February 28, 2010

AT AMAZON, warehouse deals.

UPDATE: Reader Jim Ramsey emails:

Shame on you for making Amazon so easy to link to and to use. I probably hit them almost as many times a day as I do you (their special deals are great), and have been doing more and more shopping there. This past week, I decided to get a netbook, and after two days research and talking to lots of folks, I decided on a Toshiba 205, and then ordered it from Amazon on Thursday afternoon. Chose “Free Shipping” and expected to wait for four to nine days to get it. It arrived Friday morning, less than 24 hours after ordering it. That is pretty damned impressive. The rest of my order (who orders just one item?) is slated to arrive on Monday, all less that the advertised time for free shipping. Every time I order from Amazon, I am impressed, have never been disappointed, and have had my loyalty grow. Thanks for all you do.

I do most of my shopping on Amazon, too. It’s easy and fun.

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