August 21, 2009

ANDREW KLAVAN: A Subtle Theological Point.

According to Ben Smith over at Politico, President Barack Obama gave some theological weight to his health care plan during a phone call to a group of Rabbis the other day. Referring to the belief that God decides during the Jewish New Year “who shall live and who shall die,” Obama told the rebs, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”

In response to this statement I would like to make a subtle theological point: No, we’re not. For those of you who aren’t versed in the finer points of theology, let me try to simplify that for you: No. We’re not. Or to put it even more simply: No. We. Are. Not.

Related: Obama’s Twisted Faith. As when Obama started talking tonsillectomies and cardiology, he’s opened his mouth and revealed his ignorance. I’d just as soon, of course, that the President didn’t try to justify policy on religious grounds — and, until January 20, so did most of the media and punditocracy — but this effort is particularly lame.

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