January 13, 2010

WHY IT’S WORSE THAN THE ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS SCANDAL: How The White House Used Gruber’s Work To Create The Appearance of a Broad Healthcare Consensus.

UPDATE: Reader Matthew Tanner writes: “That Gruber piece you linked to is quite compelling, all the more so coming from Jane Hamsher. She’s not ordinarily my cup of tea, but she’s really done her homework here and shown, beyond any real doubt, that the Administration willfully portrayed a ‘hired gun’ as a disinterested expert. To be sure, Gruber may genuinely believe everything he has said or written, and I presume he is a very smart guy. But for him — and the Administration — to so clearly conceal the very relevant fact that he is a retained consultant for the Administration — cannot be chalked up to an innocent oversight. And if these guys will hoodwink us on that, what won’t they try to hoodwink us on?”

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