July 4, 2009

JIM GERAGHTY: “The lesson that the ruthless corners of the political world will take from the rise, fall, and departure of Sarah Palin that if you attack a politician’s children nastily enough and relentlessly enough, you can get anybody to quit.”

And I don’t want to hear any of that dishonest have-you-no-decency posturing from the usual moral poseurs if that happens to somebody they like. They have sown the wind.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “I’m not even a Sarah Palin fan, but her treatment by her political opponents has been outrageous.” Yeah, that’s how I feel, too. I don’t know if it was really all about Trig or not, but the explosion of nastiness has been something to behold, and it will, as always, trigger a similar response at some point.

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