October 24, 2009

SWINE FLU UPDATE: In Oakland County, Michigan, “Vaccination Hell.”

Related: Obama declares swine flu a national emergency.

But Mickey Kaus wonders if it’s all trumped-up. I think, though, that the reason they’re not bothering to distinguish between H1N1 and seasonal flu is that at the moment, there isn’t really any seasonal flu yet. If it’s flu, it’s swine flu.

UPDATE: Swine flu cases overestimated?

And more skepticism from Michael Fumento. Plus, several readers think this is a case of Rahm “never let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel at work — declare a health crisis and it makes national health care look somehow more urgent. But while I discount the “Swine Flu Vaccine Is Obama’s Katrina” talk, their handling so far isn’t something I’d put forward as an actual argument for more government involvement in health-care delivery.

More here, including the full text of Obama’s order.

MORE: America In The Midst of Two Major “National Emergencies.” “President Obama’s swine flu declaration is the 33rd national emergency declaration since 1976.”

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