December 5, 2009


I can’t wait until my nephew is old enough for the Snap Circuits electronics kit. I’m guessing next year. . . .

Plus, there’s always The Dangerous Book For Boys. Okay, it’s not technically a “toy,” but . . . .

UPDATE: Reader John Henry emails: “My grandaughter was almost 5 last Christmas and I bought her one. Partly as an excuse to play with it myself. She loved it. She could even figure out some of the simpler things by herself once I had shown here. Bottom line, don’t wait to buy one for your nephew. Do it now.” Hmm. Okay. He’s awfully smart for 5, so it might work out.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Looking good — reader James Doherty writes: “I got that for my son when he was 4. At that age, he needed help with the instructions, but he snapped the parts together himself. Much like legos, but with switches, lights and noises. Extremely cool.”

MORE: Further suggestions here.

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