May 2, 2009

THE EXAMINER: President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Others Owe 1.2 Million Tea Party Patriots Apology.

UPDATE: Reader Marc Greendorfer emails:

You linked today to a Washington Examiner editorial regarding the dismissive statements made by the Obama administration on the tax protests. What struck me about the statement from President Obama was how much change there has been from the days of that Darth Vader of civil liberties, President Bush. I can’t recall a single instance during his eight years where President Bush derided American citizens who took to the streets to protest his administration. In fact, I think that President Bush always acknowledged the right of citizens to disagree with him and he was always respectful of that dissent. If Obama’s mocking of dissent is the change he promised I don’t think I like it.

As I noted earlier, you can say what you like about George W. Bush, but he didn’t have a skin whose thickness was measured in Planck lengths. Or, to put it more simply . . . you can say what you like about George W. Bush.

UPDATE: Reader Jake Jacobsen writes: “Your respondent insists that GWB never denigrated those protesting him, actually he did…” By calling the Minutemen “vigilantes.” Hmm. I’ll leave it to readers to decide how comparable the two situations are.

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