May 27, 2017

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: After-school staff allegedly locked boy inside ‘torture’ compartment. “A 6-year-old boy was repeatedly jammed into a dark hole in a closet ceiling by sadistic staffers at an after-school program inside a city school, The Post has learned. After being hoisted by the crotch and lifted headfirst into the pitch-black compartment as a form of punishment, the terrified kindergartner would be locked — ‘kicking, screaming and crying’ — inside the tiny classroom closet for ‘God knows how long,’ his mother Porsche Gaddy told The Post.”

FASTER, PLEASE: Getting Serious About Terrorism.

GUY BUYS MOVIE TICKET, INTERNET OUTRAGED: “After years of progressives demanding that businesses bake cakes and open bathrooms, it’s cathartic to see them reverse their position when it offends their consciences. Miller is offering them a minor, even friendly, clinic on the brave new world they have created.”

Read the whole thing.

MICHAEL WALSH: Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Hillary Clinton.

PORTLAND USED TO SEEM KINDA PEACEFUL: Two Good Samaritans Stabbed to Death Trying to Stop Man Yelling Slurs on Portland Train.

THIS IS ABSURD. WHY, JUST LOOK AT ANY PHOTO OF TOM PEREZ! Study: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists.

WEIRD THAT THIS ISN’T GETTING MORE COVERAGE: “French President Emmanuel Macron praised President Donald Trump’s ‘capacity to listen’ and his ‘intention to progress with us.’ Macron hailed this as ‘one of the true outcomes of this G-7.'”

(Via Richard Grenell.)


However, apparently bodyshaming is the worst thing you can do: Why This Blogger Called Out a Traveler for Body-Shaming Her. Including this somewhat depressing note: “The average clothing size of American women is 16 to 18.”

But wait, there’s more body-shaming anger: Aly Raisman Slams TSA Agent After ‘Sexist’ Incident: ‘I Am So Sick of This Judgmental Generation.’ Me too, Aly, me too.

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GREGG ALLMAN HAS DIED: Complications from liver cancer killed him. He will be buried in the same cemetery in Macon, Georgia, as his brother, Duane, and Allman Brothers Band bassist, Berry Oakley. Gregg Allman wrote Whipping Post, a song I admire.

I see Glenn posted on this previously, after I read his post about the mysterious Australian SOS and went elsewhere online. Here’s the wikipedia on Whipping Post. Here’s a link to the YouTube of Whipping Post performed at the Fillmore East in 1970.

R.I.P., Greg Allman.

MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS OF GILLIGAN: SOS Message Has Australian Police Scratching Their Heads.

OBAMA’S LEGACY: Richmond Trooper Killed by Gunfire, Cop-Killer in Custody After Overnight Manhunt.

SEE, I’D LAUGH AT THIS, BUT IF THE WORLD’S A COMPUTER SIMULATION ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE: Scientists Are About to Perform an Experiment to See if The Human Mind Is Bound by Physics.

The interesting thing is, if we’re a computer simulation, scientific atheism becomes problematic. If there’s a God in the code, then there’s a God in the code. Even if it was just put there by Koschei The Deathless (“Who made things as they are,” or coded them, whatever) to satisfy Jurgen’s grandmother. And given the state of software, the fact that Koschei, though fussy and well-meaning, isn’t very effectual also makes sense. . . .

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SPOILER: IT’S SOCIALISM! With all that prime farmland, why are Venezuelans starving? “Having attempted for years to defy conventional economics, the country now faces a painful reckoning with basic arithmetic.”

Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. Even if you have massive oil reserves and a climate where practically anything will grow. Plus: “The cause of the starvation is obvious. Even under the most benevolent of socialist regimes, the government is ill equipped to operate such a complex system. And this one is far from benevolent, with the party leaders more interested in ensuring their own comfort and security than that of the rank and file. But all of this was predictable because, as we’ve said here more times than I can count, this is how socialism ends. Every. Single. Time.”

Socialism will never go away for the same reason that Ponzi schemes will never go away: On the one side, it appeals to the greed of the marks to get something for nothing, and on the other hand, it appeals to the greed of the people running the scheme, who don’t care what happens to the marks so long as they get theirs. Did I mention that Hugo Chavez’s family is worth billions now?

ALAN DERSCHOWITZ: Russia Probe Sounds Like Stalin’s Secret Police.


In recent years, scientists have plumbed the molecular depths of the body and surfaced with tell-tale biomarkers of aging, some of which extend to the brain. Now, researchers are harnessing another tool, neuroimaging, to measure the organ’s age, and using that to predict how long a person will live…

…Cole and his colleagues recently devised their own technique of predicting the biological age of people’s brains using a combination of machine learning and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

As for determining if someone is brain dead, voting for Hillary is definitely a tell-tale marker.


I’ve been encouraging the GOP donor class to address this problem for quite a while. So far with limited effect.

It’s also the case, of course, that men pay for most healthcare, while women consume most of it. So perhaps both are being rational.

IT’S NOT THAT I DISAGREE WITH THIS NECESSARILY, it’s just that the “it’s compassionate to provide less care” thing sure seemed to pick up as soon as ObamaCare passed. Can Comfort Care At The ER Help Older People Live Longer And Suffer Less? “Ouchi had pursued emergency medicine to rescue victims of gunshot wounds and car crashes. He was unprepared, he says, for what he encountered: a stream of older patients with serious illnesses like dementia, cancer and heart disease — patients for whom the life-saving techniques he was trained to perform often only prolonged the suffering.”

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GARY TAUBES WILL NOT BE SURPRISED: Researchers find link between sugar, some cancers.

THEY REALLY DON’T SEEM TO WANT ANYONE LOOKING INTO THIS: Few public answers to puzzle in Congressional IT investigation.

WHEN I WENT LOW-CARB MY TRAINER TOLD ME TO SWITCH TO WHISKEY FOR THIS VERY REASON: How much sugar is in a glass of wine? I don’t like especially sweet wines, but I don’t care for the puckery tannic ones my brother likes either. But the total amount of carbs in a glass of wine isn’t all that high, really.

WE HAVE THE WORST POLITICAL CLASS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. When Al Franken body-slammed a demonstrator: “‘I got down low and took his legs out,’ said Franken afterwards…’I was a wrestler so I used a wrestling move.'”


HMM: Kushner Proposed Communicating with Kremlin Through Russian Systems.

THEY TOLD ME IF DONALD TRUMP WERE ELECTED PRESIDENT, OPEN SEXISM WOULD RUN RAMPANT. AND THEY WERE RIGHT! Man Buys Movie Ticket, Breaks Internet. “In other news, the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has announced several women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. . . . A man bought a ticket to see a movie. The movie theater sold him that ticket. He says he plans to sit quietly in his seat and enjoy the film, just like everybody else who bought a ticket. Here’s a sample of the reaction so far to this completely commonplace occurrence.”

Bake me a cake, feminists.

JUDICIAL WATCH: Hundreds Vote Illegally in North Carolina after Court Bans Election Integrity Law. “Less than a year after a federal appellate court sided with the Obama administration to strike down North Carolina’s election integrity reforms, a state audit reveals that hundreds of votes were illegally cast by felons and non-citizens in just one election. Voter impersonation, double voting and irregularities in absentee ballots sent via mail also tainted the election, according to the investigation conducted by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE). The probe analyzed records from the 2016 general election.”

The reputation of the judiciary is already sinking. If voters believe that it’s allowing voter fraud, it will sink much further.

UPDATE: Related: Paul Mirengoff: Trump resisters in robes: the Fourth Circuit’s travel ban decision.

IN THE MAIL: From Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

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HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE, LEGAL EDUCATION EDITION: The Number Of Law School Graduates Has Fallen 28% Amidst Declining Demand For Legal Services.


“Celebrate diversity” morphed into “Conform, proles” so slowly, I hardly even noticed.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Trump Faces the Fury of a Scorned Ruling Class: The ‘threat’ that has elites quaking is his serious attempt to curb federal power and cut spending.

A lobbyist friend who visited Capitol Hill recently came away horrified. “I now am ready to believe that the partisanship is so unhinged that it’s a threat to the Republic,” she writes in an email.

This Washington hysteria comes at a time of full employment, booming stocks, relative peace and technological marvels like an electronic robot named Alexa who fetches and plays for you songs of your choice. What’s the fuss about?

We all know the answer: Donald Trump. The Washington body politic has been invaded by an alien presence and, true to the laws of nature, that body is feverishly trying to expel it. These particular laws of nature demand rejection of anything that threatens the livelihoods and prestige of the permanent governing class.

The “threat” that has Washington quaking is the first serious effort in a long time to curb federal regulatory power, wasteful spending, and a propensity to run up mountainous budget deficits and debt. That’s presumably what the voters wanted when they elected Donald Trump. Democrats—accurately regarded as the party of government—seem to fear that Mr. Trump might actually, against all odds, pull it off.

The Washington Post, the New York Times and other apostles of the Democratic Party have apparently set out to prove that despite their shaky business models they can still ignite an anti-Trump bonfire.

So far, what they’ve gotten is people cheering when journalists are shoved to the floor. Plus:

The Washington community knows how to fight back when it feels threatened. Leakers are having a ball, even if it has taken a lot of journalistic imagination to turn the most notorious leaks into “scandals.” Almost everyone in town has a stake in fending off the Trump threat: government workers and the businesses that serve them, public unions, lobbyists and their clients, owners of posh hotels and restaurants that cater to well-heeled visitors seeking government favors, journalists whose prestige derives from the power center they cover, academics who show politicians how to mismanage the economy, real-estate agents feeding on the boom—to name a few. It’s a good living, and few take kindly to a brash outsider who proclaims it is his mission to drain the swamp.

Mr. Trump is on the attack and Washington is fighting back. Is the Republic in danger? Another question is how much danger will it be in if Mr. Trump loses?

I don’t know why these people think that Trump voters will just stay home and sigh if the Establishment wins. It’s likely to be something much uglier. That the Establishment can’t even conceive of other people besides itself deciding to ditch the rules is just one more reason that it’s unfit to govern.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: This is what it’s like to be struck by lightning.

REMEMBERING A PRESIDENT THE PRESS WORSHIPPED — AND COVERED FOR: JFK’s last birthday: Gifts, champagne and wandering hands on the presidential yacht.

KNIFE RIGHTS UPDATE: Texas: A HUGE 2nd Amendment Victory: No More Illegal Knives.

ALL AMERICAN WEEK BLAST: The 82nd Airborne Division’s annual celebration. This year is special — it’s the division’s 100th birthday. The division was formed in 1917 as an infantry division. In 1942 it became an airborne division.

TURKEY ISSUES ARREST WARRANT FOR BASKETBALL STAR: The Turkish government says Oklahoma City Thunder Enes Kanter is a terrorist. He belongs to the Gulen Movement.

Kanter was detained last week in Romania after the Turkish government revoked his passport. In a video about it, Kanter said Erdogan is the “Hitler of this century.”

Kanter returned to the United States, via London, on Monday using his green card. Kanter, who claims he routinely gets death threats, said in interviews following the incident he was woken up by his manager in the middle of the night in Indonesia a few nights before and told the Indonesian “secret service and army” were looking for him because he is a “dangerous man.”

Kanter told reporters he plans on becoming a United States citizen.

The Turkish government believes Gulenists were behind the 2016 coup.

FROM MAURICE STUCKE AND ARIEL EZRACHI: Looking Up in the Data-Driven Economy.

SHE-WOMEN MAN-HATERS CLUB: Salon’s Misandrist Assault On Critics Of Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Premiere.


ILLEGAL DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE: How Team Obama tried to hack the election.

New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials.

The irony is mind-boggling: Targeting political opposition is long a technique of police states like Russia, which Team Obama has loudly condemned for allegedly using its own intelligence agencies to hack into our election.

The revelations, as well as testimony this week from former Obama intel officials, show the extent to which the Obama administration politicized and weaponized intelligence against Americans.

President Trump needs to launch a major investigation, and fire a lot of people. And maybe prosecute some folks from the Obama Administration. This is much worse than Watergate, which only involved bugging a single office. Obama basically bugged America.


UPDATE: From the comments: “Seems to me that if anyone is doing Russia’s bidding, it’s jackasses like this guy and Brennan and Comey and the Democrat Party.” Well, if you assume the Russians’ goal is to divide and weaken the United States, whose actions since the election have contributed more to that?

HISTORY: Why Did U.S. Postmasters Once Have So Much Political Cachet?

Honestly, the partisanship and corruption of our current “nonpartisan” civil service are making me rethink the Spoils System.

CHANGE: Tillerson breaks tradition of holding Ramadan event at State Dept.

OUR FRIENDS THE TURKS: Turkey seeks arrest of NBA star Kanter.

Turkey issued an arrest warrant on Friday for Turkish NBA star Enes Kanter, accusing him of being a member of a “terror group”, a pro-government newspaper reported.

A judge issued the arrest warrant after an Istanbul prosecutor opened an investigation into Kanter’s alleged “membership of an armed terrorist organisation”, Sabah daily reported.

Kanter, 25, a centre for Oklahoma City Thunder, previously backed Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen in Twitter postings after an attempted putsch last July aimed at ousting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey accuses US-based Gulen of ordering the failed coup and refers to the movement as the “Fethullah Terrorist Organisation” (FETO). Gulen denies the claims.

We’ll see if Erdogan’s new powers stretch as far as Oklahoma City.

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: When a Dem Congressman Attacked a Student Journalist, the Media Didn’t Bat an Eye.

FOR STRCITLY PEACEFUL PURPOSES: Iran says it has built third underground ballistic missile factory.

Or maybe this one should have been filed under “Thanks, Obama.”

PREDICTION: THIS WOULD GET A LOT MORE ATTENTION IF HE WERE A REPUBLICAN. De Blasio Aide Who’s President of Manhattan Young Democrats Arrested for Horrifying Child Porn.

This will be treated as a “local crime story.”


That Twitchy link is just a fraction of the abuse Miller is receiving; click on his Twitter feed and keep scrolling for much more.

Speaking of which:


JUST THINK OF THEM AS DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE: Dylan Byers admits on CNN that reporters tell a progressive story defined by Obama and Hillary.

Earlier: “Why would you trust a campaign?”

May 26, 2017

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JUSTICE: Judge overturns life without parole sentence for DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo.

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SO, HERE’S SOME SWELL NEWS TO START THE WEEKEND OFF RIGHT: Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that if we knew what he knows about terror threats in this country, we’d “never leave the house.”

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I think he left off “unarmed.”

LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS: Push to get more anti-Israel activists into power at American Anthropology Association.

The countermove is to get state legislatures and trustees to defund travel to their conferences, and departmental memberships. In fact, given the widespread Gramscian damage, a move to defund all conference travel, and all departmental memberships in academic associations, would be an effective move.

A MEASURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Charges filed against Tim Kaine’s son, others who crashed MN Capitol Trump rally. “The chaos that counter-protesters brought into the Minnesota Capitol in March during a rally in support of President Donald Trump included smoke bombs, mace in people’s faces and fireworks, prosecutors said Friday as they announced charges against eight people. . . . ‘When people seek to prevent others who are peacefully assembled from making their voices heard, it threatens the very foundation of our democracy and I am very pleased that we have gathered sufficient evidence to charge these individuals who we allege unlawfully took their counter protest activities too far,’ Choi said Friday.”



● Shot: The conservative mind has become diseased.

—Former GWB speechwriter Michael Gerson in the Washington Post today on Hannity and Limbaugh’s Seth Rich conspiracy theories.

● Chaser: Tim Kaine’s kid hit with criminal charges after disrupting pro-Trump rally.

● Hangover: De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography.

—Both from the New York Post, today.

NIXON WASN’T IMPEACHED, OF COURSE. BUT HEY, BILL WAS: Hillary Jabs Trump at Commencement Speech, Brings Up Nixon’s Impeachment.


Meet the new Hillary – just the same as all of the old Hillaries.

THE OBVIOUS COURSE OF ACTION IS TO SUE APPLE: Working Theory in Jet Crash: iPhone in Cockpit Is to Blame. “The theory is that the co-pilot plugged the device into a socket not meant for such things, which eventually caused the lithium battery to explode and ignited a fire in the cockpit.”

TO DO THAT, DON’T YOU HAVE TO GO AWAY FIRST? Obama Attempts Government In Exile.

The unprecedented extent to which the Democrats have tried to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, starting the day after the election, has done tremendous damage. But most of the tongue-clucking from pundits is aimed at Trump, for some reason.

CHARLOTTE ALLEN: We’re Living The Handmaid’s Tale Now, But Not The Way Feminists Think:

At first I scoffed. There couldn’t be any more unlikely a theocrat than Trump, what with his misquotes from the Bible and speculation that he hasn’t been in a church more than twice since the inauguration. But then I realized that the liberal paranoiacs were right. Except not in the way they think. Instead of seeing Atwood’s fictional Gilead as a near-future militant fundamentalist Christian elite dystopia, we should see it as the mostly secularist elite dystopia we live in right now.

Take those elite-class Wives. Liberals typically assume the 1% consists of striped-pants tycoons off the Monopoly board who reliably vote Republican and want to cram retrograde religious ideas down people’s throats. In fact, as social scientists (Charles Murray in “Coming Apart”) and political analysts (Michael Barone, writing recently for the Capital Research Center) have observed, it’s the Democratic Party that’s the party of the 1%: the tech and finance billionaires, the media and entertainment moguls who cluster in expensive ZIP Codes around metropolitan Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Washington.

Those folks aren’t known for their church-going, and they vote in favor of liberal social and economic causes from abortion and immigration rights to sustainable energy to higher taxes. They contribute heavily to political campaign, and with their upper-middle-class epigones they run the culture, deciding who gets banned on Twitter, which kinds of “diversity” are allowed on campuses, and what television programs we’ll be allowed to see. Today’s overclass Wives typically hold Ivy League degrees, “lean in” to high-status careers, and stand with Planned Parenthood.

We also have a rigidly defined caste of Marthas (and “Marthos,” their male counterparts), because the Wives and their high-earning husbands need them to mop their floors, care for their children, mow their lawns and trim their trees, all for bargain-basement wages. And so we have the irony of Malibu declaring itself a sanctuary city out of “solidarity” with its servant class, many of whom are in the country illegally, who can’t afford to live anywhere near their wealthy and high-minded masters and mistresses.

Finally, the Handmaids. As in the fictional Gilead, real-life elite-class Wives have something of a fertility problem, although it’s related not to environmental degradation but delayed marriages and childbearing attempts of women who pursue high-power careers. Thanks to 30 years of advances in egg-transfer technology since Atwood published her novel, today’s gestational surrogates don’t have to get into embarrassing “threesome” sexual positions with the Commanders and their Wives in order to do their jobs. And they tend to be drawn not from the ranks of political dissidents, but from the financially strapped Econowife class (military bases are common surrogate-recruiting centers) who are willing to put up with a year’s worth of uncomfortable hormone treatments and possible pregnancy problems for the $40,000 or so that they receive.

Related: How Serfdom Saved The Women’s Movement.

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: Yale Cements Its Line in the Academic Sand by Awarding the Student ‘Truthtellers’ Who Bullied Faculty. In 2015, an email over Halloween costume propriety prompted a public debate over free speech and race. Its conclusion is telling.

Related: Campus ‘Snowflakes’ Will Never Face the ‘Real World.’

WHY TRUMP GOT ELECTED, PART 1,322,217. “‘Far Cry 5’ Is About Living Under Fear in America. The game will put the player up against a Montana based cult and militia that has plenty of real world analogues:”

Dan Hay, creative director and executive producer of Far Cry 5, is standing in front of a TV displaying the word pressure, written out in all caps. PRESSURE. He’s telling a room of games journalists about the game he’s wanted to make since the 2008 recession, one that engaged with the rise of rural, American militias during Obama’s presidency. What if, Hay said, one of these groups so dedicated to preparing for the end days of America decided to actively push for it, instead.

But he couldn’t find enough support for the game: the core premise seemed “unrealistic.” After all, the world—the western world, it is implied—was “a global village.”

* * * * * * * *

Though the game’s “key art” and first teaser trailer focus only on the cult, Hay’s presentation (and many of the assets that Ubisoft sent to the games press for today’s embargo lift) additionally evoke a more mundane, almost idyllic Hope County: Bait shops. Main street bars. Little league fields. Two bedroom homes with flags out front. Taken alone, these parts of the FC5 press blast read like a love letter to the “fly over states” like Montana.

Responses to that key art over the past few days has been mixed, including arguments that FC5 will simply be about killing stereotypical, white “rednecks.” This response (and Far Cry’s own history) shows why this focus on “everyday” Montana is necessary. Far Cry as a series has always labored over transforming beautiful, distant places into chaotic playgrounds—these are even the words Hay uses to describe the series, “beauty and chaos”—and it has often done so with limited or mishandled interest in the inhabitants of these places.

Hat tip, Kathy Shaidle, who adds, “No word on when the same company will be doing a video game about Muslim terrorists.”

That’s different because shut up and maybe they’ll all go away.

Related: 7 Virtue-Signaling Celebrities Silent on Massacre of Coptic Christians.


Trump supporters, apparently, have it the worst.

For the vast majority of conservatives who work in entertainment, going to set or the office each day has become a game of avoidance and secrecy. The political closet is now a necessity for many in an industry that is among the most liberal in the country.

The Hollywood Reporter also weighed in on the subject. A magazine columnist decried the “new McCarthyism” facing conservatives in the entertainment business.

In an astonishing reversal of Hollywood history, just as liberals here once considered themselves an endangered species, so do conservatives today. They no longer are free to talk in the open, because they feel — rightly — we’re no longer prepared to listen, any more than they’re prepared to listen to liberals. There’s deafness on both sides.

Why are we acting like this is a “shocking,” “astonishing” new development, or the new blacklist is exclusive to Trump supporters? Roger Simon’s autobiography of his screenwriting days, was originally titled Blacklisting Myself when first published in early 2009 for a reason: in Hollywood, admitting that you were a supporter of President Bush or for simply not laughing at the reflexive Bush bashing by Learjet leftie Hollywood executives was a near-guarantee of losing a writing or acting gig.

Nothing has changed except for the level of hatred by the Hollywood left – which is now so bad, ABC cancelled Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing series, despite it being the number two-rated sitcom on the network,very likely because of its conservative tone.

I STILL MISS HARVEY’S, WHICH DID OLD-SCHOOL OLD-SCHOOL. The Stalwarts: 7 Classic Washington D.C. Restaurants. “The Restaurant of Presidents.” I didn’t realize that it still existed in the suburbs until I looked it up.

TRUMP’S RAMADAN MESSAGE: Holiday Can Strengthen Muslims’ Resolve to Battle Terrorists’ ‘Perverted Ideology’

RULE OF LAW: Byron York: On travel ban, judges reach ‘Trump only’ decision. “Chief Judge Roger Gregory’s majority decision is 79 pages long, but it boils down a single point: It doesn’t matter whether the text of the Trump order is constitutional, because the president’s previous statements about Muslims, made mostly during the campaign, prove that it is based in animus against a religion, and is therefore unconstitutional. . . . The majority’s decision, as laid out by Gregory, suggests a mind-bending possibility: If the Trump executive order, every single word of it, were issued by another president who had not made such statements on the campaign trail, the court would find it constitutional.”

The judiciary’s prestige-well is going to dry up pretty fast at this rate.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How to launch your own beer brand for $5,000.

Although I can’t help but think of an old joke I first heard in Napa. “How do you make a small fortune in wine? Start with a huge fortune…”

YOU DON’T SAY: Comcast customer satisfaction drops 6% after TV price hikes.

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And speaking of pain, in-between coughing fits, Hillary told graduating Wellesley students,  “There will be trolls galore, online and in person, eager to tell you that you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, or anything meaningful to contribute. They may even call you a nasty woman.”

Wow, she’s still really bitter about how her fellow Democrats discarded her in 2008 like Bill tosses used interns, isn’t she?

IS THERE ANYTHING IT CAN’T DO? Drinking coffee may help prevent liver cancer, study suggests. I’ve blogged about this before, but the evidence keeps piling up.

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BUT OF COURSE: De Blasio Confirms He Will March In Parade Honoring Puerto Rican Terrorist.

WHY ARE LEFTWING UNIVERSITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF INTOLERANCE AND VIOLENCE? Police Tell Prof He’s in Danger for Not Participating in Campus ‘No Whites’ Day.

HE’S NOT ACTING LIKE A COMMIE STOOGE: Trump Launches First FONOP in South China Sea. “For the first time since President Trump took office, the U.S. Navy has conducted a freedom-of-navigation operation in the South China Sea, provoking a predictable protest from Beijing. . . . This patrol has been a long time coming. Along with others, we have been wondering whether the Trump administration had so far declined to approve FONOPs in a gambit to solicit China’s cooperation on North Korea. If that logic indeed held sway early on, it seems that the administration has now changed its tune, rightfully recognizing that going easy on China in one dispute won’t guarantee its cooperation on another. The exercise also sends an important signal in its own right that the U.S. refuses to recognize China’s claims, and that it will not remain passive as Beijing seeks to expand its maritime reach.”


BANNING LOU REED: The Cultural Revolution Eats Its Fathers.

I wrote about the left’s counteraction to Reed just a few days ago.

S.C. SERIAL KILLER: Todd Kohlhepp pleads guilty in seven South Carolina slayings.

Todd Kohlhepp admitted his role in the deaths of seven people less than seven months after he was arrested when investigators checking on a missing couple rescued a woman “chained like a dog” inside a shipping container on his Spartanburg County property. “48 Hours” investigated the case in the episode, “Buried Truth.”

The woman, Kala Brown, had been raped and locked inside the container for more than two months after Kohlhepp shot and killed her boyfriend, authorities said. Charles David Carter, 32, was the last of the seven murder victims.

CBS News does not normally identify victims of sexual assault, but Brown has spoken publicly about her ordeal. She said on the “Dr. Phil” show in February that Kohlhepp raped her daily during her captivity and bragged that he was good at killing, claiming that his victims numbered nearly 100.

The plea deal keeps Kohlhepp from facing execution, but the story doesn’t say whether it includes cooperating on identifying any victims beyond the seven he pleaded guilty to killing.

HMM: Alzheimer’s deaths are skyrocketing, CDC reports.

PUTTING THE “C” IN GENOCIDE: Hunter College Offers ‘Abolition of Whiteness’ Class.

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ELI LAKE: Trump’s Allies, Convicted of High Crimes Without a Trial.

Flynn has yet to be charged with a crime. If there is evidence that he betrayed his country, it has yet to be presented. None of the many news stories about Flynn’s contacts with Russians and Turks has accused him of being disloyal to his country. And yet a decorated general has already been tried and convicted in the press.

None of this would be happening without some very dirty business from the national security state. It’s a two-pronged campaign. First there are the whispers. Anonymous officials describe in detail elements of an ongoing investigation: intercepts of conversations between Russian officials about how they could influence Flynn during the transition; monitored phone calls about how Flynn had lied about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to his colleagues; how Flynn failed to disclose his payment from the Russian propaganda network on his official forms. This prong of the campaign is at least factual, but the facts don’t speak for themselves.

The second and more insidious element here is the innuendo. Yates never says Flynn was a spy for Russia. But her public remarks to Congress and the media appear designed to leave that impression. As she told Lizza, Flynn was “compromised by the Russians.” This sounds far more sinister than Flynn’s explanation when he left his post in February. Back then he said he had forgotten elements of his discussion with the Russian ambassador that covered a wide range of issues.

Yates’s innuendo is nothing compared to that dropped by former CIA director John Brennan.

Read the whole thing and remember: The Deep State does what it wills.

CAN WE QUANTIFY MACHINE CONSCIOUSNESS? “Computationalism is based on the assumption that if two systems are functionally indistinguishable, they will be mentally indistinguishable. Because we experience the world, the argument goes, a digital computer that is functionally equivalent to us would necessarily also experience the world as we do—that is, it would also be conscious. But is this assumption warranted? To answer such a question, we need a principled, quantitative theory of what consciousness is and what it takes for a physical system to have it.”

I wrote a song once called Shut Up And Compute! but I’m not sure I actually adhere to that philosophy, whether in physics or in AI.

THE WINE-GLASS CEILING: Hillary on handling defeat: “Chardonnay helped.”

But maybe some of it went down the wrong way: Hillary Clinton has a coughing fit while delivering Wellesley graduation speech.

HAVE YOU HUGGED A FRACKER TODAY? Gasoline prices ahead of Memorial Day are higher than 2016, but second lowest since 2009.


The Constitution protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press not just for reporters, but for everyone. And the Constitution guarantees due process for the criminally accused. Someone who would “strongly condemn a politician committing assault on a reporter” might also demonstrate a love of constitutional values by refraining from assuming that a particular individual accused of committing a crime is guilty. The hesitation to condemn Gianforte — I believe, even though I averted my eyes from yesterday’s swarming and feasting — had to do with a fear that an audiotape was being exploited and possibly distorted to raise a sudden frenzy just as an election was occurring.

You talk about courage, but jumping into a frenzied mob isn’t a mark of courage. Show me everyone who without hesitation condemned Gianforte, and I’d like to know whether he or she either: 1. Wanted the Republican to lose the election, or 2. Was afraid of getting attacked for endorsing violence. Is there anyone left? Show me the man or woman of true courage.

You can forgive people for believing that any last-minute pile-on directed at at GOP candidate is probably a hoax, because it’s so often the case — and the news media, functioning as Democratic Party operatives with bylines, are not to be counted on for accuracy.

SKYNET (OR MAYBE HOWARD WOLOWITZ) SMILES: Meet the Most Nimble-Fingered Robot Yet.

KARL HERCHENROEDER: Dem Bill Would Require ‘Good Cause’ for FBI Director Dismissal.

How many more good causes would Comey have required?