October 1, 2009


Two officers of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire Police Department removed Carol Shea-Porter and Susan Mayer from a February 2005 town hall event hosted by then-President George W. Bush at the request of the owner of the property, a spokesman for the Police Department tells NowHampshire.com.

The revelation contradicts statements made by Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter as recently as this week that she was not removed from the event. . . . Shea-Porter has been criticized in recent weeks by state Republicans and national conservative media for her incendiary rhetoric and behavior aimed at constituents who oppose health reform measures in Congress. She has referred to participants in so-called taxpayer tea parties as “tea baggers” and refused to apologize when made aware of the sexual connotation of that phrase.

Her hypocrisy in criticizing the town hall protesters is just that much more notable now.

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