February 24, 2010

DANNY GLOVER: Toyota vs. Government Motors. “Toyota’s handling of the recall has been miserable. . . . But the evidence that the federal government’s recent entrance into the car business has influenced its antagonizing approach to the Toyota recall is quite convincing.”

UPDATE: Reader Chuck Allen writes: “NBC Nightly News last night led off with 11 straight minutes on the Toyota story. 11! Is this Toyota recall some great national emergency that I was not aware of? You would think they were trying to make a point rather than just report a story….” The trouble with state crony-capitalism is that everyone has a conflict of interest of some kind.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bill Reece writes:

First, NBC is owned by GE, whose President is the most vocal proponent of crony capitalism in America today and has been in the tank for Obama and his administration from Day One.

Second, if NBC were not covering Toyota, it would have to cover other less interesting stories, like say, the Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud (bet they haven’t devoted 11 minutes TOTAL to that story over the past 8 weeks) or Obama’s decision to drive the Democrats right over the cliff by doubling down on healthcare.

Much like the readers of the NYT, the viewers of NBC, assuming they do not get their news elsewhere, have a rather narrow and limited view of the world these days.

And I say this as someone who used to be a regular NBC news viewer. Emphasis on “used to be.”

That’s a large and growing group.

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