July 4, 2009

READERS ARE SENDING PHOTOS FROM TEA PARTY PROTESTS AROUND THE COUNTRY. Here’s one from Perrysburgh, Ohio, sent by reader Chris Zarecki, who reports about 3,000 people attending.


Here’s one from Bel Air, Maryland, sent by reader Maya Leonetti. The Debt Star makes another appearance!


Here’s one from Washington, DC sent by reader Larry B who writes: “Several thousand here, more arriving.”


And here’s a news report from Pittsburgh. Plus, from the Christian Science Monitor: Round 2 of Tea Party protests: a political powerhouse in the making? We’ll see.

And here’s one from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Reader Matt Drachenberg emails: “Crowd estimated at 1,500, in the rain.”


Plus, David Vickers writes from Kansas City:

It’s hard to people from Kansas and Missouri to agree on much, but over 2,000 of them agreed to come out on July 4 to celebrate freedom and express common political views. This is looking across State Line Road from Leawood, Kansas into Kansas City, Missouri. The Tea Party stretched over 5 blocks on both sides of the state line.

Only one local affiliate showed up to cover it.

Lots of families. LOTS of horn honking by supporters.

He sends pics, too.


And here’s one from Lansing, Michigan, sent by Blogging Prof Chris Kobus: “Glenn, About 2000 attendees so far and the event hasn’t even begun! (attached pic) I’ll update my site when I can find a hotspot.”


UPDATE: Reader Harold Combs writes from Hernando, Mississippi. “Over a thousand people filled the Courthouse square in the little Mississippi town of Hernando, where John Grisham got his start, to tell our representatives that we have had enough and we won’t take it any more. This Tea Party thing is taking off.”


And here’s a press report from Tallahassee’s Tea Party protest:

Citizens in Tallahassee participated in the latest round of “Tea Party Protests” today, joining people in many cities around the country. Local attorney Pace Allen, founder of taxteaparty.com, organized the event that took place in front of the steps of the Historic Capitol on North Monroe Street. . . . A large group of protesters of all ages gathered in support of the cause around noon, including many families. A stand offered “tax free tea” and there were tables containing petitions and fliers. Most stood near the road, holding signs with slogans like “American, Not Socialist,” “Don’t tax me, bro” and “R.I.P. GM. Murdered by bailout.”

Also, here’s a report from Syracuse, and here’s one from Frankfort, Kentucky:

Hundreds of Kentuckians carrying flags, signs and brown-bag lunches gathered at the Capitol steps to protest taxes and government as part of a national effort known as the “tea party” movement.

The Saturday rally was organized by the group TEA Party of Kentucky – with TEA standing for “taxed enough already.” Similar rallies were held in other cities statewide and nationwide.

The Frankfort event featured music and speakers as those gathered sat on walls and in lawn chairs they brought from home. All age ranges were represented in the crowd, from babies in strollers to retirees.

Stay tuned.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s a report, with photos, from Boston.

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