July 9, 2009

NOW IT NEEDS DEFENDING? Biden defends fed stimulus. But this man can draw a crowd! “About 200 people gathered behind the former American Can company building to hear Biden speak.”

Only some of them were the ones he was defending it from:

Biden indirectly addressed Boehner and a group of protesters gathered outside of the factory. . . . The organizers of the Cincinnati Tea Party, a group opposed to using federal funds for local projects, issued a statement against stimulus spending.

More coverage here:

The Cincinnati Tea Party used the Vice President’s visit to reiterate the group’s opposition to using federal funds for local projects. Mike Wilson, the President of the Cincinnati Tea Party, joined others in a gathering this afternoon to voice their concerns. Wilson said, “We were told that the stimulus was necessary to prevent unemployment from reaching a peak of 9.1% in the second quarter of 2010. We were told that the stimulus would create a lower peak of 8 % in the third quarter of 2009. Last week’s official number of 9.5% showed that the Tea Parties organizers were right and the Obama-Biden administration was wrong.”

And also here. Nice job of piggybacking on the Biden story by the Cincinnati Tea Party folks.

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