September 15, 2009

ACORN: GREAT MOMENTS in gatekeeping. “Let’s pose the question this way. If the Federalist Society, which got a heaping helping of demonization during the John Roberts and Samuel Alito confirmation hearings, started giving advice to prospective pimps and hookers on tax evasion and hiding child-prostitution rings, does anyone think that the Charlie Gibsons and the Papers of Record in the US would let that slide to the cable networks? Or would it headline their outlets, complete with a dissection of Federalist Society support for Republicans?”

UPDATE: Charlie Gibson: Dan Rather Wearing Mary Mapes’ Underwear.

And Steven Den Beste writes: “Think O’Keefe will get a Pulitzer Prize for this expose? heh heh heh… yeah, right.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: That ACORN name change can’t come fast enough . . . .

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