October 11, 2009

WHITE HOUSE: Gay rights marchers? Where? “He knows this march is happening, and he can’t even acknowledge it?” Hey, that’s the same way he treated the 9/12 Tea Party protesters . . . .

UPDATE: White House official calls gays part of “Internet left fringe.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Orin Kerr seems to think my linking of John Aravosis’ headline above is misleading. Well, follow the link and watch the video and make up your own mind. I think the White House is clearly trying to marginalize the gay-rights protesters which — as noted above — is their standard response to protest.

And hey, I was the one who was too quick to praise Obama for his gay-rights speech. So I could be wrong . . .

MORE: White House Retreats. Greenwald, Aravosis, not impressed.

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