January 1, 2010

DEMOCRAT EMAILS racist photoshop of Obama.

UPDATE: Or is it racist? Rush Limbaugh actually was a shoeshine boy. Yeah the racial stereotype is a bit shaky — when I was a kid I knew older brothers of friends who did that; even in Birmingham, Alabama they were white. By the time I was a teenager, of course, shoeshines were on the way out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Boy, bend over backwards to avoid accusing a Democrat of racism and what do you get? Slagged by Charles Johnson. Oh, well. That’s what I get for my generosity, these days . . . .

MORE: I’ve been banned by Cassandra. Man, I can’t catch a break.

STILL MORE: Okay, reader Michael Demmons thinks I’m excusing racism here. Well, my first reaction here was that the pic was racist; I was trying to be fair by noting Maguire’s response. I still think the pic was racist, but now that every criticism of Obama is called racist, I suppose I’ve gotten jaded . . . .

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