April 25, 2017

THE 21st CENTURY ISN’T WORKING OUT THE WAY I HAD HOPED: “Behold Bill Nye, supposedly the ‘science guy,’ bucking to become Bill Nye the Weimar Guy…with this effusive embrace of Rachel Bloom’s rendition of ‘My Junk Sex.’”

Related: Pre-WOKE vs Post-WOKE? Before and after of Bill Nye discussing gender is social justice MAGIC.

WHY MORE MEN are getting Botox. “They’re simply having more procedures done because they want to maintain the competitiveness in an increasingly ageist workplace.”

AS IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT ALREADY: The EMP Threat From North Korea Is Real, and Terrifying.

SCIENCE: Vegans Suck at Science. Here’s The Proof.
The 6 Biggest Lies About Eating Meat.

TEACH WOMEN NOT TO RAPE! (CONT’D): Female teachers: The sex offenders no one suspects.

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IT’S COME TO THIS: “Sure, the Pulitzers were just handed out, but there’s always next year, and the fine folks at RedState would like history to remember that they not only had the scoop on Lahren’s butt warmer, but published the details before the judge ruled.”

HOW LIKELY IS IT THAT A POLICE OFFICER IN SIMILAR CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD EVEN BE CHARGED? A Detroit Teen Accidentally Shot Two Cops He Thought Were Breaking Into His Home. That said, this was a bad idea.

I HEAR THEY’RE BOTH VERY NICE PEOPLE: Chelsea Clinton Has Some Very Committed Fans.

CHANGE? Trump administration to defend contraception mandate required under Affordable Care Act.

President Donald Trump promised religious groups he would reverse the Obama administration’s requirement that employers provide birth control to their employees under the Affordable Care Act.

But his Justice Department indicated Monday that it’s continuing to fight religious groups who are suing over the contraception mandate.

The Justice Department has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit for an additional 60 days to negotiate with East Texas Baptist University and several other religious schools and nonprofit groups objecting to a requirement to which they are morally opposed.

Bureaucratic inertia or a genuine flip-flop?

A HEARTWARMING STORY: Knoxville firefighter makes ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ catch to save baby.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: State Champion Football Coach May Be Fired for Being White.

When you stop judging men by the content of their character, eventually you’ll run out of men of good character.

PRIVACY: Of Course Unroll.Me Sold Your Data to Uber.

It didn’t surprise me one bit that the company was selling my data. Unroll.Me is a “free” service, and people should be savvy enough by now to know that there is no such thing as free. The engineers, marketers, executives and other employees of Slice Intelligence need their paychecks, and I need a less cluttered inbox. I’d expect a service I grant permission to go through my emails to get something in return. In fact, it says as much in Unroll.Me’s privacy policy, if users take a minute to look through it.

For a few bucks a month you can buy your own domain with its own email addresses, and set up dummy accounts for anything requiring email registration.

I’ve found that cuts down on spam significantly.

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SONNY BUNCH: Five Suggestions to Help Democrats Connect With ‘Most People’

You’ll like Sonny when he’s helpful.

OUT: TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT DRUGS. In: Talk to your kids about Math.

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ENDORSED: David French: Congress needs to mandate larger penalties for public universities that indulge the student-radical mob. Actually, I suspect Betsy DeVos can do this under existing law.

VIDEO: Obama: ‘If You Had Pictures of Everything I Had Done When I Was in High School, I Probably Would Not Have Been President’

The long-suppressed Khalidi tape from when he was all grown up might have done the trick.


GOOD LORD: Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live then takes own life.

HE SHOULD LOOK AT HOW TARGET AND FOX HAVE DONE LATELY BEFORE HE CAVES: Limbaugh: Looks like Trump is ‘caving’ on border wall.

FINALLY! Flying Ubers Coming To Dallas.

ALLIES: Turkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria, US officials say.

Those killed didn’t just include Syrian “moderate” rebels, but some of our Kurdish allies.

HMM: Malware hunts and kills poorly secured Internet Of Things devices before they can be integrated into botnets. But is it really “malware,” then? “It’s still entirely possible the goal here is to actually help the internet by killing poorly-secured hardware before they can be conscripted into the shitshow that is the internet of things.”

DIFFERENT SINGER BUT THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME: Mattis Slams Taliban as Being ‘Not Devout Anything’ After Massive Base Attack.

FIRST BERNIE SANDERS, NOW ELIZABETH WARREN: Elizabeth Warren to Berkeley protesters: If you don’t like Coulter’s speech, just don’t go.

It’s good advice, but I doubt it will be heeded. Brownshirts gonna brownshirt.

NICK GILLESPIE: Comedy and Moralizing Still Go Together, Sadly.

You can serve sauerkraut and scotch together, but that doesn’t mean they go together.

SO I READ JOHN HAWKINS’ NEW BOOK, 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, and it’s really quite good. An excellent graduation present.

A HOSTILE EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT ON ACCOUNT OF SEX AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: University of Texas, Austin: Frat Vandals Issue Statement. Well, if the university doesn’t investigate this, it’ll be evidence.

BROWNSHIRTS ON PARADE: BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation. “As the protesters were taken out from the lobby, they all chanted in unison ‘We’ll be back.'”

At least it wasn’t Antifa. But if you really want to make these a fashion accessory on the right, lefties, you’re going about it the right way. I don’t think that will turn out well, though. This country worked hard to build a culture of peaceful, respectful political disagreement, and you’re flushing it without thinking about the consequences, just because of feelz. And because people are being paid to organize it.

UPDATE: More: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation.

On Facebook, Joshua Sharf writes: “If the press were fair, they’d ask every Democrat everywhere to denounce this. Then again, if the press were fair, the Free Beacon wouldn’t be the only ones reporting on it.” Yeah, if Tea Partiers had done this at the Urban League’s HQ, we’d be hearing wall-to-wall reports of how fascism had arrived in America.

EUROCIDE: Kill the EU.

Nationalism is a persistent feature in the political landscape, but it usually lies dormant. Nationalist political movements come to life in the presence of an irritant or an achievable ambition. The European Union acts as a major irritant to nationalism in two ways.

Number one: A multinational governing project is bound to override the wishes of individual nations, especially less powerful ones. The post-financial-crisis governance of the European Union revealed that the government in Brussels had not dissolved realpolitik. If the choice was between the interests of German bondholders and Greek or Irish debtors, the dispute would always be resolved in favor of Germany. Elect a recalcitrant and rebellious government in Athens if you like; it doesn’t matter. The real bosses are in Brussels.

The European Union’s structure, in which most decisions are made by the European Commission, is undemocratic. The commission is not elected, and sometimes the leaders selected to it, like England’s Neil Kinnock, are politicians who have just lost an election. Similarly, Poland’s Donald Tusk ascended to be president of the European Council just before Poland tossed his Civic Platform party out of government at home.

I wasn’t kidding earlier today when I wrote that the “backlash to the backlash to the backlash is when things will turn truly ugly.”

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Ace has some thoughts on professors who can’t tell a student paper they disagree with from rape.

Related: David French: Do Some Feminist Professors Even Know What the Word ‘Rape’ Means?

Feminists will dismiss this as “mansplaining,” but that’s okay because mansplaining seems to just boil down to “pointing out obvious facts to hysterical feminists.”

THIS ONE’S FOR JEFF GOLDSTEIN: What You Should Know Before You Set Foot on a Ladder.

DEAR TWITTER: Please stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton happen.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘WE,’ KEMOSABE? Obama’s Iran Deal Was Much Worse Than We Suspected.

This is from David Harsanyi who suspected quite a lot all along:

What if Donald Trump had unilaterally shut down every investigation into Russian espionage, released over 20 suspected Russian spies, struck a deal to get rid of sanctions against Russia—in return for honoring deals that had been signed years before—and then lied to the American people about the entire episode?

That’s the Obama Administration’s Iran deal. It might have been the first time the United States has offered extensive concessions to a nation that has continued to destabilize its interests, for nothing in return. But Barack Obama didn’t just support Iran’s position over our allies like Israel (no surprise there, considering his antagonism) or Sunni nations—he supported it ahead of his own Justice Department’s 30-year counterproliferation efforts.

It wouldn’t be fair to ask whose side Obama was on, because even Politico has made that perfectly clear.

BART TAKEOVER ROBBERY: “I can’t believe they won’t/can’t make the video available so these criminals can be caught. Is that really the law in California?”

I think it’s more about preventing undesirable narratives. Of course, it has the opposite effect.



Related: Glenn in the San Francisco Examiner: Citizens have the right to record police.

WELL, THAT SORT OF THING DOES TEND TO IMPRESS A WIFE: Husband hailed ‘hero’ after fighting off ‘eight-foot’ shark that mauled his wife.

YOU DON’T SAY: At 100 Days, Trump’s No Russian Stooge or Fascist.

OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD: Rachel Maddow Could Be Big Winner In Wake Of O’Reilly’s Ouster.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Carol Swain: College Students In Safe Spaces Aren’t Being Educated.

THUNDER RUN TO SEOUL: Assessing North Korea’s War Plan.

My own guess is that ROK forces would fight very well—especially on defense. But there are ways in which North Korea may attempt to undermine ROK morale: Both sides consider the other to be cousins awaiting liberation and this could be used as part of a skillful information operations campaign—particularly if ROK forces seek to advance into the North. The possible combat performance of DPRK forces is even less predictable. On the one hand, the DPRK population has been brainwashed from birth. On the other hand, North Korea’s people fear their own leadership and are often on the brink of starvation. It is possible that they might fight fanatically, but also that, given a chance, they would turn on their leaders. We simply don’t know.

The second main variable is the potential DPRK use of WMD. Finding and killing these will be a high priority for ROK/US commanders, but it is possible that some will survive, especially in the first few days. The North’s leaders may decide to use chemical weapons for battlefield advantage or, if they fail to enter Seoul, may seek to blackmail the ROK government with the possibility of chemical or even nuclear attack against it. Of course the use, or even threatened use, of WMD might invite US retaliation in kind, but a desperate or simply risk-taking Kim regime could gamble that our side would blink first.

The third and related variable is what the DPRK regime would do in defeat. Facing defeat, it is possible that army commanders, or even their troops, would turn on the leadership and depose the regime. On the other hand, if Kim retains enough control over his forces but believes that he is on the brink of being deposed, it is possible that he could—with nothing left to lose—simply unleash whatever WMD he still possesses.

Fascinating read, highly recommended.

CLAIRE BERLINSKI: Turkish democracy didn’t die all at once in last week’s referndum; it’s been languishing for years. Why did so many in the West fail to notice?

On April 16, Turkish voters narrowly approved a referendum that replaced their country’s parliamentary democracy with an “executive presidency.” Steven Cook, of the Council on Foreign Relations, was quick to pronounce modern Turkey dead. “RIP Turkey, 1921–2017,” read the headline of the article in which he explained that the Turkish public “gave Erdoğan and the AKP license to reorganize the Turkish state and in the process raze the values on which it was built.”

He rightly noted that the powers afforded the new presidency are vast. The office of Prime Minister has been eliminated; the President, once titular, now has sole and unsupervised authority to appoint and dismiss most judges, all ministers and other high officials, as well as issue decrees with the force of law, dissolve parliament on any grounds, and command the armed forces. Cook wrote that the passage of the Teşkilât-ı Esasîye Kanunu—the Law on Fundamental Organization—marked Turkey’s transition in 1921 “from dynastic rule to the modern era,” and this referendum, he added, brings the era to an end. . . .

I don’t single out Cook for special opprobrium. His name is just first, in alphabetical order, on a long list of experts who pronounced respectful ex cathedra encomiums to the AKP’s democratic instincts, often in near-identical language, throughout this period. This kind of praise, coupled with intimations that the AKP detractors were nothing but a bunch of rotten elitists who hated democracy, issued from a series of prominent think tanks, human rights organizations, university departments, and newspapers in the West. It poured forth, too, from the State Department, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, the IMF, the World Bank, the Council of Europe, and a long list of advisers on promising emerging-market investments. No English-speaking, literate Turk could regard these folk with anything but contempt. It is something of a mystery why this happened, and a torment; it is a story that we should try honestly to understand.

I’m going with a mix of bribery and the soft bigotry of low expectations.

THOMAS RICKS: The Air Force doesn’t have a pilot crisis, it has a leadership crisis.

The United States Air Force is facing a crisis, seemingly a recent one, which will define the service for decades to come.

This “Dear Boss” letter is instructive for describing exactly why so many pilots are choosing not to stay in the Air Force, and are instead leaving to go to the airlines. There is a deep lack of faith in leadership at all levels of the Air Force, but especially at the Squadron Commander and above levels, and, from within, it seems that the organization is promoting toxic managers (not leaders) who are not promoted on their merits, but instead on how well they toe the party line.

Complaints range, but highlights are; a lack of accountability, protection of the deficient leaders at all costs, overemphasis on promotion versus performance, and too much “queep” (an Air Force term for paperwork). There is no single root cause for pilots bailing out in such large numbers, and the issue contains much more nuance than simple bad leadership, but there is a glaring problem that is a significant contributor, and helps illuminate the distinct lack of Air Force leadership: In the USAF pilots are not provided the opportunity for meaningful leader development. I will explain.

Clear out the deadwood, give pilots enough jets to fly, and allow them much more flight time.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. “The thing about Subway’s sandwiches is that they’re … adequate.”

IN MY USA TODAY COLUMN, I explain that Howard Dean is a constitutional illiterate.

TRIGGERED: Antifa Activist Punches Journalist on Camera, Then Claims Self-Defense.

HERE WE GO AGAIN? Writers Guild Members Vote for Strike Authorization With 96% Support.

The WGA released the results Monday, a day ahead of the resumption of contract negotiations on a master contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. A work stoppage could start as early as May 2, after the current three-year master contract has expired.

The AMPTP issued a statement in response to the strike authorization announcement: “The companies are committed to reaching a deal at the bargaining table that keeps the industry working. The 2007 Writers Strike hurt everyone. Writers lost more than $287 million in compensation that was never recovered, deals were cancelled, and many writers took out strike loans to make ends meet. We remain focused on our objective of reaching a deal with the WGA at the bargaining table when the guild returns on April 25th.”

I’d have more sympathy if most movie scripts didn’t seem to come out of an automated factory, untouched by human hands.

PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: It’s official: Berkeley hit with lawsuit over Coulter lecture.

The University of California, Berkeley was just slapped with a lawsuit over its mishandling of Ann Coulter’s scheduled lecture on campus.

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) filed a suit in federal court suing the school for violating their rights to free speech, due process, and equal protection on Monday. The suit, which is available on YAF’s website, names several Berkeley administrators along with University of California President Janet Napolitano as defendants.

“Though UC Berkeley promises its students an environment that promotes free debate and the free exchange of ideas,” the suit says, “it had breached this promise through the repressive actions of University administrators and campus police, who have systematically and intentionally suppressed constitutionally-protected expression by Plaintiffs … simply because that expression may anger or offend students, UC Berkeley administrators, and/or community members who do not share Plaintiffs’ viewpoints.”

Citing the school’s adherence to its vague “high-profile speakers” policy, the suit charges Berkeley with applying the policy in a way that discriminates against conservative speakers.

Since that’s clearly true, they should have a strong case.

HMM: Trump opens the door to delaying funding of border wall.

The president said — according to tweets from conservative media at the gathering this evening — that his administration could get the funding for the wall this week or they could come back to it in September.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) quickly seized on the remarks in an off-camera response Monday evening saying it’s good for the country that the president is taking the wall off the table in the funding negotiations.

“It’s good for the country that President Trump is taking the wall off the table in these negotiations. Now the bipartisan and bicameral negotiators can continue working on the outstanding issues,” Schumer said in a statement.

When Chuck Schumer talks about bipartisanship, keep a hand on your wallet.

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QUESTION ASKED: Will Dem Leaders Be on Board with Bernie’s Big Tent? “Warren, Pelosi underscore their pro-choice credentials after Sanders stumps for pro-life candidate.”

That there’s this much controversy over the existence of less than a handful of pro-choice Democratic candidates shows that the Big Tent is a myth. But expect to see the appearance of change if the Dems decide to get serious about taking the House next year.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Founder of fake encyclopedia to fight fake news.


GOOD MORNING: Start it off with Liz Sheld’s Morning Brief.

RASMUSSEN DAILY TRACKING: Trump Approval: 51/49.

IT’S COMPLICATED: French election is a backlash to the backlash.

The backlash to the backlash to the backlash is when things will turn truly ugly.

THEY TOLD ME IF DONALD TRUMP WERE ELECTED WE’D SEE OPEN RACISM ON CAMPUS. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Students demand Pomona rescind offer to prof because she’s white.

WILL BAUDE: The Supreme Court’s double standard for qualified immunity cases. Qualified immunity is a judicial fiction, the result of activist judging, and has no basis in the Constitution. What we need is a single standard that recognizes this.

JOHN HINDERAKER: Liberal Policies Are Devastating America’s Young. Especially America’s young men.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Ann Althouse on a piece by NYU vice provost Ulrich Baer: “I don’t think I have ever read 4 consecutive sentences containing as much bad writing and bad thinking. I’m a bit awestruck at the badness. I’m certainly glad that it was published. I was going to criticize it, but I think it speaks for itself. I’ll just say thanks for hanging your ideas out where we can see them.”

Our credentialed-but-not-educated elites at work.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: Jennifer Bard Sues University Of Cincinnati In Federal Court, Seeks Reinstatement As Law School Dean. Here’s the complaint.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: What Comes After Whittier Shutdown? Plans to close law school spark questions about future shutdowns and worries about impact on student access.

IT’S A RACKET! Stefan Molyneux on “Climate Change”.


AREN’T HER FIFTEEN MINUTES OVER, YET? Chelsea Clinton, Precocious Regurgitator Of Daft, Left-Wing Bumper Sticker Morality.

LOOK, IT’S NOT A PAIR OF PANTS. IT’S A PANT:For the love of Levis, please stop ruining denim.


Reading about this strange little controversy reminded me of my college art school experiences, and also filled me with dread. Back in the 1990s I experienced the decaying practices of upper level art education. I can only imagine what the bullying identity politics and virtue signalling of Progressives have turned university art programs into for today’s wishy washy Millennials. From what I have encountered, sophistry has completely devoured the credentialed art world, and inside that bubble, specious double talk stands in for artistic accomplishment.

FORGET THE MARCH FOR SCIENCE:An April for Engineering?

THEY IS DOING IT WRONG: Fostering Allies.

IT TAKES A HEART OF STONE NOT TO LAUGH LIKE AN HYENA: Hillary camp scrambling to find out who leaked embarrassing info.

TECHNOLOGY IN THE FUTURE MAY NOT BE AS CLOSE AS IT APPEARS: Flying car successfully completes its first flight.

MAYBE THEY CAN BOIL A LIGHT BULB AND CHANGE AN EGG? Survey: 1 In 5 Adults In The UK Can’t Change A Lightbulb, Boil An Egg.

JOBS? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING JOBS:Cuomo’s war on pipelines is crushing New York’s economy.

The projected loss to the region by 2020 adds up to 78,400 jobs and nearly $7.6 billion in economic activity and “the displacement of $4.4 billion in labor income.” New York alone would see $1.6 billion less in state GDP and the loss of 17,400 jobs. Youch.

Already, Northeasterners shell out 29 percent more for gas than the US average and 44 percent more for electricity. Industrial customers pay twice the national gas average — and 62 percent more for power.


I’m so old, I remember when the left chastised white male patriarchal stalkers because they supported a Clinton woman.

And Chelsea is even less ready for her close-up than Norma Desmond Hillary Clinton.

Click to watch.

April 24, 2017

ENDORSED: It’s Time to Crush Campus Censorship. Historically, of course, the only way to get lefties to endorse free speech is to start jailing commies.

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IN MY USA TODAY COLUMN, I explain that Howard Dean is a constitutional illiterate.

COUNTER-TERRORISM: Garland terror victim to FBI: Did you sit on your hands while I got shot?

“SMART DIPLOMACY:” A LAST WHIMPER. ‘Empty words’: Samantha Power’s apology for this Obama-era offense is ‘too little, too late.’

AT AMAZON, spring deals on Men’s Athletic Shoes and Sneakers.

THAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER-PHRASED: Josh Earnest: Obama will jump in and criticize the new administration if Trump crosses any, er, “red lines.” “I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking it too, as is everyone who worked for the Obama administration on foreign policy: ‘Since when does Obama enforce red lines?'”

Well, murderous third-world dictators need love and understanding. But Republicans. . . .

FASTER, PLEASE: After Decades of Work, a Malaria Vaccine Is Here. “Three African countries have been chosen to test the world’s first malaria vaccine, the World Health Organization announced Monday. Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi will begin piloting the injectable vaccine next year with young children. The vaccine, which has partial effectiveness, has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives if used with existing measures, the WHO regional director for Africa, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, said in a statement. The challenge is whether impoverished countries can deliver the required four doses of the vaccine for each child, the AP reports. Malaria infects more than 200 million people worldwide every year and kills about half a million, most of them children in Africa.”

It’s a start.

BETTER GASTROINTESTINAL DIAGNOSIS with ingestible “smart pills.” This goes beyond the swallowable cameras.

IN MY USA TODAY COLUMN, I explain that Howard Dean is a constitutional illiterate.

DEMOCRATS GONE WILD: With children on stage behind him, Perez told an audience in Las Vegas this weekend that Trump “doesn’t give a shit about health care.”

From the comments, a new GOP ad is suggested: “They won’t behave on stage. Imagine how they’ll behave with your money. The American people deserve better.”

It was just a few months ago they were going to the fainting couches over Trump. Remember? Hillary Ad: “Our Children Are Watching.”

KURT SCHLICHTER: Liberals Want To Kill Free Speech, So We Patriots Must Fight Back.

THIS WAS A PROBLEM WITH MY DAD. I DON’T THINK IT HELPED THAT, ALTHOUGH HE WAS AN ATHLETE IN HIS YOUTH, HE NEVER DID REGULAR EXERCISE. Muscle wasting and cachexia in heart failure: mechanisms and therapies. But doing squats before you’re old can’t hurt.


It has been a banner day for progressives who want to redefine our notions of free speech. Earlier today Allahpundit wrote about Howard Dean’s dubious argument that free speech doesn’t protect “hate speech.” Then Jazz Shaw wrote about a piece published by the New York Times which argues free speech should be restricted for the public good. For the third part of this hat trick, I direct your attention to the New Republic where Assistant Professor of English Aaron Hanlon has a piece titled, “Why Colleges Have a Right to Reject Hateful Speakers Like Ann Coulter.”

The New Republic is altering the deal. Pray they don’t alter it any further.

WHEN EVERYTHING IS TRANSPHOBIC, NOTHING IS: Activist Says Having ‘Genital Preferences’ In Dating Is Transphobic.

“Do your own thing” morphed into “Do what we say” so slowly I hardly even noticed.

FEEL-GOOD ITEM OF THE DAY: Man drinks 13 beers during a half marathon he didn’t train for.

A former high-school cross-country and track athlete, Farnan completed his feat at the Holy Half Marathon on April 1. He finished a Coors Light before starting the race, and then downed another at each mile marker. (He arranged for a friend with a backpack full of reserves to accompany him on a bike.) Still, he completed the race in 1:43:42, running just under eight-minute mile splits, and captured the whole thing using a GoPro. (See it here; includes some not-safe-for-work language.)

“There was no point where I thought I wouldn’t finish,” Farnan says, despite deciding to run just the day before the race. “I thought, you know, I’ll do it, but I haven’t been training properly. How do I run it without being worried about my time?” The answer was “beer.”

Isn’t it always?

CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: Texas “Illegal Knife” Repeal Bill Unanimously Passes Committee. As usual, following Tennessee’s lead.

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT MONOPOLY CITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF VIOLENCE? BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train in Oakland station, rob weekend riders:

According to a police officials, witnesses said 40 to 60 juveniles flooded the station, jumped the fare gates and rushed to the second-story train platform. Some of the robbers apparently held open the doors of a Dublin-bound train car while others streamed inside, confronting and robbing and in some cases beating riders.

The juveniles “committed multiple strong-arm robberies of bags and cell phones,” said a police summary prepared after the incident. “At least two victims suffered head/facial injuries requiring medical attention.”

Alicia Trost, a BART spokeswoman, said Monday that seven robberies had occurred — with victims losing a purse, a duffel bag and five phones. Six people were robbed inside the train car, with a seventh confronted on the platform, she said.

Oakland’s last Republican mayor left office 40 years ago.