September 27, 2009

MORTICIA and two Wednesdays. I always liked Morticia. Particuarly the Carolyn Jones Morticia.

UPDATE: IowaHawk emails:

In 1966 my hero Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was commissioned by ABC TV to build a custom car for the Addams Family (a la the ‘Munsters Koach’ that George Barris built for the rival CBS show), but by the time Roth completed it the series was canceled. The car — featuring a trunk made out of a baby coffin — eventually toured the car show circuit under the name “Druid Princess.” My pal Fritz Schenck restored it last year, and it went up on the auction block at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA yesterday. A steal at $185,000.

I could totally see the Spanish first family driving around in that.

Heh. Indeed.

Then there’s the history of Jed Clampett’s truck, which was built by Barris.

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