January 7, 2010

CHARLES JOHNSON OWES ME A CORRECTION. Well, yeah. But cheap and bogus charges of racism are so common nowadays, that they don’t matter like they used to. And I’m not just talking about the ones from Charles.

UPDATE: Charles now updates, several days late, and says:

Reynolds updated his post again to say he does think the picture is racist, despite the appearance that he was excusing it (and I wasn’t the only one to think so). According to Glenn Reynolds, he was reacting against “cheap and bogus charges of racism.”

Except that isn’t what I said at all. I said that I thought the pic was racist, but was trying to be fair to the Democrat who sent it around when someone (Tom Maguire, hardly some white supremacist) suggested things might be otherwise. The “cheap and bogus charges of racism” bit is above. This is just as misleading as his original characterization of my post. In the past, I’ve relied on Charles’ assessments of other blogs and bloggers, and it’s now clear that was a mistake on my part.

Charles, I wish you well, but . . . well, I don’t really have much else I want to say right now.

UPDATE: Reader Rollory writes:

The most amazing thing about Charles Johnson is how he did the same thing to multiple people, one after another, over the course of two years, and in every case, everybody who might have had some impact by speaking out about it and pointing out what a dishonest liar the man is, stayed quiet and either said nothing or empty platitudes like “I don’t know all the details” and deliberately ignored the repeated and clear pattern of behavior. Until, that is, he gets around to them, and all of a sudden they’re shocked and surprised that he could be such a dishonest liar.

What can I say, Ed? You’re right. I trusted him — even though I stopped reading or linking him much years ago because he seemed kinda extreme — and I was wrong to do so. As penance, I guess now it’s my turn for the Two-Minute Hate.

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