April 15, 2010

HERE IN CINCINNATI, Helen and I have been interviewing people for PJTV. It’s surprising how many folks we encounter are viewers already.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity — who was supposed to do his show from here live — has had to go back to New York on some sort of personal emergency, but the folks here, though disappointed, still seem full of energy.

Here’s the empty Fox set, now being taken down. PJTV is still on the job, though! And there’ll be lots more Tea Party coverage at PJTV.com.

UPDATE: Here’s the backstory, sent by reader J.R. Ott who offers some unprintable comments about the executives at Fox.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Cincinnati Tea Party folks tell me that they had no deal with Hannity — he had a deal with the University of Cincinnati, and they had a deal with the University of Cincinnati, but there was no deal between them.

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