March 12, 2010


Tonight we held practice delegate training for Utah County so new people would know what to expect when they went to their neighborhood caucus and how to get elected as a delegate for the Republican Convention. The room was packed with people wanting to learn how to become a delegate. We have lists of everyone who attended their caucus meeting last year so people can get them to come out and vote for fiscal minded candidates.

Most have never participated in politics. Voting Senator Bennett out sentiment was extremely high. We have held these practice training sessions all over the state in the individual counties. We are getting organized.

UPDATE: Reader John MacDonald writes: “Tea Parties have to out -organize the community organizers well in advance of November elections or they lose the ground game on Election day to SEIU, ACORN.They have to win above the fraud factor.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Meanwhile, from Ohio, Justin Binik Thomas sends:

> New Tea Party, nearly 150 people attend.

> Members of the Pierce Township(Ohio) Tea Party came together for
> their first meeting on March 11.

> Brian Wills, guest speaker of the Cincinnati Tea Party and Scott
> Ross with End Ohio’s Estate Tax.

> Members were challenged to take petition packets and collect 30
> signatures each in support of End Ohio’s Estate Tax,
> a ballot initiative to end the death tax.

> Pierce Township Tea Party is the newest community group in the
> Cincinnati Tea Party

This is democracy in action.

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