May 28, 2009

ROBERT FARAGO: “The Associated Press called it: GM is set to enter popular parlance as ‘Government Motors.’ When the automaker files for Chapter 11, the nickname will stick, as the debate over GM’s future centers on whether or not the United States government should own a commercial enterprise. To which the only possible answer is no. . . . There are lots of reasons why ‘new’ GM is a bad idea. But here’s the most important impediment: Government Motors doesn’t have the vehicles it needs to survive. . . . As the New York Times recently asserted (welcome!), we can blame GM’s sclerotic corporate culture for their abject failure to create a complete line of compelling/profitable vehicles. The idea that the United States government will reform GM’s way of being and reverse the curse is completely preposterous. It’s like asking a cocaine dealer to sponsor a crack addict.”

UPDATE: TigerHawk: “Now that the One has staked his reputation and our dollars on the revival of General Motors, will college town academics and related hangers-on suddenly decide it is chic to buy and drive a Chevrolet? If not, why not?”

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