September 12, 2009



UPDATE: Reader Debra Fitz writes: “Are you aware that your link to the DC rooftop camera now shows empty streets and a flag at full staff, while your screen shot from awhile ago shows thousands of people and the flag at half staff? What’s going on?” Beats me. Either it’s an old pic now, or the crowd has moved on.

And another reader emails: “Is someone tampering with the DC Traffic Cams? The pictures on Fox News don’t match what is being displayed by the Cams. Could they be running a closed loop from an average Saturday? I can’t find any demonstrations on the Traffic Cams!” I doubt it, but maybe someone can look into things.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader John Coppella writes:

I’ve been watching them all morning. The view from the cam you initially
posted showed a sizable crowd gathering for quite some time (about 2 hours?)
and then it quite clearly began moving toward the Capitol. You could follow
the crowd’s progress very clearly on the other traffic cams positioned along
Pennsylvania Ave. I don’t think there’s any conspiracy or technical
problem — it’s just that everyone’s on the Mall now and you can’t really
see the crowd from that specific camera.

That makes sense.

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