August 19, 2009

JOSH MARSHALL: “Let’s be honest with ourselves: the American right has a deep-seated problem with political violence.”

You mean like the violence against Ken Gladney? A peaceful black guy beaten by thugs who called him the N-word? Who wouldn’t have a problem with that? Oh, wait, I get it . . . .

UPDATE: A reader sends this, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Steve Walsh writes: “Josh Marshall has apparently forgotten about the assassination attempts on Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. I find it both comical and disturbing that he equates the carrying of a legal gun to a political event with the Oklahoma City bombing. Insanity, not political affiliation, is the common thread among Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, John Hinckley, Francisco Duran, and Timothy McVeigh.”

If you’re looking for lefty violence, what about Lee Harvey Oswald, who by any objective measure was far-left? As for the legal carrying of guns, Marshall has — in a rare turn of events — gotten himself out of sync with the White House message. I’m sure he’ll rectify that posthaste.

And reader Richard Samuelson writes, “Don’t forget the Black Panthers, who Obama won’t prosecute.”

MORE: Media Barely Noticed Legal Gun-brandishing By Black Panthers in 2000 Protest. Doesn’t fit the narrative. You can usually figure out what the narrative’s supposed to be, and if there’s any doubt Josh will usually tell you, though in this case he got a bit too far out in front of the White House.

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