September 11, 2009

A CLICKABLE MAP of L.A. pot dispensaries. Plus some unsupportive comments from Xeni Jardin: “I live in an LA neighborhood in which there are far more weed dispensaries per square mile than Starbuckses. Almost without exception, the ones around here are shady, creepy and not professionally run. My favorite is either the one where the ‘clinic’ is split into two parts, one of which doles out 420, the other Botox and Juvederm injections (same doctor doing the prescriptions for both, apparently). Or, the other one where bikini-clad, hard-eyed Euro-hos jump right out at you in the street, grab you by the arm, and squeal, ‘Hiyeee! Doo yoo vant to get leeegal?’ No: I want to punch you.”

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