July 26, 2009

MICKEY KAUS: Orszagism Reeling: “Orszagism–the idea that health care reform will be able to dramatically ‘bend the cost curve’ and solve the long-term budget crisis, without compromising care– suffered a couple of blows in the past 24 hours.” Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: A reader — shockingly, a man of the cloth, so I’m leaving him unnamed — writes: “Glenn, I find it deeply disappointing that you have a headline like ‘Orszagism Reeling’, and then follow it with budget and health care issues. C’mon! With a lead-in like that, can’t we have something on porn, or at least prostitution? :-)”

Blame Kaus for the tease, not me. But I’m scheduling a post on “maintenance sex” for later, so maybe that will meet the day’s need for prurience.

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