May 1, 2009

JULIAN SANCHEZ says critics are Lying About Cass Sunstein. I’ve known Sunstein for a while — in fact, my first introduction to Barack Obama was when he guest-blogged for me — and while he and I disagree on plenty, I think he’s an honest, decent and very smart guy who wants to help the country. Since I’m not going to get someone who agrees with me about everything from the Obama Administration (heck, I didn’t get that from the Bush Administration) that ought to be enough, and I think that efforts to block his appointment are both unfair and not very smart. If they succeed, he’ll be replaced by someone whose views are probably farther to the left (or at least more partisan and pliable), and who will almost certainly be less admirable and honest.

UPDATE: Apparently, this is a reprise of what happened to Bush’s nominee in 2001.

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