June 12, 2009

UNHAPPY AT AMERICABLOG: Obama DOJ lies to Politico in defending hate brief against gays. You know, one of the things I thought I’d like about Obama was his gay-rights position. But now I’m wondering if a Cheney administration wouldn’t be more liberal on this subject.

UPDATE: Declan McCullagh: Gay Rights Groups Irate After Obama Administration Lauds Defense Of Marriage Act. “In hindsight, perhaps, it should be no surprise that Mr. Obama is shying away from this front in the cultural wars. He broke faith with liberal supporters over warrantless wiretaps, the repetition of the Bush administration’s arguments on ‘state secrets,’ and the continuation of the Bush administration’s indefinite military detentions of terrorism suspects. The surprise should be that some supporters seem to have confused a politician’s campaign promises with his actual policies.” With fierce moral urgency.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Boy, this is turning out to be a shitty Pride Month.”

MORE: Moe Lane: “I thought that I’d at least like Obama’s position on gay issues, too. It’s just that I more or less stopped doing that when I saw the exit polls for Proposition 8.”

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