January 8, 2010

A ROLE MODEL FOR THE GOP: Forget Reagan — try Domino’s. I saw one of those commercials for the first time last night. It was striking. I wonder how the ad campaign’s working.

UPDATE: Reader Joseph Dorsett writes:

I delivered for Dominos in Philly in College. Twenty-seven years later I found myself delivering for Dominos again doing the Dave Ramsey thing. I was surprised that the pizza was exactly the same as I remembered it. Consistency has it’s virtues but as America’s palate grew more refined it no longer works.

The Dominos I work at started seeing increased sales with the introduction of pasta and sandwiches. But it was truly a shock when we started seeing praise for the pizza coming across the order screens from customer on-line comments. It makes a difference to see praise instead of criticism come across from the internet comments. Which are displayed as a ticker in our store so everyone can see.

It’s not only improving the product but a renewed and strong emphasis on listening to the customer. Which is the other side of the sales equation that the GOP might want to follow.

And sales _are_ going up!


ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Mont McNeil writes:

We tried the “new Domino’s” last night after watching their online mea culpa/pledge to do better. It was actually pretty tasty – their new sauce recipe has a little red pepper in it, and I found it tasty (my wife thought it was a little too spicy – when’s the last time a Domino’s pizza could be accused of not being bland enough?) We’d become pretty loyal to Papa John’s for delivery pizza, but Domino’s is back in the rotation.

Domino’s has always been my last-choice pizza delivery. But maybe I’ll give ’em a try. But the GOP should note that it’s not just the commercials — they’ve actually listened to what people want and tried to improve their product.

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