June 29, 2009

LIVEBLOGGING the Nashville Tea Party. “Guest veteran gets huge cheers from the crowd, ‘I was offended by being called a racist redneck teabagger,’ says our veteran, who is an African-American female.”

UPDATE: More from Nashville’s Channel 5: Thousands Protest Obama Policies In Nashville.

Four thousand local protestors took over Legislative Plaza Monday to protest a new energy initiative by President Obama. The “tea party” protest also took aim at universal health care.

The event marked the third time this year protestors have held similar rallies in Nashville.

“More than half of Americans feel the way I do,” said protestor Karen Entz. “That should be represented on the national news, and it’s not.”

Protestors said they felt like their conservative voice has not been heard. They want that to change.

Yes, it’s a much higher crowd estimate than the Tennessean blog above. The Tennessee Tea Party site claims 2,500. Perhaps the folks at the Tennessean accidentally omitted a zero? . . .

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