June 30, 2009

WHAT WAS YOUR WORST JOB EVER? Mine was probably working daytime shifts in the ticket office at the Smoky Mountain Passion Play in high school. I had been in the cast the year before — playing an apostle and understudying Simon of Cyrene and the “thief on the left” — but went to the ticket office because I literally made more money than Jesus, they presumably being influenced by the admonition about the kine that tread the grain. It wasn’t really that bad, just very dull, and you had to clean the restrooms to get ready for the evening’s show.

UPDATE: You don’t know how lucky you are, boys. “These people have no conception of what bad jobs are. And the frightening thing is that they may find out before the reign of The One, who many of them voted for, is over, because he seems to think that state planning, as occurs in the extreme there, should reign over the market.”

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