January 23, 2010

GEE, THANKS MR. OBAMA: Reader David Davila writes:

Wednesday-Friday, the Dow lost 552 points, or 5.2 percent.

Thanks Mr. President!

Your new tilting at windmills ploy,errr, bad mouthing Wall Street, just blew up my 401(k), not to mention my other investments. Again. Right after they were just about even with the pounding they took a year or so ago. What a stellar job this administration is doing. Riiiight…

About now, I’m thinking if I wanted something screwed up, I can trust the Chicago boys to come through.

If I want something done right, the high school kid down the street who is always looking for work around the neighborhood would be a far better choice.

He’s prompt, cleans up after himself, does whatever work we give him with a smile on his face and sincere gratefulness for what he gets paid.

In other words he’s NOT a f_ck up, and the money he gets is earned and gladly paid by me. I’d nominate him to take Obama’s job right about now, he definitely wouldn’t screw it up as badly as this lot of clowns has/is.


My sense is that a lot of people feel this way. You know, the proletarian vanguard.

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