January 25, 2010

JILL DORSON: Why I Regret Voting for President Obama. Another “rube” self-identifies. . . . Kinda fits in with this post.

UPDATE: Reader Elaine Curtis-Quick emails:

Saw Jill Dorson’s post about regretting voting for Obama, and one thing that bothered me was all the Palin bashing. From a woman, no less.

Do you think the rubes, like Dorson, who come to realize their mistake in allowing themselves into being swept up in the hype of Obama will ever come to the further realization that their extreme hatred of Palin is as much a result of media propaganda as their love of Obama was?

Actually, I think a lot of disillusioned Obama voters will double down on the Palin-hatred, at least at first, as a way of signaling loyalty to the tribe despite their problems with Obama.

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