July 3, 2009

HOUSTON TEA PARTY: The organizers say 7-10,000 showed up, and send this picture of Steve Crowder (also seen on PJTV) addressing the crowd.


UPDATE: A more negative take on Houston, here. Plus, in Chicago, a tale of two tea parties.

Also, I’ve apparently underestimated the diversity of the movement.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Kevin Menard writes:

I suspect a lot of the problem with Chicago’s multiple parties and the Houston report is because it really is a grass root effort and not astro-turfed. T he Dallas party is both unfortunately placed (Southfork Ranch is on one end of the Metroplex) and too much of a day long event for someone with kids and pre-existing commitments. My 4th was committed long before these were scheduled. Most of the folks I know locally likewise. From living in Houston, I am not sure Discovery Green is any better a location. The original parties were in the evening in areas where people were – not conflicting with a host of other traditions.

Good point. And the Houston Tea Party organizers write:

Eh, the guy doing the negative report seemed to come and try to find the nuts in the crowd :/ can’t really control who shows up, and we didn’t discriminate much on tables. The truthers were removed though.

Numbers came from the police estimates they gave us. Definitely many times more that 2000. We do admit our sign-in efforts failed to even get a third of attendees, the area was just too open.

That’s breaks with grassroots organizing.

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