January 31, 2010

DON SURBER: States Obama Would Lose If The Election Were Held Today:

Those states are Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

According to Surber Math those states carried 167 Electoral College votes in 2008 (2012 totals won’t be known until after the April 1 Census). Added to the 173 Electoral College votes that John McCain had and my friends, you would have a new president.

But the 2012 election is a long way off. Right?

Yeah, nothing for the White House to worry about. Move along.

UPDATE: Related: Chicago Cools to Barack Obama, Its Hometown Boy. “Gordy’s is the gathering place in this rundown, mainly black district. The chief topic of conversation is President Barack Obama, who started his political career as a community organiser in the area and whose wife, Michelle, grew up nearby. Over the past year, Clay, known as Cee Cee, has watched his clients go from soaring enthusiasm to deep disillusion.”

Plus this:

“Obama came to power because the American people were suffering from a bad case of charismaphilia,” said Milt Rosenberg, a social psychologist who hosts a radio show in Chicago. “But after a year of profligate spending and programmes, the public really didn’t want, like healthcare, the bloom is off the rose.”

Charismaphilia is out? That must mean that “charismaphobia” is in! Hey, maybe that gives me a shot!

MORE: “What the Obama Administration needs to learn is that everyone has an alarm clock, even if they are set for different times… “

STILL MORE: Chicago reader Fred Butzen writes:

Living in Obamaville as I do, it was quite common up through last autumn to see people wearing Obama T-shirts and campaign buttons – just as people in other parts of the country wear crosses or crucifixes. But now the buttons have largely disappeared, and the tattered Obama bumper stickers aren’t being replaced. And I’ve heard hard-core Democrats complaining that Obama is pulling the entire party down. Remember, Chicago’s unofficial motto is, “Don’t make no waves, don’t back no losers,” and Obama has “loser” written all over him.

With red ink.

FINALLY: Questioning Surber’s analysis.

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