May 15, 2009

WHERE WAS THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS A KID? Some amazing backyard waterslides that I would have killed for. “This personal water park has three slides and inflates in less than 3 minutes.”

UPDATE: A warning from reader Matt Locke that captures the difference between having kids and being one:

Just saw your post on the backyard slides…we bought one 2 summers ago when it was about 98 degrees and humid. I have 4 kids and they love it. The downside…trying to put it away. I easily spend 1 hour trying to fold it and get it into a Rubbermaid container I bought especially for it (forget trying to get it into the bag it came with) and that’s after dragging it to the driveway where I leave inflated for hours to dry off cause if you don’t it kills the grass, and flip it over and over to try and get the water out of the inside as it gets water in there too. I wouldn’t take another one if you gave it to me…but if I was kid, I’d be all over it.

Ugh. Yeah, I see the downside.

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