February 12, 2010

HAPPILY, THIS IS RARE. Especially as I have a tenure meeting next week. Alabama Prof Kills Three at Faculty Meeting After Being Denied Tenure. “Amy Bishop, a biology professor at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, allegedly shot and killed two biology professors and a staff person during a faculty meeting this afternoon in which she learned she was denied tenure.” Of course, maybe this is why we always have the Dean deliver the good or bad news after the meeting has ended . . . .

UPDATE: From Ratemyprofessors.com: “This class was great. Bishop makes the class interesting by talking about her research and her friends research. That speaker she had for class was hard to understand but smart. She expects alot and you need to come to every class and study. She is hot but she tries to hide it.And she is a socalist but she only talks about it after class.”

Reader George Berryman writes: “I’m guessing the ‘she’s a socialist’ part won’t get talked about much in the MSM. But if she had been a conservative it’d lead every evening news cast for two months.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Proposed TPM and LGF Headlines.

Plus, Steve Huff proves my point by missing it entirely. Good grief. Steve, follow the link just above for some — obviously much-needed — remedial reading.

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