March 29, 2010

ANN ALTHOUSE ON WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: “Assuming these allegations are true, this is indeed a nefarious plan and it’s great that these people were caught. But I must also say that it’s interesting to see that Improvised Explosive Devices with Explosively Formed Projectiles, which, according to the indictment are ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ That blows a big hole in the notion that there weren’t weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that definitions shift according to circumstance. . . .

UPDATE: More, including some web-sleuthing, from Xeni Jardin.

And Ed Driscoll emails to note that WMD seems to be a rather flexible term.

ANOTHER UPDATE: More here. “Prosecutors said Stone had identified certain law enforcement officers near his home as potential targets. He and other members discussed setting off bombs at a police funeral, using a fake 911 call to lure an officer to his death, killing an officer after a traffic stop, or attacking the family of an officer, according to the indictment.” If this report’s accurate, they sound pretty stupid — but that’s not a big shock, I suppose.

Plus, comments from Bill Quick.

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