June 14, 2009

REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS WRONG TO question people’s patriotism? That was then, this is now. “Before you know it, Sullivan will claim the Mormons are behind Ahmadinejad.” Only if it gets attention.

You think that’s mean? You obviously aren’t reading Bill Quick.

UPDATE: Iranian thuggery confuses the Left. “Does the American Left – after eight years of whining about make-believe tyranny – not know how to react to actual tyranny when it sees it in action?”

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Really, Sully? I mean, really? WTF goes through someone’s mind when they dream up an idiotic comparison between (a) Karl Rove, a Republican political strategist, and (b) Mahmoud Ahmadinejed, a Jew-hating genocidal maniac?”

Hey, don’t dump on Sullivan here. At least he’s picking on Karl Rove and not one of the Palin kids.

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