February 19, 2010

GREG GUTFELD: People Died, WaPo Lied.

I’m struck by how boringly predictable a respected journalist like Capehart can be.

I use “respected journalist” just for fun. Capehart is a tool.

I mean, seriously dude, you couldn’t have resisted, for a moment at least – that urge to… go there?

Look, I know you hate those damn teabaggers, but linking them to this horrible crime seems like a parody of jackasses like yourself. Maybe that was your goal: your comments were just an elegant satire on left-wingers! In that case, bravo. . . . In order for Capehart to link Stack to the tea parties, he had to deliberately omit key parts of the suicide note. You know, the stuff where Stack bashes Republicans, Bush, our current state of health care (which he says kills thousands), and of course, capitalism.

These people seem to labor under the apprehension that they have some remaining moral or intellectual standing. They don’t.

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