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The Washington Post was blasted on social media after it jumped the gun with an inaccurate tweet Friday claiming the May U.S. unemployment rate was close to 20 percent, moments after the actual report indicated the rate unexpectedly had dropped to 13.3 percent.

“Grim milestone to be reached as May unemployment rate nears 20 percent,” the Post wrote in a now-deleted tweet to accompany a now-edited story with the same inaccurate headline.

UNEXPECTEDLY! US shocks economists by adding 2.5 million jobs in May as unemployment declines to 13.3%.

Models based on past unemployment are unreliable. Today’s “unemployment” is as high as it is because the government is paying many people an above-market wage to be unemployed, and because government is keeping many businesses closed, not because of a fundamental breakdown.

UNEXPECTEDLY!  81 percent of COVID-19 patients on cruise were asymptomatic, study says, raising concerns on lifting lockdown.

What concerns? Precisely? That just brings the rate of death of the infected down.
Personally I’m wondering what the alternative to lifting lockdown is.  “Starve harder” by fall? “Eat government money?”

It’s time to stop this nonsense. Let my people go.

UNEXPECTEDLY. Bill Maher: ‘Impeachment Turned out to Be a Horrible Thing.’

HMM: Coronavirus: low antibody levels raise questions about reinfection risk. “Researchers in Shanghai hope to determine whether some recovered coronavirus patients have a higher risk of reinfection after finding surprisingly low levels of Covid-19 antibodies in a number of people discharged from hospital. A team from Fudan University analysed blood samples from 175 patients discharged from the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre and found that nearly a third had unexpectedly low levels of antibodies. In some cases, antibodies could not be detected at all.”

UPDATE: So some possibilities: The report could be false, or mistaken. Either is possible, and doubly so coming out of China. Or these people never had Covid-19 at all. Alternatively, it’s the innate immune system rather than the adaptive immune system that is key. Kids generally get few symptoms and their innate immune systems are much stronger than adults’. Maybe an effective innate immune response doesn’t produce a strong antibody count because it kills the disease off first.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Report: American Companies Are Leaving China.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Democrats Prep to Blame Trump for the Coronavirus Economy.

UNEXPECTEDLY: L.A. Bureaucrats Shut Down Restaurants for Selling Groceries Without a Permit. “You cannot just decide you want to sell groceries,” said Barbara Ferrer, the director of L.A. County Public Health.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): You say “groceries,” I say groundbreaking “raw, un-handled food restaurant.”

CHINESE MEDIA CAUGHT ERASING HISTORY AND ‘WUHAN VIRUS’ FROM REPORTS: China’s Global Times changes ‘Wuhan pneumonia’ to ‘novel coronavirus-related pneumonia’ in January article. 


UNEXPECTEDLY: Putin dons hazmat suit, as Russia admits virus numbers likely far higher.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Economic Meltdown? Mass Unemployment? Solution: More Immigration!

UNEXPECTEDLY: Seven months later, New York Times’ 1619 Project leader admits she got it wrong. “It cannot be stressed enough that Hannah-Jones’s since-corrected version of historical events was key to the entire project, the premise of which is that America was founded upon, built upon, and primarily formed by slavery. But, hey, better late than never!”


From — who else? — America’s Newspaper of Record.

For a more serious look at the phenomenon: There’s Plenty of Toilet Paper in the U.S. So Why Are People Hoarding It?

Australia has also suffered from panic buying of toilet paper despite plentiful domestic supply. A risk expert in the country explained it this way: “Stocking up on toilet paper is … a relatively cheap action, and people like to think that they are ‘doing something’ when they feel at risk.”

This is an example of “zero risk bias,” in which people prefer to try to eliminate one type of possibly superficial risk entirely rather than do something that would reduce their total risk by a greater amount.

And note that Bernie would approve of the Babylon Bee’s satiric headline:

Americans aren’t alone in panic buying to ensure they have plenty of squares to spare. Venezuelans hoarded the commodity in 2013 as a result of a drop in production, leading the government to seize a toilet paper factory in an effort to ensure more supply. It failed to do the trick.


ADVICE TO ACADEMICS: Please do a bad job of putting your courses online. “This advice is very different from that which I would share if you were designing an online course.” Yes, my goal mid-semester is to make the transition as painless for the students as possible, not to suddenly create an entirely different online course to show how brilliant a teacher I am. They’ve already been sent home unexpectedly with an uncertain future. Keep it simple, stupid.

NOT EXACTLY UNEXPECTEDLY: U.S. Stock Rout Deepens in Broad Shift to Safety: Benchmarks fall more than 7% as S&P, Nasdaq join Dow in bear-market territory. “Outside of the U.S., losses were broad. European equities also fell, with the Stoxx Europe 600 shedding about 11%, putting the pan-continental gauge on course for its worst one-day performance on record.”

I think it’s got more to fall. I’m sitting on some cash waiting to buy in, but not yet.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER LIMOUSINE LEFTIST EXPOSED: SJW crusader Carlos Maza turns out to be a super wealthy socialist.

And “unexpectedly,” NY Post Reporter Locked Out Of Twitter For Exposing Socialist YouTuber Carlos Maza As Coming From Elite Wealth.

He’s now back online – at least for the time being:

UNEXPECTEDLY: Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie Sanders.


Perhaps de Blasio is hoping that annoyance over it will distract voters from this: Major crimes in NYC unexpectedly surge after bail reform law.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Coronavirus live updates: US cases surpass 100 with 6 deaths; China sees ‘coming victory.’

Coronavirus-quarantined nursing home residents “held hostage in a petri dish,” relative says.

Coronavirus Infects 23 Iranian Lawmakers As Ayatollah Orders Military to Help Fight Spread.

Coronavirus: Colleague Of Whistle-blowing Doctor Dies Amid Wuhan’s Fight Against COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Purdue makes plans in case quarantine, online courses are necessary.

Unlikely UK will lock down cities to prevent coronavirus spread: Chief Medical Officer.

UK PM Johnson says army ready to step in if coronavirus escalates.

Coronavirus: Scotland facing ‘serious situation.’

Coronavirus situation in North Korea remains unclear, could be specially deadly, expert says.

US schools are in a ‘state of alert’ amid coronavirus outbreak. Are they overreacting — or not doing enough?

OPEC ministers to meet in Vienna to face coronavirus threat to oil demand.

Coronavirus Selloff Reveals the Hidden Mechanics of Financial Markets: Gold and yen are among the assets that have performed unexpectedly, revealing how market structures have changed.

Dr. Drew: Media-driven panic over coronavirus is a bigger problem than the virus.

Kroger limits quantities on sanitization, cold and flu products amid coronavirus fears.

World failed to learn SARS lessons for coronavirus fight.

Coronavirus delays PC and smartphone shipments for weeks.

Tight iPad Pro, custom Mac availability sign of coronavirus supply struggles.

UNEXPECTEDLY: “Bloomberg Campaign Says It’s a Two-Man Race for the Nomination”…says, Bloomberg News.

Flashback: Bloomberg News will not investigate Michael Bloomberg or Democratic rivals.

NEW YORK TIMES: The Election Year Economy Is Everything Trump Could Hope For.

Related (From Ed): Economy adds 225K jobs in January, far beyond expectations.

Unexpectedly, I’m still not tired of winning.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Man set to testify against MS-13 found murdered after New York releases witness list.

UNEXPECTEDLY! California’s New Gig Work Law Is Hurting Women.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Elizabeth Warren Transferred Oil-and-Gas Investments to Her Children To Protect Her ‘Green’ Political Profile.

Of course, even her “green” political profile has its limits:


UNEXPECTEDLY: New York’s Progressive Rent Regulations Having the Exact Same Negative Consequence That Skeptics Predicted.

According to a January survey conducted by the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP)—a trade association representing owners of rent-stabilized buildings in New York City—69 percent of building owners have cut their spending on apartment upgrades by more than 75 percent since the passage of the state’s rent regulations. Another 11 percent of the landlords in the survey decreased investments in their properties by more than 50 percent.

The new law’s limits on recouping the costs of renovating apartments mean it is often more financially feasible to leave old apartments vacant.

“A big majority of our housing stock of stabilized units have been occupied between 40 and 50 years. These units require up to $100,000 and sometimes more, to complete a gut rehabilitation. You don’t need to be a genius to understand it makes no sense to invest that much only to get an $83.00 rent increase,” one survey respondent told CHIP.

CHIP, alongside the Rent Stabilization Association, is suing state and city officials over the new regulations.

The Commercial Observer reports that the new rent laws are encouraging small- and mid-sized landlords to exit the market entirely, writing that “many property owners have woken up to a world where their buildings are worth 30 to 50 percent less than they were a year ago.”

Easy prediction: Big, connected players will snap up these properties at a steep discount, at which point the city will grant relief and exemptions from the new regulations.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: IF YOU CAN’T MAKE BAIL THERE, NO PROBLEM: Suspects accused of running $7M fentanyl ring released without bail.

Flashback: Unexpectedly! Bail ‘Reform’ Turns Into a Bonanza for Repeat Offenders.


The fast-food restaurant chain had introduced the plant-based protein as a limited time offer, the spokeswoman said, adding that: “the product was not embraced by our guests as we thought it would be.”


UNEXPECTEDLY: Watch Vice journalist break all four rules of gun safety in one second.


UNEXPECTEDLY! Bolsonaro’s popularity jumps as Brazil economy improves, crime drops.

AN “UNEXPECTEDLY” BRIEF TIME-OUT: Twitter mistakenly suspends and later reinstates Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

UNEXPECTEDLY: New York Bail ‘Reform’ Turns Into a Bonanza for Repeat Offenders.

UNEXPECTEDLY! Fecal Bacteria In California’s Waterways Increases With Homeless Crisis.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Senate Dems Won’t Support Measure Praising U.S. Military for Soleimani Killing. “The resolution is structurally identical to the 2011 Senate resolution praising former president Barack Obama for the operation that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. At that time, all 100 Democratic and Republican members of the Senate joined to support that resolution.”

UNEXPECTEDLY! U.S. Goods Trade Deficit Declines to Smallest in Three Years. “The U.S. merchandise-trade deficit unexpectedly narrowed for a third month in November to the smallest shortfall in three years as exports increased and imports declined, the latest sign that economic growth is holding up at the end of the year.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: 2020 Dems Condemn Trump Airstrike as ‘Reckless,’ Making Iran More Dangerous.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Obama Administration Stopped Israel From Assassinating Soleimani in 2015, Report Says.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Ex-Rikers inmates use city-funded debit cards to buy booze, juul pods.

UNEXPECTEDLY: California shocked to find bill decriminalizing retail theft resulted in… more retail theft.


UNEXPECTEDLY! Rank-and-File Workers Get Bigger Raises.

Wages for rank-and-file workers are rising at the quickest pace in more than a decade, even faster than for bosses, a sign that the labor market has tightened sufficiently to convey bigger increases to lower-paid employees.

Gains for those workers have accelerated much of this year, a time when the unemployment rate fell to a half-century low. . . .

Pay for the bottom 25% of wage earners rose 4.5% in November from a year earlier, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Wages for the top 25% of earners rose 2.9%. Similarly, the Atlanta Fed found wages for low-skilled workers have accelerated since early 2018, and last month matched the pace of high-skill workers for the first time since 2010.

“A strong labor market makes the bargaining power of lower-paid workers more like the labor market higher-wage workers experience during good times and bad,” Nick Bunker, economist with job search site, said.

Labor Department data paint a similar picture. Average hourly earnings for production and nonsupervisory workers in the private sector were up 3.7% in November from a year earlier—stronger than the 3.1% advance for all employees—implying managers and other nonproduction workers saw a 1.6% wage increase in the past year. The department doesn’t produce separate management pay figures.

Nonsupervisory workers earned an average of $23.83 an hour in November according to the Labor Department; managers earned about twice that rate.

Paul Krugman hardest hit.

UNEXPECTEDLY! Seattle Restaurant Worker: I’m a Progressive, but the Minimum Wage Law Killed Jobs Including Mine.

MERRY CHRISTMAS: The decade that blew up energy predictions.

In 2010, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projected that in 2019, the U.S. would be producing about six million barrels of oil a day. The reality? We’re now producing 12 million barrels of oil a day.

Meanwhile, EIA projected oil prices would be more than $100 a barrel. They’re currently hovering around $60 a barrel.

What’s happening: A pair of extraction methods — horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing — have unlocked far more oil and gas than experts had predicted, and companies have gotten hyper-efficient extracting more oil from each well.

EIA had projected in 2010 that the U.S. would be importing a net eight million barrels of petroleum by now, which includes crude oil and petroleum products like gasoline. In September, the U.S. actually exported a net 89,000 barrels of petroleum.

Flashback: A driving reason behind this is Congress lifting the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports in 2015, a policy change few thought possible a decade ago.

In 2010, EIA projected that the U.S. would be producing about 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas by now. In 2018, the last full year of annual data, we produced more than 30 trillion.

What’s happening: Horizontal drilling and fracking are the key drivers here too — though oil is typically more valuable than gas, so the increase has been greater with oil than gas.

Meanwhile greenhouse emissions, predicted to be up, are down. And all of this happened . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . unexpectedly!

UNEXPECTEDLY: San Francisco is losing the battle despite spending $94 mil to clean it up.

Of course, in San Francisco, the left hand doesn’t know what the far left hand is doing: “Despite its spending more money per capita on homelessness than any comparable city, [San Francisco’s] homeless problem is worse than any comparable city’s,” SF Weekly noted a decade ago, stumbling into the Fox Butterfield effect.

THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: Jews on Twitter not impressed with Rashida Tlaib’s Hanukkah greeting.

It seems like the overarching theme of Hanukkah went over Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s head. The Congresswoman from Michigan released an early Hanukkah greeting to the far-left Jewish group IfNotNow ahead of their holiday party and, in doing so, invoked the “occupation” in Palestine.

In the video, she wishes an early happy Hanukkah to the organization’s chapter in Detroit.

“You give me life,” she gushed from her office in Washington DC. “Your 2020 platform calling for every public official to commit to defunding the occupation in Falistine and fighting anti-Semitism and white nationalism is one that I can support very strongly.”

She said the group can consider her as their “partner” in Congress as well as in Michigan’s 13th district that she represents.

Naturally, Jews on Twitter took issue with her politicizing Hanukkah and glossing over the fact Hanukkah that it is a holiday that celebrates Jewish nationalism.

“She really missed the theme of Hanukkah,” one person noted.

“Unexpectedly,” as they say at Michael Bloomberg’s publication.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Sales of electric vehicles plummet in Ontario after rebate cancellation.

ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II: Old and Busted: Can Greeks Become Germans? (As asked by Thomas Friedman when, “unexpectedly,” Greece needed a major financial bailout in 2011.)

The New Hotness, via WaPo? Analysis: If Britain had Germany’s electoral system, Boris Johnson may have lost the election.

I’m pretty sure that the period of 1939 through 1945, which the Times’ Paul Krugman defines as the economic “miracle of the 1940s,” and the EU as “the European Civil War,” helped to ensure that Britain avoided having Germany’s electoral system.

(Classical reference in headline.)

UNEXPECTEDLY: House Judiciary Committee Votes to Impeach Trump. “The articles of impeachment will move to the full House, with two days to consider them. The House of Representatives is likely to impeach Trump on partisan lines next week.”

AS THEY SAY AT AT HIS WEBSITE, UNEXPECTEDLY: Bloomberg Fumbles Facts, Laws in Gun-Control Policy Rollout.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Los Angeles Is Spending Over $1 Billion To House the Homeless. It’s Failing. New video from Reason TV:

UNEXPECTEDLY: Ronan Farrow says Hillary Clinton cooled on him when he investigated #MeToo crimes. “It’s remarkable how quickly even people with a long relationship with you will turn if you threaten the centers of power or the sources of funding around them,” Farrow says earlier this week.

CONAN THE TERRORIST-KILLING DOG VISITS THE WHITE HOUSE — AND JIM TREACHER IS ON IT: “Trump praised the hero dog who hunted down the terrorist, so that means dogs are bad now and terrorists are good. You can’t like dogs anymore. In any dispute between a Trump dog and a terrorist, you have to root for the terrorist or else you love Trump. If you still like dogs after today, you have to wear a MAGA hat all the time. Sorry, those are the rules.”

Related: Trump honors hero dog Conan. Media goes barking mad.


UNEXPECTEDLY: Muslim AK-47s and Bombings Turn Sweden Into War Zone.


As wildfires scorch California and Pacific Gas & Electric turns off electricity in large swaths of the state to reduce the fire risk, our new progressive governor, Gavin Newsom, is facing the first real crisis in his young administration. “I own this,” he said, regarding the fires and related blackouts, but his press conferences have seemed less about a governor who is in control and more about a deer staring at the headlights.

Newsom isn’t the first California governor with national aspirations, but he’s not garnering comparisons to Hiram Johnson (who became U.S. senator), Earl Warren (later a U.S. Supreme Court justice), Ronald Reagan (the 40th president) or even Jerry Brown (who ran for president). Instead, the media is comparing him to Gray Davis, who was recalled in 2003 during the last round of rolling blackouts. That’s not a particularly good thing.

It’s a Red Queen’s Race: California has been in crisis mode over environmentalism and homelessness for decades, and “unexpectedly,” both of those problems continue to get worse and worse for the state. It’s also not surprising that Newsom is being compared an earlier fellow Democrat, since his administration is a reckoning over decisions made by his most recent predecessor, Gov. Jerry Brown, both in the immediate past, and during the 1970s.

THIS IS CNN: CNN’s April Ryan Attacks Woman Who Pointed Out Baltimore Garbage Problem, Claims ‘Cummings Never Got Over It.’

In July, Kimberly Klacik, a Baltimore County Republican official, appeared on Fox and detailed the problems of rats and garbage in West Baltimore and called for something to be done to address the problem.

* * * * * * * *

The woman who “created the controversy?” Did she plant the garbage in the district that has plagued the residents forever? Is she really blaming Klacik for actually pointing out the problem?

Not only that. “Cummings never got over the attack on him and the city. It is all because of her.” This is just so wrong. Cummings had cancer, suggesting somehow that his death is related to Klacik pointing out the problem is just vile.

And it wasn’t only April Ryan, her CNN colleague, Brian Stelter, also chimed in.


UNEXPECTEDLY: Eyeball tattoos allegedly left ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ woman blind for 3 weeks. Plus: “Rarely do such extreme body modifications take place in a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office.”

UNEXPECTEDLY! Long lines and long waits for some on Day 1 of LAX’s new Uber, Lyft and taxi system.

In an attempt to tame the infamous traffic at the nation’s second-busiest airport, LAX officials on Tuesday took a major step: banning most Uber, Lyft and taxi pickups from the curbside. Drop-offs, which occur on the upper level, have not changed.

Even on a low-traffic day, the new pickup system had some growing pains. At points in the early afternoon, the wait time for Uber and Lyft rides swelled, with more than 100 people waiting in each line for their drivers in the pickup lot.

“When you make a bold change like this, you’ll be faced with a little bit of refining to get it right,” said Keith Wilschetz, deputy executive director at Los Angeles World Airports, the city agency that runs LAX.

I read “bold change” as “taxi cab medallion protection.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: Ilhan Omar one of three House reps to vote ‘present’ on Armenia genocide bill. “Omar refused to back a resolution Tuesday that recognized the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during WWI as a ‘genocide.’”

UNEXPECTEDLY: Meanwhile, in the Heartland, Impeachment Isn’t Very Popular.

UNEXPECTEDLY: MSNBC Hides Bizarre Democratic Sex Scandal.

MSNBC hosts used to be fascinated with [Katie] Hill. This year alone, she appeared on MTP Daily with Chuck Todd (January 21), The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (February 5), Hardball with Chris Matthews (May 14), and All In with Chris Hayes (May 22). Suddenly, however, MSNBC journalists seem to have lost interest.

Last summer, while filling in for MTP Daily host Chuck Todd, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing promoted a website called “Swing Left,” designed to help “connect Democrats who live in…blue districts with nearby purple districts where they can make a difference and try to flip control of the House.” Jansing actually went to a canvassing event for Hill in California’s 25th Congressional District; where she spoke to volunteers working on behalf of the then-Congressional candidate. An excited Jansing celebrated the fact that Hill received a check for $164,297.14 during the course of her report.

While CNN’s on-air talent also came across as fangirls for Hill, at least they had the integrity to report on the scandal. It looks like when it comes to scandals involving Democrats, for MSNBC, silence is golden.

Just think of NBC as Democratic Party operatives with Chyrons, and it all makes sense.

Earlier: Katie Hill’s scandal is catnip for the London Daily Mail.

UPDATE: CNN, MSNBC largely ignore Dem Rep. Katie Hill during prime time, 2 nights in a row.

NEVER LET A MANUFACTURED CRISIS GO TO WASTE: Attorney blasts California Gov. Newsom for using homeless crisis to overturn will of voters.

Attorney Jim Breslo said Wednesday that California Gov. Gavin Newsom overturned the will of California voters by using the homeless crisis as an excuse to impose statewide rent control in an attempt to address a housing shortage.

“He’s [Newsom is] trying to use a crisis to do things that he wasn’t otherwise able to do,” Breslo told “Fox & Friends.”

“They couldn’t get statewide rent control approved by the voters.”

Although Newsom previously opposed the initiative, the former lieutenant governor and mayor of San Francisco changed his position and plans to sign a statewide rent-control law.

One more time, the Housing Gnomes’ three-step plan works like this:

1. Make construction more costly, and also cap rents.

2. ???

3. Housing for everyone!

Fortunately, I have a huge supply Unexpectedlys for use as the steps play out.

UNEXPECTEDLY! Venezuelans buy gas with cigarettes to battle inflation.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Rasmussen Reports polls voters:

“It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. We will fight where it is to our benefit, and only fight to win.” 55% of Democratic Likely Voters agree. We did not name the quote source.

Two guesses as to who said it.

UNEXPECTEDLY: “Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has ‘utterly failed,’ Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam.”

Okay, Angie, now that you’ve admitted the obvious, you want to apologize for calling the people who warned you that it would turn out this way racist xenophobe bigots?

UNEXPECTEDLY: New Border Wall In San Diego Is Helping Drive Border Crossings Down.

DISPATCHES FROM THE SOCIAL MEDIA UPHEAVAL: Twitter says it wants to solve the “journalists’ careers end because someone digs up an old tweet” problem.

Twitter has a very particular place in this phenomenon, because it is simultaneously (a) perhaps the mainstream social platform that structurally most encourages the frequent sharing of brief tossed-off thoughts and (b) the platform least interested in rendering any of its content less than permanent. It’s got a robust search function; you can’t hide individual tweets, only an entire account; there’s no good way to keep some of your tweets limited to a small group of friends instead of the entire Internet; deleting old tweets takes a ton of tedious one-by-one clicking.

So it’s interesting to hear that Twitter’s thinking about changing things up and injecting a bit more ephemerality into Your Permanent Record. Product lead Kayvon Beykpour — who apparently got engaged this weekend, congrats! — spoke with The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Casey Newton on The Vergecast and talked about the company’s desire to make tweets more ephemeral… Casey then comes correct with the obvious solution:

I’ll tell you, my request is, I would love to set all my tweets to just go private after a year, basically. And the reason is just that cultural standards change enough that I either have to delete all of the tweets on a regular basis or I could just set them private, right? Because we’ve now seen bad actors sort of digging into peoples’ old tweets, taking them out of context and wreaking all kinds of havoc. So, I would just love a way to never have to think about that again, basically…

I mean, journalists’ careers end because someone digs up an old tweet, you know?

As long as everyday people were having their lives destroyed via ill-conceived tweets (a key topic of Glenn’s new book, as well as the 2015 book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson), Twitter’s ozone layer of management were happy to turn a blind eye. In the past couple of years it’s been discovered that leftist journalists and political operatives (not always the same thing) had a penchant for writing racist tweets as a form of identity politics shock theater during their younger days. Last month, after pushback over the Des Moines Register’s efforts to wreck Carson King, the phrase “mutually assured cancellation” arose as a way for non-journalists to fight back against cancel culture destroying their lives, often at their first peak of success. Now that the left are no longer guaranteed at having the exclusive right to blow up someone’s life, suddenly – unexpectedly! – Twitter management has the “desire to make tweets more ephemeral.”

HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS DISSEMINATING TURKISH PROPAGANDA: “The video shared by ABC News purporting to show Turkish forces bombarding Syrian Kurds — actually footage of a night machine gun demonstration at Knob Creek Gun Range in Kentucky — was shared on Twitter by a Turkish politician days earlier.”

And “unexpectedly,” (as they say at fellow DNC-MSM house organ Bloomberg) while ABC apologized on Twitter for their repeated broadcasting of fake news, ABC can’t be bothered to Issue an on-air correction.

UNEXPECTEDLY! Target raised wages. But some workers say their hours were cut, leaving them struggling.

HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED: How Hunter Biden became a conversation-stopper.


UNEXPECTEDLY: Apple Caves, Removes Multiple Apps, Including News App Covering Hong Kong Protests, After China Objects.

As Cam Edwards tweeted yesterday, “Guess we can officially retire this commercial:”

WE’LL RUN OUT OF EVERYTHING BUT “UNEXPECTEDLYS”: Elizabeth Warren Vows to Remake Capitalism. Businesses Are Bracing. “The Democratic Party’s favored presidential candidate has proposed sweeping changes to how business operates; many executives expect she would tack center.”

No front-runner has proposed such sweeping changes to how businesses operate. A President Warren would seek to regulate big tech companies as utilities, break up big banks and split them from securities dealers, ban fracking of oil and gas, phase out carbon emission from buildings, cars and power plants in eight to 15 years, require big companies to appoint worker representatives to at least 40% of board seats, ban private health insurance and, effectively, for-profit college, and negotiate down drug prices.

Her policies would directly affect companies with sales of nearly $5 trillion and stock-market value of more than $8 trillion, a third of the S&P 500 stock index. Taxes on the wealthy and corporations would rise sharply.

That, in turn, has led to nervousness among some executives. “She could create an environment where it is next to impossible to function” for health insurers, said Vicky Gregg, a former chief executive of BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and now partner in a private-equity firm. “There’s no question that keeps you up at night if you’re a health-plan executive.”

Fear will keep the local executives in line, to borrow a phrase.

The real goal of course isn’t to “remake” capitalism. Rather, it’s to create opportunities for corruption and graft.

AND THIS TIME IT WILL WORK: California Passes Rent-Control Law Amid Homelessness Crisis.

California will cap rent increases under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom said he would sign Tuesday, the most significant piece of housing-related legislation in a year that also saw the shelving of a measure to relax zoning and spur more construction.

Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, said he would sign the bill into law at a ceremony in Oakland, Calif. The governor has said the rent caps and tenant protections are necessary to help people being squeezed out of their homes. The law limits annual rent increases at 5%, plus the rate of inflation, and adds some barriers for landlords seeking to evict people.

“They will provide California with important new tools to combat our state’s broader housing and affordability crisis,” Mr. Newsom said when the rent measure passed the legislature Sept. 11.

The Housing Gnomes’ three-step plan works like this:

1. Make construction more costly, and also cap prices.

2. ???

3. Housing for everyone!

Fortunately, I have a huge supply Unexpectedlys for use as the steps play out.

UNEXPECTEDLY: New Poll Suggests Dems’ Impeachment Fever Helping Trump With Independents.

DOES THIS EVEN RISE TO THE LEVEL OF “UNEXPECTEDLY?”: Treasury Department Complains of Unworthy EV Credit Recipients.

UNEXPECTEDLY: As predicted, the $15 wage is killing jobs all across the city.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Ilhan Omar files for divorce from husband Ahmed Hirsi amid affair allegations.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Hundreds of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

I’D JUST LIKE TO ADD A PREEMPTIVE “UNEXPECTEDLY!”: Why the Wealth Tax Will Only Bring in a Fraction of What Supporters are Claiming.

UNEXPECTEDLY!  MUST BE BAD LUCK!  $15-minimum wage hike is hitting, hurting NYC restaurants.


If the fall of 2008 was any indication, an “unexpectedly” high number of Democratic Party operatives with bylines view that prospect as a feature.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Thieves Going Wild in California, Taking Advantage Of State Law Protecting Shoplifters.

UNEXPECTEDLY: String of San Francisco restaurants closing their doors.

UNEXPECTEDLY: How Cam Newton’s vegan diet may be hurting Panthers QB’s play and injury recovery.

UNEXPECTEDLY: California shocked to find bill decriminalizing retail theft resulted in… more retail theft.


According to Rachel Campos-Duffy, who has guest-hosted shows as disparate as ABC’s “The View” and Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” last week her children went to the Capitol to vote with their father, Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI). One of their daughters, Lucia, spotted Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and recognizing who she was, asked to take a picture, triggering an alleged ill-behaved reaction from Omar when Lucia confronted Omar’s lack of tolerance.

Campos-Duffy wrote on Facebook:

In DC today & the kids went to the Capitol building to vote with their Dad. Walking back from voting, my daughter, Lucia, spots Rep. Ilan Omar. She recognized her from a Maroon 5 “Girls Like You” music video & kindly asked to take a picture with her. Here’s how it went down:
Lucia: May I take a picture with you?
Omar: Are you sure your parents are OK with that?
Rachel: Yes, we’re very tolerant people.
Omar: You should be accepting, not tolerant.
Rachel: Right back at you!
Omar storms off. So much for Lucia’s very genuine attempt at bipartisan fan girling over Maroon 5….

Rather unexpectedly* despite being a representative (literally and figuratively) of the Party of Tolerance and Acceptance, neither of those states seem very high on Omar’s list of aspirations.

* In the Bloomberg Business definition of the word, of course.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Democrats hated John Bolton until Trump fired him.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Washington Post stands by bogus report claiming North Carolina GOP held vote while Democrats were at 9/11 ceremony. “You may want to sit down for this one: A major newsroom published a bogus story this week casting Republicans as villains and Democrats as noble victims. Big, I know.”

UNEXPECTEDLY: AlienStock/Storm Area 51 Has Officially Been Cancelled.

UNEXPECTEDLY? China’s exports fall unexpectedly in August, as trade war continues to slam industrial economy.

Furthermore, the much-reported 3.8 per cent depreciation of the yuan in August failed to stop the decline in exports – despite Washington’s fears that it was being used to give China’s exporters an unfair advantage.

It is a far cry from the double-digit expansion that characterised the export machine that powered the Chinese economy for more than two decades.

The weak export figures will put further pressure on China’s already slowing economy. The central bank on Friday said it would cut the amount of cash banks must hold as reserves to the lowest level since 2007 in a bid to inject liquidity into the economy and stimulate demand.

And that’s with American businesses front-loading their orders from China in the weeks before the new tariffs kicked in.

I’d also add that the consumer-driven economy China needs to develop to replace slowing export growth requires a kind of consumer-driven country which Communists have a hard time delivering — and over the long run, an impossible time accommodating.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Bill De Blasio among legislators who honored African tyrant Robert Mugabe.

(Via Jim Geraghty.)

UNEXPECTEDLY: Biden’s Bloody Eye on CNN Somehow Spiked by Everyone But Fox.

Shades of how the media treated Hillary’s collapse on September 11th, 2016.

BLOOMBERG “REPORTER” (FOR NOW) BEN PENN: Hey, Don’t Overlook The Fact That I Took Out an Official Pushing Deregulation. As Ace of Spades writes:

Virtually a confession that he ran this garbage as a political hit.

Lost in all of this is that Olson was part of a team of political appointees tasked with the heavy lift of drafting wage-hour regulations that are high priorities for Trump White House, business community. They’re now down one adviser.

How can you read that as anything other than saying, “You should support me, even if I lied, because I got a scalp for the left”?

And Michael Bloomberg’s namesake media empire does! Statement From Bloomberg: ‘We stand behind’ Ben Penn’s despicable smear job on Leif Olson.

“Unexpectedly,” as they used to say at Bloomberg, whenever bad economic news happened on Obama’s watch.

REALITY IS NOT BIDEN’S STRONG SUIT: ‘Ignoring reality’: Biden got it wrong on Iraq, Mattis says. “‘He was past the point where he was willing to entertain a ‘good idea.’ He didn’t want to hear more; he wanted our forces out of Iraq. Whatever path led there fastest, he favored. He exuded the confidence of a man whose mind was made up, perhaps even indifferent to considering the consequences were he judging the situation incorrectly.'”

Mattis winds up basically blaming Biden for the rise of ISIS, adding, “It would take many years and tens of thousands of casualties, plus untold misery for millions of innocents, to break ISIS’s geographic hold. All of this was predicted — and preventable.”

Related item here.

Plus: “Joe Biden’s Iraq Decisions Haunt Him in 2020,” DNC house organ the Atlantic claims:

The criticism tends to focus on Biden’s Senate vote for a resolution authorizing military force in Iraq, which George W. Bush used to justify his invasion. But his time leading Iraq policy during Barack Obama’s first term is more relevant to the present moment. Whoever wins the presidency in 2020 likely will confront a similar dilemma to the one Biden then faced: a lingering U.S. troop presence, a war-weary U.S. public, and an enemy that is down but not yet defeated.

This story begins in early 2009, after Obama swept into office promising to end the deeply unpopular war in Iraq. There were still 150,000 American soldiers in the country. The newly inaugurated president turned to his vice president and told him to bring the troops home. “We were sitting in the Oval Office one day and talking about [the troop presence], and Obama looked at Biden and said, ‘Joe, I think you should do this. We need sustained focus from the White House. You know Iraq better than anyone,’” Antony Blinken, Biden’s national security adviser, told me. “It was as simple as that.”

The gravity of that mission for a man who’d played a part in starting the war was apparent. Seventy-six senators, including 28 Democrats, had joined Biden in the fateful 2002 vote, but he bore special responsibility as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. (He claimed at the time that the authorization would avert war by pushing Saddam Hussein to let weapons inspectors into the country, and later argued that Bush had misused it.) In the years since the invasion, he’d traveled often to Iraq, building relationships with the war’s key players.

Biden threw himself into the mission. He chaired meetings and oversaw negotiations. By the end of 2011, the war was over, and the American troops had left. “He is the guy who oversaw the drawdown, in effect, on the political side, of U.S. forces from 150,000 to virtually zero,” Blinken told me.

Then it all went horribly wrong.


ANDREW KLAVAN: ‘Watergate’ Doesn’t Mean What the Press Thinks It Means.

Recently, reading Mark Levin’s Unfreedom of the Press, I was reminded that, before reporters went on their great crusade against Richard Nixon, they had overlooked a whole lot of corruption in the Democrat presidents who preceded him.

Levin tells how John F. Kennedy, with the knowledge of his brother and Attorney General Robert, nudged the IRS into auditing conservative groups. With Kennedy approval, the FBI was also employed to investigate those the administration disliked, including Martin Luther King Jr. Lyndon Baines Johnson would later increase the politically motivated auditing and spying. None of this was uncovered until later on.

Ben Bradlee — the editor of the Washington Post, where Woodward and Bernstein broke the Watergate story — was well aware of his pal Kennedy’s misuse of the tax and investigative agencies. Not only did he not report it, he allowed himself and his paper to be manipulated by information JFK had wrongly obtained.

This totally changes the Watergate narrative. Nixon’s dirty tricks and enemy lists may have been creepy and wrong, but the press exposure of these misdemeanors came after years of ignoring similar and worse malfeasance by Democrat administrations.

That changes what Watergate means. That transforms it from a heroic crusade into a political hit job, Democrat hackery masquerading as nobility. The press turned a blind eye to the corruption of JFK and LBJ, then raced to overturn the election of a man they despised—despised in part because he battled the Communism many of them had espoused.

What is it Karl Marx said: History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce?

Read the whole thing. While the left launched Watergate to destroy Nixon, the discovery by the American people that It Didn’t Start With Watergate, as Victor Lasky accurately titled his 1977 book did much to make the distrust of government an “unexpectedly” bipartisan affair in the 1970s. Or as David Frum puts it in his 2000 book How We Got Here: The 70s The Decade That Brought You Modern Life — For Better Or Worse: 

Some blame Watergate for this abrupt collapse of trust in institutions, but not very convincingly. For one thing, the decline in trust begins to appear in the polls as early as 1966, almost a decade before the Watergate was known as anything more than a big hole in the ground alongside the Potomac River. For another, the nation had managed unconcernedly to shrug off Watergate-style events before. Somebody bugged Barry Goldwater’s apartment during the 1964 election without it triggering a national trauma. The Johnson administration tapped the phones of Nixon supporters in 1968, and again nothing happened. John F. Kennedy regaled reporters with intimate details from the tax returns of wealthy Republican donors, and none of the reporters saw anything amiss. FDR used the Federal Bureau of Investigation to spy on opponents of intervention into World War II—and his targets howled without result. If Watergate could so transform the nation’s sense of itself, why did those previous abuses, which were equally well known to the press, not do so? Americans did not lose their faith in institutions because of the Watergate scandal; Watergate became a scandal because Americans were losing faith in their institutions.

Which brings us back to Andrew Klavan’s article above, in which he writes, “History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce…Like the Nixon takedown, the attacks on Trump come after years of turning a blind eye to the corruption of a Democrat. Obama’s IRS campaign against the Tea Party? His lies about Benghazi? His Fast and Furious fiasco? His shutdown of a massive drug investigation to appease Iran? No big deal. Obama was, as almost every mainstream outlet has declared, ‘scandal free.’”

Read the whole thing.

GREEN NUDE EEL SNEAK PREVIEW: The world’s first solar road has turned out to be a colossal failure that’s falling apart and doesn’t generate enough energy, according to a report.


Related! Apparently earth’s CO2 levels are as high as they were 800,000 years ago and inquiring minds want to know who was responsible back then.

No doubt Fred and Barney lighting up their Winstons at the quarry contributed mightily to prehistoric global warming.

UNEXPECTEDLY: Automakers Need to Start Worrying About the Batteries Lurking in Older EVs. “A number of electric vehicles in the United States are about to celebrate their 10th birthday. A bunch of them are Nissan Leafs, the first mainstream BEV made widely available in the U.S. market.”


“A refurb program is needed to help owners who were affected by Gen 1 vehicles,” Kan-ade said. “I believe that these early battery failures are part of a learning curve that was passed on to the consumer. Nissan offered a battery replacement program for $5,500, but unfortunately they quietly raised the price to $8,500.”

Despite Nissan being among the first automakers to confront these issues, it is not the only one that has to confront them. Other automakers are facing similar problems stemming from hybrid cars, and we’re just a few years away from a glut of all-electric Teslas coping with an identical plight — followed swiftly by every other automaker that decided to build BEVs at scale.

Among the biggest concerns is resale value. With no refurb solution, owners will essentially be forced to throw a car onto the secondhand market needing thousands in repairs. Sure, they could foot the bill themselves, but why bother replacing the most expensive component in your vehicle just to sell it? Likewise, why would the average used-car buyer choose to spend the cash when they’re already in search of a bargain?

These are questions a lot of us have been asking for a long time, because once battery capacity is diminished far enough, what’s left of an EV is basically disposable.

My modest proposal: A recycling fee in excess of whatever tax incentives EV owners might have received.