February 12, 2010

A ONE-DAY SALE on the Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saw. I have no real use for one of these, but I’ve used one a few times so I still want one. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Jonathan Andrew emails: “If you don’t own one, it’s time: it can do what nothing else can when you need it the most. The example that comes to mind first, of all the times I’ve used mine (I got it refurbished and on sale at a local hardware shop), is freeing an old style toilet seat that was attached with steel nuts and bolts that were so rust-fused there was no longer any physical difference between them.”

Yeah, I know, but I just don’t do that kind of work much these days. Though at this price, it’s hard to resist.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Walter Milligan writes: “Trust me, the only reason you ‘have no real use for (the Sawzall)’ is that you’ve never owned one. Most useful tool ever invented! It also feels suspiciously like a machine gun when in use . . . ”

MORE: Reader Ralph Bennett writes: “One of the many delights of your site are the alerts regarding sales, etc. MILWAUKEE SAWZALL! It is an incredible tool. We have them on all our firetrucks (I’m a volunteer firefighter in my hometown, Ligonier, Pa.) and we have used them many times to saw through the roof and or pillars (even the strongly reinforced ones) when freeing victims from auto accidents. They are real stand-by.”

All right, all right, I give in. I ordered one.

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