June 28, 2009

OBAMA VS. THE WATCHDOGS: A roundup on the Inspector General firing scandal.

Plus, growing legs? “There is no need to worry that IG-Gate will disappear. The story may stay below the MSM radar for a few weeks, but if you’ve spent years watching how scandal stories unfold in Washington, IG-Gate looks like one that will keep making headlines for months. . . . There are experienced, energetic investigators diligently at work on IG-Gate, and there will be plenty of headlines to come. . . . Whether your own members of Congress are Republicans or Democrats, you should call or e-mail them, or speak to them in person when they hold a town-hall meeting or appear at your local Fourth of July parade. They’re all about transparency, right? Ask your members of Congress what they’re doing to safeguard the independence of the inspectors general.”

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