June 13, 2009


Hundreds of protesters showed up outside the Wortham Theater in Houston to let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know they weren’t happy with Washington. Protesters held signs saying they were upset with the stimulus plan. They also called for tax cuts, spending cuts and a major change in congress.

Protest video at the link. And another report here:

Those who attended paid $19 to $144 to hear her answer questions about international and national affairs and discuss her book, Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters.

In front of the Wortham Center, activists offered their own greetings to those attending the speech.

“Turn back while you still have the chance! Don’t support the liar!” Doug Audirsch, of Porter, shouted while hoisting a sign over his head that called for “Less 1984 — More 1776.” . . . Police estimated the crowd at 600. Houston Police Department officials at the scene said there were no reported incidents or arrests.

These protests just keep happening. Here’s a picture from a reader.


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