November 28, 2009

READER DAN ROHR sends this photo and report from today’s St. Louis Tea Party rally.

A worthwhile event I’d say. About 1500 people, 4 K9s, about 10 speakers. A poem was very well thought out. I’d rate a few of the speakers pretty high:
James O’Keefe – nailed ACORN
Jay Steward – He was the highlight, me thinks.
Some fellow from pre/post Castro Cuba was inspiring.


UPDATE: Stephen Green writes:

From that photo on your site, it looks like the event was held at the St. Louis Muny. It’s an amphitheater in a huge natural bowl in Forest Park, and seats more than 10,000. So it really is huge. People sitting in the back rows (where that pic was taken) would have a lousy view. Were people sitting up there just because they wanted to? Or did they have to, and attendance was much higher than the reported 1,500? Can’t tell from the shot, but it’s got me curious.

Here’s the view of the stage from the back row, where that picture was taken.


Yes, later reports are saying over 4,000 people. Plenty of crowd shots there, but is it the same venue? Looks similar, but I think it’s a different one . . ..

ANOTHER UPDATE: Christopher Johnson emails: “From what I understand, it was held at Kiener Plaza downtown, a few blocks west of the Gateway Arch. There’s an amphitheater there and various events are held there all the time.”

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