story headlined “Palin caught in crosshairs map controversy after Tucson shootings.” And though Giffords was shot in January 2011, as recently as this year in an article on gun violence the New York Times saw fit to remind readers that “many criticized Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential nominee, for using cross hairs on her Web site to identify Democrats like Ms. Giffords.”

By contrast, the media handled awkwardly the revelation that Corkins admitted to plotting mass murder as a means of furthering a popular liberal cause. . . . The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was once a laudable civil rights organization that sued racists and violent extremists. Now it regularly demonizes anyone who runs afoul of its knee-jerk liberal politics, and despite this it is still regularly cited by the media as a “nonpartisan” watchdog. Some of the SPLC’s newly targeted “hate groups,” such as pickup artists, are merely kooky or distasteful. Others singled out by the SPLC, including Catholics who go to Latin mass or Christian organizations similar to the Family Research Council, are well within the mainstream. Tellingly, the SPLC doesn’t just name the Family Research Council on its website—it posts the council’s address on a “hate map.” That map is still on SPLC’s website, and the organization refused calls to take it down after the Family Research Council shooting.

Why should they? It’s doing what they want, and it’s not costing them anything.

NEWS THAT WON’T MAKE THE NEWS: Leftwing Domestic Terrorist Pleads Guilty in Family Research Council Shooting. “Floyd Corkins would be a household name by now if he attacked a liberal group. But since he was going after the Family Research Council (and Chick-Fil-a at the same time) last summer his name quickly disappeared from the headlines.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen uses this as an excuse to tout gun control. He should perhaps apologize for the hate aimed at these groups by his boss.

MICKEY KAUS: Is Starbucks A Cult?

Isn’t there something creepy about Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz having [in Politico’s words] “asked his Washington-area employees to write ‘Come Together’ on each customer cup today, tomorrow and Friday, as a gesture to urge leaders to resolve the fiscal cliff”? Did Schultz take a poll of his employees–sorry, “partners,” he calls them–before ordering pressuring asking them to join in this lobbying effort? What if he were, say, the CEO of Chick-fil-A and he “asked” his “partners” to write “Preserve the Family” on the outside of cups and containers?

That would be evil and political.

CIVILIZATION 1, VIOLENT UNION THUGS 0: Mich. governor signs anti-union bills after protests.

UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Bailey writes:

In the USA Today piece you just linked they mention the destruction of the AFP tent but go on to say that nobody was injured. Did they not hear about Stephen Crowder being assaulted? Did they not hear there were people inside the tent or have they just chosen to ignore it and misstate the fact that he was assaulted and injured. Somebody needs to set them straight. This is typical MSM lies by omission at best.

Somehow, the mistakes all seem to run in the same direction.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Paul Lewis emails:

Pure Michigan is advertising like the dickens here in SW Ohio for us to come visit them. They are on Facebook under
Pure Michigan. I just wrote them “After the union beating today of Steven Crowder, there isn’t a chance in Michigan that we will visit you guys until that Union Thug is arrested.”

Maybe a Boycott is another avenue of fed up Conservatives. The left tried it with Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s. Paybacks are, well, Michigan.

Well, to be fair, they passed the law despite the violence. But nothing wrong with leaving a note on Facebook.

21ST CENTURY PRUDERY: You Can’t Say That On The Internet:

A BASTION of openness and counterculture, Silicon Valley imagines itself as the un-Chick-fil-A. But its hyper-tolerant facade often masks deeply conservative, outdated norms that digital culture discreetly imposes on billions of technology users worldwide.

What is the vehicle for this new prudishness? Dour, one-dimensional algorithms, the mathematical constructs that automatically determine the limits of what is culturally acceptable.

Consider just a few recent kerfuffles. In early September, The New Yorker found its Facebook page blocked for violating the site’s nudity and sex standards. Its offense: a cartoon of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve’s bared nipples failed Facebook’s decency test.

That’s right — a venerable publication that still spells “re-elect” as “reëlect” is less puritan than a Californian start-up that wants to “make the world more open.”

Read the whole thing.

PAPA JOHN’S APPRECIATION DAY: Reader John Jenkins sends this report from right here in Knoxville: “I thought I’d let you know that on Friday night, we ordered Papa John’s for a family party. My wife had to send my niece into the Papa John’s on Clinton Highway, and circle the parking lot until she could come out with our order. There was no place to park and it was a complete madhouse. Not as dramatic as with Chick-fil-A, but an amazing show of support!”

JIM TREACHER: Lefties can’t learn what happens when they boycott businesses, fortunately for Papa John’s. Plus, “If this is anything like the Chick-fil-A Buycott, and you want Papa John’s for dinner, you’d better get your order in now.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: Chick-fil-A thrives despite gay rights issue. “There was a lot of talk that this would hurt Chick-fil-A, but it actually helped the brand. . . . They were saying to their core constituency: Here’s what we believe.”

CHICAGO VALUES: If “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values,” as its mayor defiantly boasted in July, are these?

NEW VERB:  TO BE “CHICK-FIL-Aed”:  William McGurn astutely observes that the continuing saga of Chick-Fil-A’s skirmish with gay rights’ forces isn’t a political fight about a controversial topic, but instead part of a larger progressive agenda to silence all opposing views.   There’s one small problem that I see with the attempt to vilify CFA:  their sandwiches–oh, the essence of pickle!– are divine.


I got a very negative email from a pundit who shall remain unnamed yesterday. I quoted Patton: “Do not take counsel of your fears.”

Some of this is coming from people who didn’t like Romney in the primaries. But I have to say, the press would be the same no matter who the GOP had nominated. This election is about Barack Obama and his disastrous record. The press wants to save him. Don’t be suckered.

UPDATE: A followup email from Sarah:

You don’t have to like Romney. You just have to like him better than Obama. Remember Heinlein said there is often no one you want to vote for but there is always someone you want to vote against. And if you don’t like him better than Obama — why not? Even if he is all you think, a squishy, soft social-democrat (I don’t think so, but you can read it that way) he’s not a hard-core Marxist Leninist. And if you think there’s no difference, you need remedial reading. I suggest The Black Book Of Communism for a start.

Glenn is absolutely right that whoever the Republicans had nominated would get this treatment. Republicans are ALWAYS evil/stupid. The difference right now seems to be the media-Democrat complex is also trying to fracture the Republican base. Maybe I’m seeing trolls under every bridge but all of a sudden, after a period of unity, there’s a lot of moaning and belly-aching about how Romney is no better than Obama. And Republicans are falling for it, even though the comments are virtually identical, word per word across the sites.

Get over it. Romney is better than Obama. He’s not ideal — who is? — but we’re not (thank heavens) a monarchy looking for a perfect king. We’re a sovereign people looking for the best of two candidates. We can’t go back to sleep after he’s elected. We have to stay awake, watch over our employee and make him fear our wrath and our firing him if he goes astray. But first we get rid of the total dud we (well, not me, but…) hired in 08. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the Tea Parties to keep Romney in line. But first I donate and I campaign so we can hire him. THEN we keep him in line.


MORE: Reader George Milonas writes:

This air of inevitably for Obama benefits Romney not Obama. Republicans are depressed for no reason. If you create the image that Obama is going to win no matter what, it’s the Democratic voter who is going to stay home figuring Obama is going to win anyway. Republicans are incredibly motivated. They’re going to vote no matter what. The Democrats won’t. I think we should lie to pollers and increase the inevitability for Obama. We’re going to show up even if there is a plague of locusts coming at us. And the truth of the matter is the only thing that matters in this election is who shows up.

I have written on that point myself. And — as things like the Chick-Fil-A affair demonstrate — the grassroots have more grit than the punditocracy and the establishment.

#EMPTYSTADIUMDAY: A reader emails: “One poster at Free Republic (ken5050) suggested that the Tea Party rent out the Bank of America Stadium for tomorrow night and hold a rally. Do you have any thoughts about who could orchestrate this? Perhaps a post on Instapundit may bring this to reality.” That’s pretty short notice, and I bet the Dems kept the ability to block something like that. But I could be wrong!

UPDATE: Reader Walter Smith writes: “So, get Mike Huckabee, and have a Chick-Fil-a, Christian music festival at a nearby stadium… Doubt the Dems would release Bank of America to be embarrassed… Go to UNCC’s stadium?”

HMM: Box office shocker. 2016 Obama’s America at #3? “This film only cost $2.5M to make and it looks like it’s going to have taken in nearly four times that amount by the time the convention kicks off. It’s a fairly remarkable story.”

80% of life, and 100% of politics, is showing up. This is more evidence of who’s showing up this year.

UPDATE: Reader Michael Ubaldi writes: “I saw it with a friend this afternoon. The theater was easily three-quarters full. We were among a handful without gray hair, but for me, the D’Souza film matters in the same way the Chick-fil-A support day did: unanticipated conservative turnout.”

AMERICA’S WEIMAR MOMENT? Reader Kevin Hedges writes:

Many years ago in an undergrad World History course, the professor asserted that German democracy died not in 1933 with Hitler becoming Chancellor but years earlier. It died when roving bands of Brown Shirts beat up Jews in the streets, and the average respectable German citizen responded by looking the other way. I am reminded of that today with the FRC shooting and the MSM pretending it didn’t happen. Leftist shootings, vandalized Chick-fil-As, Black Panthers at voting stations, many, many churches burned and vandalized, media silence and the drumbeat of hate and demonization continues. I honestly wonder if democratic pluralism is dead. Some are openly saying it is. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

No one who has attended a Tea Party rally is likely to agree. However, it’s certainly true that there are people out there who would be happy if things came to such a pass. And someday, they might. But this is not that day.

PROF. JACOBSON: SPLC’s Hatewatch Gives Cover To Hate.

UPDATE: The Hill: Shooting spurs heated debate on gay rights, ‘hate group’ label.

Related: DC Shooter Carried Chick-fil-A Bag With Him to FRC HQ – Was Volunteer at LGBT Center.

Now if he’d been a Tea Partier, it would be news. Or even if Brian Ross could have found a Tea Partier with the same name on the Internet . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: John Hinderaker: Thoughts on the Family Research Council Shooting. “Liberals should take a deep breath and re-think how they talk about public policy issues. If they are looking for haters, it would seem that the mirror is a good place to start.”

THE TWO-MINUTE-HATE OF LAST MONTH BORE VIOLENT FRUIT TODAY: Family Research Council shooter carried Chick-fil-A bag, posed as intern.

When will the Administration and its allies restrain their violent, eliminationist hate-speech attacks on those who believe differently?

Related: Jim Treacher: It’s only an “atmosphere of hate” if it’s useful to liberals. “An organization that’s been vilified by the left gets shot up by somebody yelling about their policies. Ho-hum. Politically motivated shootings are only news when they can be twisted around to make conservatives look bad. Not much chance of that here.”

Also: “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.”

JOURNALISM: Reporter Who Bashed Chick-Fil-A Patrons Resigns.

WILL WILKINSON ON Chick-Fil-A And Corporate Responsibility. “Matters of moral truth aside, what’s the difference between buying a little social justice with your coffee and buying a little Christian traditionalism with your chicken? There is no difference. Which speaks to my proposition that CSR, when married to norms of ethical consumption, will inevitably incite bouts of culture-war strife. CSR with honest moral content, as opposed to anodyne public-relations campaigns about “values”, is a recipe for the politicisation of production and sales. But if we also promote politicised consumption, we’re asking consumers to punish companies whose ideas about social responsibility clash with our own.”

Conclusion: “I’d suggest the best arena for moral disagreement is not the marketplace, but our intellectual and democratic institutions.” That would require intellectual and democratic engagement, instead of bullying.

TECHCRUNCH: Chick-Fil-A Is Actually Popular: How Social Media Distorts Your View of The World. “Despite an inescapable torrent of opposition from popular tech blogs, Twitter users, and city mayors against Chick-fil-A, the self-avowed anti-gay marriage restaurant enjoyed record-breaking sales. . .. Had I just gazed the world through my Twitter feed, I would think Chick-fil-A was on the verge of bankruptcy. . . and also that Ron Paul was president, gay marriage was legal, and President Obama didn’t have a decent chance of losing the election.”

It depends on how diverse your friends/followers are.

MICHAEL BARONE: Supporters of Ted Cruz and Chick-Fil-A Break News. “Americans keep behaving in ways that baffle the liberal mainstream media.”

MAYBE THEY COULD LEARN A LESSON FROM, SAY, CHICK-FIL-A: Amtrak Dining Cars Losing Money On $10 Hamburgers. “Only a government subsidized operation could sell hamburgers for $10 each and lose money. People who use Amtrak know that the food is overpriced and not very good. But, hey, it’s a captive dining audience, right? The dining car should be a way for Amtrak to recoup some of its losses from running its expensive trains. Instead, the food system is so badly managed that somehow it also loses a lot of money, apparently because of theft, bad management, high labor costs, and other problems.”

VIDEO: Chick-fil-a protesters “chalk” homeless bible-reading black man.

L.A. TIMES: Chick-fil-A ‘Kiss in’ protest small compared to appreciation day. But it got more media coverage, I think.

Meanwhile, here’s a firsthand report from the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A. Compare this report from the same place on Wednesday.


ACE OF SPADES: At a Hollywood Chick-fil-A, Police Called To Escort Disruptive Protestors From Premises. Did I Say Disruptive Protestors? I Meant Disruptive Media. “Law enforcement sources tell us … the Chick-fil-A staff wasn’t bothered by the pro-gay marriage event taking place inside the restaurant, but felt the media was being too aggressive in trying to get commentary from Chick-fil-A employees.”


IowaHawk comments: “Lesbians making out *and* chicken sandwiches? Is this heaven?”

CHICK-FIL-A APPRECIATION DAY: A New Kind of Political Protest: The Triumph Of The Ordinary. Like the Tea Party movement, the Chicken Sandwich Insurrection is a bourgeois revolt, which is why some people find it so threatening.

BACKPEDALING: Reporter pulls rant about Chick-fil-A customers. I didn’t believe the original report, and neither did some others. Plus this: “I’ve twice asked Krzos to comment, but have yet to hear from him.”

TODAY’S UNBIASED JOURNALISM. Meanwhile, some firsthand reporting by nonjournalists here. And I should note that when I passed the Chick-Fil-A near my house, the line wound out onto Kingston Pike and took up a hundred yards or so of street, after 8 p.m.

I don’t think this can be interpreted as opposition to gay marriage, so much as a response to bullying. But I do think that the bullying has probably tainted the gay-marriage brand, which is too bad. The gay-marriage argument is already winning — there’s no need to engage in Rahm Emanuel-style attacks, and doing so merely invites pushback. And, frankly, I’m happy to live in a country where people’s response to bullying is to push back.

UPDATE: Speaking of bullying: Chick-fil-A in Martinsburg re-opens after bomb threat.

Also: Why Are Liberals So Intolerant?

ANOTHER UPDATE: This Yahoo! News story quotes some trad-marriage supporters, but also captures the anti-bullying angle well:

For those like John Mohler, 50, of Thornton, Colo., eating at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday was about defending free speech. Mohler said he doesn’t share Cathy’s belief–only his rights to air them.

“I’m not sure I agree with his position on gay marriage,” said Mohler, who drove to Englewood from downtown Denver on his lunch break. “But I applaud the owner for speaking his mind, and that’s why I’m here.”

In Chicago, throngs of supporters flocked to the lone Chick-fil-A, where the line of customers snaked through the entrance and around the corner. . . .

Further up the line, Jessica Cather, 29, Dana Haskins, 42, and Sarah Touhy, 43, all stressed that though they support same-sex marriage, they also support the right to believe what anyone wants to believe.

“We support tolerance on both sides,” Haskins said.

“Just because they don’t support gay marriage, it doesn’t make them a bad company,” Touhy said.

Another patron solicited donations to buy lunch for Alderman Joe Moreno, who made headlines last month for opposing a Chick-fil-A in his ward.

Linda Smith, 54, didn’t have time for the line. Instead, she gave someone else in line her money to spend to show her support. Smith said, “It doesn’t matter what the president of the company’s views are, as long as they don’t discriminate in hiring,” Smith said.

I’m actually afraid that the mainstream media will push the marriage angle, and that so will the conservative media, and miss out on the anti-bullying angle, which I see as the most significant. But perhaps they’ll show more balance than I fear.

MORE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “I have noticed in some commentary on the Chick-Fil-A protest that some people seemed surprised by the number of people who apparently shared their desire to make a statement. Isn’t this how preference cascades begin?”

STILL MORE: Ann Althouse comments:

1. I don’t believe the stories of customers saying homophobic things.

2. I’m totally against govt officials getting involved in favoring or disfavoring businesses based on the politics of the owners or the management.

3. Anyone can decide which businesses they want to patronize, and it’s fine to pick businesses that stand for what you like and avoid the ones that don’t.

4. It’s fine to try to get other people to choose what businesses to support/avoid based on political reasons.

5. Don’t assume that efforts to promote/penalize businesses will have the effect you want. You may be stimulating other people to do the opposite.

6. Chick-fil-A has gotten a lot of attention, and it will probably end up with more business. It doesn’t need everyone to be a customer, and now it has a niche, and there are plenty of people who are going to want to keep rewarding them for their values or patronize them because they hate the persecution.

Good points. And, agreeing with Ann Althouse, Jon Ham (Mary Katharine’s dad) comments on Facebook:

Sorry, but I’d bet this guy is lying. He’s Mark Krzos, a reporter for the News Herald in Ft. Myers, Fla. Among a half million people in DC on 9/12/10 I never saw one person act in the manner he describes, and at the Chick-fil-A I went to tonight, it was like a party. Sorry, not buying it, Mark.

Yeah, it seems more like a lefty fantasy than reality. Video or it didn’t happen.

FLIPPING THE BIRD TO RAHM: Chicago Chick-Fil-A Mobbed.

More here. And John Lucas sends this picture of the Chick-Fil-A in Maryville, TN. I saw a similar traffic jam outside another Chick-Fil-A near my house.

And, in Massachusetts, Hundreds Wait For Lunch At Burlington Chick-Fil-A.

And Lucas adds: “As I watched this phenomenon, I was struck by two related thoughts. The first is that there is that the force that propelled Ted Cruz to a 13 point victory in Texas ultimately is the same one that is causing thousands of people to turn out to support Chick Fil-A in small towns and large cities across the country. The second is that the people who buck the traffic jams (you should have seen them) just to stand in line for 30 minutes to get a chicken sandwich are people who are going to vote in November. The Democrats will attack or ignore them; the Republicans ignore them at their peril.”

I agree — and as someone who supported gay marriage long before President Obama did (which is to say, long before a couple of months ago), I’m nonetheless gratified to see people standing up to the bullying that the left-political class has aimed at this honest business simply because its owners failed to change their views in synch with President Obama.

UPDATE: A report from Bryan Preston.

ANOTHER UPDATE: From deep in the heart of Blue America: Business Brisk at Hollywood Chick-Fil-A. Report and photos from Gay Patriot at the link.

Meanwhile Luke Pingel sends a photo and report from the Chick-Fil-A in Fairfax, Virginia at 7 p.m.:

Quote of the evening from standing in a 20 minute line: “We’re here to send a message to the President.”

It’s packed and everyone is enthusiastically sharing their stories about dealing with liberal fascists.

And punching back twice as hard, as a famous man once said. Here’s the pic:

And Prof. Jacobson has photos from all over the country, and an interactive map, which is very cool.

And a reader emails from Florida: “My wife manages a Chick-fil-A in the Tampa, FL, area. They were mobbed as soon as the store opened at 6 am and have had one-hour waits for meals all day. At the moment the line is out the door, around the building, and into a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot. She was supposed to be off 2 hours ago but will probably wind up working until they close at 10 pm, which means a 16-hour day for her.”

And from California: Photos: Huge Crowds, Long Lines at Irvine Chick-fil-A.

LIFE AMONG THE BARBARIANS: Illinois Governor Proposes State Assault Weapons Ban. “Illinois could ban assault weapons under a plan proposed Tuesday by Gov. Pat Quinn, but any gun control regulation would have to clear major hurdles even with a renewed nationwide debate. The Chicago Democrat used his amendatory veto power to gut a bill related to ammunition sales and add language prohibiting the manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and attachments. Illinois lawmakers could accept or override the changes, or not call a vote at all.”

Given that even with their Naziesque gun control, Chicago is the murder capital of the world, maybe they should try a different approach. Or ban Chick-Fil-A, whatever.

ED MORRISSEY: Rahm Emanuel, Chick-Fil-A, And The Easy Slide Into Fascism. “There is nothing wrong with boycotts by consumers, though they often tend to be ineffective. Still though, boycotts are perhaps the purest form of free-market political protests — entirely voluntary, with commensurate impact to the issue at hand on the business in question. But when governments demand political loyalty as a requirement to operate a business or live in a city, that has more in common with the 20th-century regimes that required business owners to have party cards and excluded anyone not considered loyal to the entrenched ruling class.”

JASON PYE ON THE CHICK-FIL-A BROUHAHA: Seriously, this is the most absurd fake outrage I’ve ever seen in my life. “Don’t get me wrong, I support gay marriage. However, I also believe in free speech. Sure, free speech occasionally comes with consequences — you have the right to say what you want, but you’d better be willing to live with it, but many of the people who have gotten on a soap box about this don’t exactly have their hands clean. As Conor Friedersdorf notes, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel worked for President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama at times when they opposed gay marriage. . . . If you’re expressing outrage at Chick-fil-A, why the hell were you not protesting President Obama before his ‘evolution’ on the issue just a couple of months ago?”

It’s not just important to have the proper ideas. You must have them at the proper time. Otherwise, you’re a fascist or something.


It may seem strange that anyone could look around the pornography-saturated, fertility-challenged, family-breakdown-plagued West and see a society menaced by a repressive puritanism. But it’s clear that this perspective is widely and sincerely held.

It would be refreshing, though, if it were expressed honestly, without the “of course we respect religious freedom” facade.

If you want to fine Catholic hospitals for following Catholic teaching, or prevent Jewish parents from circumcising their sons, or ban Chick-fil-A in Boston, then don’t tell religious people that you respect our freedoms. Say what you really think: that the exercise of our religion threatens all that’s good and decent, and that you’re going to use the levers of power to bend us to your will.

There, didn’t that feel better? Now we can get on with the fight.

Interesting to see this in the New York Times.

SANDWICHED IN: “Among pretty much everyone with a civil libertarian, or just plain libertarian, background, the verdict on the Chick-Fil-A furor is the same: while private persons and groups are within their rights to boycott a business, it’s outrageous and dangerous for government officials to threaten to use regulation to keep the fast-food chain out of their cities because they disapprove of its president’s anti-gay-marriage views.” Yep. Putting me on the same page with Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald, among others.

JOURNALISM: CNN plays ‘Stupid Girls’ as intro to Sarah Palin at Chick-fil-A story.

WHAT THE CHICK-FIL-A BROUHAHA says about the future of religious freedom.

SEEN ON FACEBOOK, an amusing commentary on the Chick-Fil-A brouhaha.



YOU KNOW IT’S BAD WHEN MIKE BLOOMBERG CALLS YOU HEAVY-HANDED: Michael Bloomberg fillets Tom Menino over Chick-Fil-A stance. “The billionaire businessman-turned-New York mayor said Menino, along with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee, are wrong ‘to look at somebody’s political views and decide whether or not they can live in the city, or operate a business in the city.'”

TRUST: Peter Ingemi on Chick-fil-A and why people don’t trust the Democrats on guns.

HOW BAD HAS THE HATRED GOTTEN? Mother Jones is defending Chick-Fil-A’s free speech rights.

GAY-HATRED’S OKAY IF IT’S DIVERSE GAY-HATRED: Boston Mayor was at ribbon cutting for city-subsidized mosque that teaches “death to gays.”

EUGENE VOLOKH: Chicago Alderman: I Will Deny Business Permit Because ‘There Are Consequences for [Its Owner’s] Statements and Beliefs,’ and They Should Include Denial. “This is just appalling.” Well, it’s Chicago.

The Alderman should be glad the owners of Chick-Fil-A are forgiving Christian types. If I owned Chick-Fil-A, I’d file a lawsuit that would ruin him. And hire private investigators to look into his finances, because there’s only one way that ends for a Chicago Alderman. . . .

But I guess that’s why people like to pick on those forgiving Christian types. It’s safer.

MICHAEL BARONE: Liberal Officials Penalizing Free Speech. “As a conservative on most issues and a supporter of same-sex marriage, I find it fascinating that liberal politicians are so ready to clamp down on others’ speech. It’s certainly permissible to refuse to patronize a restaurant because you dislike the owner’s beliefs and to encourage, by means short of violence or intimidation, others to do so. It’s also kind of foolish and in my view would be a waste of time to have to research owners’ or managers’ political views before going somewhere to eat. But for public officials to penalize people because of their expressed beliefs—well, I wouldn’t go as far as blogger Elizabeth Scalia does when she titles a blogpost “this is how fascism works,” but it’s pretty nasty stuff. Mayors Emanuel and Menino are treating opposition to same-sex marriage as something akin to Hitlerism or Stalinism. But it’s not.”

Well, it is now, since Obama’s changed his views. If you hold the view of gay marriage that Obama held until his “evolution” a few weeks ago, that’s a thoughtcrime of the first order and makes you a public enemy. We have always been at war with EastAsia supported gay marriage!

Somebody should explore this phenomenon in depth. And it’s funny that Mayor Menino is posturing as some sort of defender of decency, but there’s nothing more indecent than a city in which your right to do business depends on whether the downtown hacks approve of your ideas.

Meanwhile, I wonder if his threats didn’t open him, and Boston, up to a federal civil rights suit. He’s threatening to use the apparatus of government against people for constitutionally protected speech and beliefs. The Chick-Fil-A people, as good Christians, will probably forgive him, but if it were me, I’d do my best to make an example of him. Some lawsuits, some depositions, some inquiry into his relationships with people in the restaurant business….

UPDATE: More thoughts over at Gay Patriot, plus a recognition that Republican politicians didn’t try to keep gay-friendly enterprises Disney and Home Depot out of their jurisdictions. No, but Republican politics isn’t based around always having someone to hate. For the left, it’s always Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the Kochs. It doesn’t matter who the bogeyman is, but it’s essential that there be a bogeyman in order to ensure solidarity.

TWO-MINUTE HATE’S TWO MINUTES ARE UP, I GUESS: Boston Mayor Admits He Can’t Actually Keep Chick-Fil-A Out.

Meanwhile, the hatemongering is starting to alienate gay marriage supporters.

UPDATE: Rahm welcomes help from Farrakahn, ignores anti-Semitic remarks.

AT DRUDGE, another amusing juxtaposition: Rahm Rejects CHICK-FIL-A: ‘Not Chicago Values’… is paired with GODFATHER WELCOMES FARRAKHAN.

BOSTON GLOBE: Stop Picking On Chick-Fil-A. “If the mayor of a conservative town tried to keep out gay-friendly Starbucks or Apple, it would be an outrage.” Except that doesn’t seem to happen, does it? What I think is funny is that if you have the same view on gay marriage that Obama had when he was elected, now you’re an enemy of humanity or something. It’s some sort of, I don’t know, Liberal Fascism or something. . . .

IN CASE YOU’RE NOT SURE, this is how fascism works.

UPDATE: Reader John Hawkins emails: “I think Jake and Elwood had it right on this one. I hate Illinois Nazis.”

A TRULY AWFUL mass shooting in Denver. At the Batman premiere.

UPDATE: More here.

NICK GILLESPIE ON People’s Problems With Chik-Fil-A.


SO WE’RE ON THE WAY HOME and we stopped for dinner at Truett’s Grill in McDonough, Georgia. The Truett in question is Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, and this is a diner-like Chik-fil-A incarnation that we had never encountered. There was table service, and enough retro atmosphere to make James Lileks swoon. We liked it.

But there’s a deep secret. Click “read more” to see it.