September 13, 2009

ON SALE: Automotive Diagnostic Scanners.

UPDATE: Reader Rainer Kissel writes:

Re. the Amazon auto scanner sale: Be advised that these scanners can only monitor those items covered by the OBD II standard, namely those deemed important for emission control.


They can not work with the numerous proprietary codes governing transmission, brakes, suspension, climate control and much more.

To get those codes, a scanner tool containing vehicle specific software is needed. Tools like these typically run in the $ thousands range. Then the yearly updates for the new car models cost extra, many hundreds at least.

Often the factory-issue tool/software combo is the only one covering everything. Now we’re talking tens of thousands of $$. Quite an investment. Not practical for most independent shops. One reason they need to charge high hourly rates, something many customers don’t appreciate.

I didn’t know that.

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